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Dan Andrews and Scott Morrison

Frayed nerves, frustration: Aged care corona crisis exposes political rifts

The tensions between Scott Morrison and Dan Andrews have implications for Australians in every state and territory.

The federal government is responsible for private aged care facilities and was meant to regulate the sector to learn the lessons from the first wave of the pandemic, when 19 died at the Newmarch House aged care home in western Sydney.
Yet the Victorian crisis has revealed the same problems as the earlier outbreak: underpaid workers, on casual rates, turning up for work with the infection and then moving between aged care centres.
Andrew Bolt conveniently blamed Andrews for the Federal dereliction of not acting on previous experiences in NSW
Morrison was asked as far back as April to fund paid pandemic leave to encourage workers on low incomes to stay home when sick, but the debate over this has run for months. 
Only on July 19 did the federal government offer a $1500 payment for aged care workers who had to quarantine. It also said it would do more to stop workers being "shared" across multiple centres. But this came too late.
Greg Hunt is defending the hard-working nursing staff unregulated, casualised on low wages who carried the virus from one location to the next because of Morrison and Hunt's reluctance to pay them if quarantined.  Listen to Murdoch media and you get the impression this was all Dan Andrews fault.  SKY AFTER DARK'S FAKE NEWS


Sniffles, sneezing and cough? How to tell if it’s a simple allergy rather than The Virus

Morrison flags making Covid19 commission permanent and "within" the Government. Apart from all the conflicts of interest, there is the matter of unelected appointees becoming part of and advising the Government. Who's interests do they really represent?. If they are mining, oil, and gas, executives?


The Bulletin

What a laugh yesterday’s headline was in the Sunday Telegraph.A headline like that has shown Australia just what Murdoch will do for Morrison. At the Bulletin we would be ashamed to write such unabashed tripe.
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Italy showed us the virus mostly killed the old. The US showed us it hit nursing homes worst. Sydney showed us nursing homes weren't prepared. All this was clear months ago. So why did the Morrison and Andrews Government wait until the last two weeks - too late! - to step up protection in Victoria's nursing homes? My editorial from The Bolt Report.
1h ago 
Andrew Bolt needs to watch the news and he might actually learn what's going on in Victoria. He's not getting it at News Corp that's for sure.
Note Bolt has swung and been forced to mention that Morrison might be involved in this aged-care problem. He hasn't in his past few editorials. It was all Dan Andrews fault despite the sector hit the hardest being the Commonwealth's responsibility.  Bolt always declared Private was far better than  State as his focus was on smaller government involvement in all of the aspects of our lives. 

 So here you'd think Bolt was a Socialist rambling on about government failure to take control. He avoids differentiating between the two when less than 10% deaths have occurred in Dan's State-run facilities. Bo Bolt's still making out it's more Dan Andrews fault than Morrisons.
No mention that the casualisation of labour by the Commonwealth has allowed for the excessive cross-contamination to occur throughout the sector.
Bolt's the applauder of this privatised industry but blames the state for it's failure how does that work? 
When the security firms failed it was a state problem. Yet it's LNP that over the years outsourced and privatised just about everything. Cost-cutting, poor practices, and cutting corners is central to competition in the privatised world of the LNP.  Dan Andrews adopted that world but as far as Bolt is concerned it's his fault because the shit has hit the fan. Andrews should have greater State Control says Bolt who is still calling COVID-19 just a common cold.

His main message is still "get back to work" never mind if you get the illness because it won't seriously affect you!! Private Enterprise is suffering. News Corp only got $10 mill from Morrison to keep  Bolt at work and Job Seeker cut. Bolt has peace of mind that has been taken away from 50,000 unemployed.
 Bolt's current emphasises on Victoria not regulating enough while the Federal government has just announced more industry tax cuts, industrial relations and deregulation changes. is contradictory to what he otherwise supports. The Victorian Government is certainly still being blamed by Bolt but in doing so Andrew Bolt is looking more and more a fool. 

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