Donald Trump’s bigger-than-life persona hides an empty inner core. Exposure of any flaws in his fa├žade has the potential of destroying him, at least in his mind, since there is nothing of substance to fall back on. Some experts believe the period ahead could therefore be the most dangerous period of Trump’s presidency. Dr Bandy X. Lee and Elizabeth Mika report.

Since dozens of mental health experts put together our bestselling public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, at the start of this presidency, all our warnings have been realized, almost as if on schedule.

We now feel the need to warn again — against his rage. We were on the mark when we warned against what became a massacre of our Kurdish allies and the assassination of a top Iranian general, to the surprise even of Pentagon officials.

We knew what the outcome of his disastrous mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic would become, before it happened, as our blow-by-blow account reveals.

Fake News 



The ABC presented Rachelle Miller as a victim of a sexist culture at Parliament. She was a married mother who'd actually had a consensual affairs with her boss, Morrison Minister Alan Tudge, and the claimed she was bullied out of her job. But that is not how others there remember it all. Here's what the ABC's show trial omitted. 

So it seems Andrew Bolt is defending the sexist power structure that exists in Canberra Politics and that it should remain part of the bubble. Private to the rest of us. MP's and particularly Cabinet Ministers don't open themselves up to blackmail by third parties. Or don't need to live up to the standards they they profess to represent. It show us who Bolt really is.

It's amplified by Bolt's comment "I'm the only breadwinner in the family and have to support the others? For Bolt their is no belief that he just might not have had the career he has if it weren't for the support of his wife and children. It makes one wonder where Bolt finds a joy in relationships. It doesn't appear to be at home.


Pete Evans has been cancelled by Channel 10, his publishers, his retailers and business which signed him up - all over an offensive Instagram post that no one can be sure he meant. But why did they exploit this bizarre man in the first place? My editorial from The Bolt Report. 

Andrew Bolt is a great supporter of the freedom of choice in the privatized world. Not so it seems in the case of Peter Evans. I for one certainly refuse to subscribe to the Herald Sun to find out why?