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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 8/11/19; News That Murdoch media deemed UNEXCEPTIONAL; American Crime Family; Fake and Twisted Murdochratic News;

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$2 Million and Compulsory Training for President's Children Called 'Poetic End' to Trump Charity Abuse Case

The Fraudsters an American Crime Family raided their Charity Trust and were found guilty. Is it any wonder Trump wants his Tax Returns to be kept a secret? (ODT

An aerial view of Alaska's Taku glacier near Juneau. 

 'This is a big deal': Mighty glacier finally succumbs to climate change

This didn't occur just because it was a hot day (ODT)

Katie Allen's first claim is misleading, her second claim is incorrect.

via Have emissions fallen since 2005, and are they the lowest they've ever been, as Liberal MP Katie Allen says? - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

 Liberals just love doing the Trump say any stupid thing you want and someone will be out there to believe you. Does she, however, represent her electorate? (ODT)

cattle on drought-affected land

 Drought to become more frequent and severe due to climate change – government report | Environment | The Guardian

 Who's in denial and spreading it Murdoch Press Murdoch's Sky News, Murdoch Media (ODT)

"No faith in coal" ... a multi-faith plea this year involved representatives of 150 religious leaders calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to recognise Australia's moral responsibility to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Liberties for chosen ones: What do Liberals stand for?

Personal Freedom is the Liberal Party's guiding light, the PM says, but not if you want to block a coal venture. The Coalition needs a lesson in free markets.



 News Corp posts $306m loss as Robert Thomson blames 'sluggish' Australian economy for downturn

  Image result for Bolt with Egg on his face

Fake and Twisted News 


VIDEO UP NOW  Meet the historian who is the first person in Australia to be award compensation for being discriminated against as a white man. His abuser is a perfect example of the poison of the Left -  a race crusader whose anti-racism is in fact racism. Watch.  (Oops. Video up now.)
1h ago
Great to see Andrew Bolt has done a 108-degree flip and is now supporting our Racial Discrimination Act. The Act under which he was found guilty and been trying to have it removed ever since. Guess he's changed his mind he's certainly not supporting Mr Brown is he? But then he hasn't even tried to find out who Brown is or why he reacted in the way he did? Bolt doesn't even care what his race is.
None of this has got to do with Racism but has a lot to do with vilification. The Historian Bolt refers to says he isn't an Academic we don't know if his publications have even been peer-reviewed so the title of "Historian" is somewhat tenuous and Bolt's Historian admits it. 
This whole clip is more proof Bolt is what he is ready to clutch at anything if it supports his argument for Reverse Racism. Rather than address History or Racism as it was imported to Australia by British Colonialism and has remained with us until today in its very systemic form. That is a one-way street not upended by proof of vilification.
It, in no way, exonerates Andrew Bolt's White Racist mindset which is symptomatic of Australian History and the way it has been taught.


Andrew Bolt self-described as an Australian intellectual insult and shames  Australia by that thought. Australia with a population of 25 mill is the worlds greatest emitter per head of pop while China is only 12th of the top 12 countries 11 are Capitalist. Indonesia emits the same amount as Australia but with a pop x10 times Australia.  Considering Bolt's statement in any shape or form you come to only one conclusion the man is Australia's most public idiot.

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