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Fighting Fake News with REAL; Scientology a Capitalist org; Peter Dutton's scam; Australia's Covid Death Rate is almost double America's


 Ex- Scientologist Paul Schofield had worked for nearly 30 years for the controversial religion and its offshoots.

Scientology is shrinking fast and getting richer. How is this possible?

 Some defectors had fared considerably worse than Schofield. In the US, in particular, its pursuit of former members has become notorious. There, Scientology has been accused of beatings, forced abortions and forced labour. In its usual style, the church aggressively denies this.

Scientology in Australia is an unusual religion, and a wealthy one. Since at least the mid-2000s, it has been shrinking in size, with the number of members falling to fewer than 1700 adherents. Even so, its wealth has increased. An investigation this week by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald found it made nearly 30¢ of profit for every dollar of revenue in Australia and its assets nearly tripled between 2013 and 2019. Australia has become a haven for $326 million in assets, largely cash and property, located in Britain and Australia. Millions of dollars also flow through its Australian accounts from the US, with more unspecified amounts from Scientology operations in Taiwan and Japan.

If the High Court had not classed it as a religion in 1983 it would be one of the country’s more successful mid-sized businesses.Peter Dutton’s legacy — Australia’s biggest labour trafficking scam

Having moved on from his role as Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton has passed on a backlog of asylum seekers vulnerable to exploitation.



Agricultural bosses and their allies are accusing Australians of being work-shy as they face a post-pandemic labor shortage. But it’s low wages and abusive working conditions that make it hard for them to find workers. The solution is obvious: decent pay for decent work.



At the very heart of our capitalist economic system is something grotesque: labor exploitation. That’s immoral — and we need some form of workplace democracy to undo it.

Source: The Solution to Labor Exploitation Is Workplace Democracy

Source: Australian Agricultural Bosses Can’t Find Workers. Maybe They Should Try Paying More.

 A female health worker in full PPE cares for a COVID-19 patient.

Australia has a higher COVID death rate than the US. How can we fix that?

What are the current COVID-19 treatment options in Australia and why is our death rate so much higher than other countries?

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, both expressed support for Major League Baseball's decision to pull the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta due to Georgia's new voter restriction law. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images)

Citizens United Party the GOP now wish they could have it removed because corporations like the MBL, Delta, Coca Cola have turned against them. All self-interest forget about the principles that had them support Citizens United since 1984.  Now they so wish they were the Chinese Communist Party and could rid America of Democracy with their principle "do as I say not what I do"

“Businesses and organizations have great power in their voices and ability to push for change, and I respect the decision of the players to speak out against this unjust law,” said Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Source: As Republicans Fume, Georgia Dems Have Mixed Reactions to MLB’s All-Star Game Relocation | Common Dreams News




After decades of alarmism about global warming frying the planet, the latest UAH satellite measures show warming of 0.01 above the average at the end of last century. That's virtually no warming at all. And nothing that could cause all the catastrophes that have been claimed. You've heard this news on the ABC, right? No?

No, why? Simple answer Roy Spencer and the UAH . Spencer since 1998 said the earth was cooling and Bolt has been following him down that false rabbit hole ever since. 

However, UAH is not the only group using satellite data to measure atmospherictemperatures. There are several other groups who have performed similar analyses of thedata, and who generally estimate greater atmospheric warming than UAH. Moreover,atmospheric temperature estimates from instruments on weather balloons also indicate morewarming than has been computed from the UAH record.

 Spencer's name was held in such disregard by Science that even Trump didn't use him as a reference but used his ex partner Christie instead to remove science from the EPA and his climate policies. Spencer doesn't measure the earth's temperature at all but the stratosphere above the level where CO2 emissions have far less effect. Bolt is the only media, scientist or politician that even takes notice of Roy Spencer any more. So isn't it strange Andrew Bolt still does and continues to quote Spencer after 20 + years. However, why does he do it in such a deceptive way?.

 Spencer made Bolt a laughing stock so much so he had to stop being an obvious denier claiming the earth was cooling to become one disguised instead. Why isn't Bolt acknowledging Roy Spencer as his scientific source and his scientist of choice whose still funded by the Heritage Foundation and possibly the Koch Organization is the relevant question? The ABC doesn't need to report Roy Spencer's finding's as they aren't regarded as relevant by anyone in 2021. 

The UAH also report which indicates a selective bias on Andrew Bolt's part furthermore Spencer and Christie when peer reviewed have consistently been regarded as biased low in their reporting

Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.14 C per decade

 January Global Temperature Anomalies

 Newswise: Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.14 C per decade

3-Mar-2021 9:45 AM EST, by University of Alabama Huntsville

The Covid-19 death rate in America is ONLY 1.8% according to Republicans and Fox News. However, that's 250,000 dead of the those that contract it the virus. One Texan Republican governor, with Bolt's attitude, suggested sacrificing the aged for the sake of the economy was a reasonable choice. Humanism isn't a principle or value these people adhere to. Australia's death rate is 3.5% and Andrew Bolt couldn't give a toss if it means more lockdowns are necessary and the elderly and aged can't get vaccinated. The sky is falling in as far as he's concerned when a lockdown is announced. But he isn't seen in public is he lockdown is a normal state of being a choice for Andrew Bolt? 


The latest global warming alarmist sold to our students: "Interviewer: How much did you know about the specifics of climate change prior to making the film? Gameau: Absolutely nothing. I found myself struggling to connect with it." But what a goldmine for it's been.  

Does any of this make sense to you Damon Gateau or is that when anglocized Devil's Cake? Who then is Gameau? Is this an attempt at humour by Andrew Bolt on whiskey or is this just Andrew Bolt? He's been making money out of climate change for years. Bolt has no regard for children who have a better grasp on climate change than he has. Yet his response being "their children what would they know" seems to be one stuck in the pre war 20th century. Children need training not the tool to learn. 

Bolt has been promoted by the IPA no less as a world expert in the field of climate science now that's the art of frightening the world.



Race is relevant to the ABC only when whites are the villains: "The US Capitol riots showed what a 'bunch of entitled white people' can do." But race is not mentioned when the villain is a black Muslim: "A US Police officer has been killed after a man rammed a car into two officers at a barricade outside the US Capitol."  

 Don't mention the delusion and paranoia the attacker was known to be suffering from Andrew Bolt. Significantly different from thousands of white men rioting many with military precision and armed. Race is irrelevant when mental health is the primary reason for violence. Bolt is a fire starter when it comes division and hate, A true enabler.

Since Jan 6th Racist Andrew Bolt has been waiting, waiting and waiting  and it's now April to counter with "a black Muslim" attacked Capitol Hill. Now that's a trend  as far as Bolt's concerned. He's been trying to  warn us about it for years. Trying to prove a sandwich is a picnic and a brick is a wall. 

Remember when Bolt's fiance threatened him with court action and he folded like a cheap suit. He tried to tell us he was being unfairly attacked. He was a white male and all women had an agenda back then. Now a single black Muslim proves Bolt's point that white America is what's threatened by black America. Never mind that the FBI statistics and warning that White Nationalists are the biggest terrorist threat facing America today and not blacks or Muslims.  But, what would they know while only 3% of to population they own 50% of the guns.  

Andrew Bolt has taken Fox News reporting and applied it to Australia but as we aren't the US he simply can't gain any traction.

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