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Who is Josh Frydenberg kidding? Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Thatcher and Reagan? He must be Joshing us

Ross Gittins 

 450k Seekers for 150k unemployed 1) Tames wage demands 2) Lowers costs 3) Minimises Welfare  (ODT)


We learnt last week that, after September, this will drop to $408, about a third less than the reduced JobKeeper payment. Means-testing will be resumed, as will penalties for failing to search for jobs. JobKeeper has been extended for six months, but the JobSeeker supplement only for three, with no guarantee it then won’t revert to $40 a day.

Why so tough? Because the unemployed aren’t like you and me. They’re shirkers. If you want them to work, you have to threaten punishment. 





These economic times demand bold intervention from government to reconstruct our shattered economy and rebuild Australian workplaces. Frydenberg spruiking Reagan, Thatcher and their economics of misery as the answer is just another hapless stagger, downhill in the wrong direction.

 Terleaha Williams is a youth ambassador for Just Reinvest NSW.

Do you fear us? Why else does a 10-year-old Aboriginal kid need to be caged?

Isaiah Sines and Terleaha Williams

 The nation's attorneys-general met on Monday to discuss whether to raise the age of criminal responsibility. They decided that no action would be taken at this stage. Right across Australia, children can be locked up in prisons from the age of 10. 

US prisons activist Angela Davis says: “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” We cannot accept the idea that the best place for a 10- to 13-year-old kid is sitting in a police or prison cell.

We are just some of the strong Aboriginal young people in Mt Druitt fighting for a better future for our young people. We want to build a better future for our families and communities. We want to build the solutions.

  'Just mind blowing': While two Miami mayors ignored each other, Florida's COVID-19 cases spiralled out of control 

 Miami pop 2.7 mill... 65,000 cases Florida 15,000 per day

While Victoria struggles with a surge in COVID-19 cases numbering hundreds each day, the US state of Florida is battling a spike of a very different magnitude, with more than 400,000 cases.

  1. This unsettling video may change how you feel about masks

    If you're not sure whether wearing a face mask is worth it, or you need to wear a mask but are unsure which type, new research should help you decide.

Dan Andrews Effort and Observation. Greg Hunt's Crocodile Tears and Murdoch Media's Fake deflections of the past few days are simply bullshit (ODT

The real issue, however, is that the aged care system is simply not fit for purpose in normal times and so was inevitably destined to fail when under this sort of extreme pressure.

Hunt on Tuesday praised the care his late father received in a home. “I cannot imagine better care that my family and my father could have got.”

But Andrews said “I wouldn’t want my mum in some of these places”, an observation many distraught families will relate to.

The interim report of the royal commission into aged care, released late last year, was scathing, declaring older people and their families were left “isolated and powerless in this hidden-from-view system”.

COVID has provided a tragic real time vindication of the commission’s observation.

 View from The Hill: Aged care crisis reflects poor preparation and a broken system


This is from April 24.

Never forget how hard Scott Morrison and the Liberals pushed for “reopening” - even aged care homes - with threats, with bullying.

Now, we are here. This is a Prime Minister who creates crises and punishes those who are forced to deal with them.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'NEWS Scott Morrison issues warning aged care facilities to allow visitors or Commonwealth will get involved Posted reporter GeorgiaHitch 2020at3:33am,u updated at3:33am, 2020 5:54am australia.g stro'a AntralimGne WATCH australla.gov.a tougher stance aged ehome tions. Prime Minister has warned aged care facilities that imposing visitor rules beyond the national coronavirus advice to stop, saying the Commonwealth will step they not.'


Yesterday Morrison was giving a press interview in Queensland, he was once again trying to con the Australian public by misrepresenting the FACTS.

Morrison’s made a statement about having to “cut his trip to Queensland short as he was needed to assist Victoria with the Aged Care Crisis.”

Now let’s just dissect that statement, the Victorian Premier DID NOT ask Morrison for his assistance, it was Morrison and the Federal Government that asked Daniel Andrews for assistance with the dramas in the Aged Care sector and the outbreak of COVID in Nursing Homes.

Since the LNP allowed privatization of Aged Care facilities it became a Federal Government problem not State. 

The Australian public are seeing through Morrison’s manipulation. The LNP and Murdoch are always trying to distract the Australian public on what is going on behind the scenes and this is why Australians need to stay alert. 

 The truth is Daniel Andrews is closing the eye and ear hospital and he’s reducing elective surgery except for emergency, so he could free up Registered Nurses to assist in Aged Care facilities.




Japan is also battling a second wave of infections. But there's something different this time: so far, many fewer deaths. Japan's Government is also rejecting another shutdown. True, deaths are a lagging indicator, but are we learning to live with this virus? Even gung-ho Victoria is now shying from stage four restrictions,
7m ago 
 Has Bolt come to praise or criticise? We don't know and given what he's been saying he obviously doesn't either. Guess it's the golf that's been so important to him now that he can but doesn't play. He can, however, walk the streets if he takes off his suit and wears his head sock. But then his ego is that big he thinks he'd still be recognized.


From SF Weekly: "California Surfing Has a Serious Diversity Problem.Nonprofits in SF and beyond are trying to bring more BIPOC and women into the sport." Why is it a "problem" if people of colour choose not to surf? 
45m ago 
No problem at all Andrew Bolt as long as it is a matter of "choice". However more often than not choice isn't the primary factor. It wasn't historically and as a result, it's cultural aftermath remains visible today. People of colour were banned from beaches in America.
 Bolt could ask the same question of Melbourne's Culture. Why is it a problem that Jews choose not to join the Melbourne Club or have holiday homes in Portsea?
Why are there so many people of colour in our jails and why do we deem ten-year-olds to be so dangerous?  Naivety is a false flag in Murdoch's world. Why aren't there more people of colour seen on Sky after Dark?

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