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 A photo shared by Daniel Andrews last month when he was moved from ICU.

‘I’m making steady progress’: Premier walking 18 minutes a day following nasty fall

Mr Andrews narrowly avoided permanent spinal cord injury after slipping on wet stairs at a holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula in early March.

 President Donald Trump at an October campaign rally in New Hampshire.

‘It felt like a scam’: How Trump extracted millions in unwitting donations from supporters

Demands for refunds spiked. Complaints to banks and credit card companies soared. But the money helped keep former President Donald Trump’s struggling campaign afloat.

Trump made the Presidency,and the GOP his personal fiefdom turning government into a transactional business unlike any President before him. He did the same as a business man leaving a trail of bankruptcy wreckage and unpaid debts behind him. He and Murdoch turned  the business of government into the business of "outrageous entertainment" and ratings. In order to achieve this he sacked experts, scientists, science, knowledge and any administrators that attempted to provide service. He coined the term 'alternative facts' to turn the world of consensus into Alice's Wonderland. It's all so self evident now that a normal President is in the White House and the media is left printing the news. 

Nevertheless Fox Corp has remained the same an anti-news, outrageous entertainment corporation. If sued it's defense has always been "we are not providing news but entertainment". Yet it's marketing strategy has always been it's a provider of "fair and balanced" news and information. When in court they follow the same defense model as  Sydney Powell is using to defend herself. No reasonable person believes us. As for the GOP well they have been preparing themselves for a Trump long ago and are continuing to do so. They are the no policy party with total focus on voter suppression laws and redistricting to ensure their power in states were they have legislator control. In the meantime America is watching their experiment in Democracy slip away and continue to move to a Russian style system which seems to be the GOP's ultimate goal.

Unfortunately they need Trump because as an Independent he'd crush their grand plans for a majority government but then neither can his for president in 2024. However Trump's only after the money and the adoration of his base which he still has and will continue to double cross on his path to pots of gold. His only strategy is vacuous promises posing as policy, fomenting chaos, fear, and division like Murdoch for a profit. He fills America's addiction to entertainment and media pornography brought in relief now that Biden is a real President. He remains Russia's greatest asset, the GOP's greatest threat yet extorter and insures the death of the American experiment in Democracy. He certainly united the non democratic sovereign nations of the planet and polluted Australia and the other Democracies in partnership with Murdoch's Fox News as the media model to follow. Any wonder Murdoch has won the Oscar for America's most dangerous immigrant.

The Australian Labor Party’s Left Faction Is Just Propping up the Right

In order to challenge the ALP leadership’s right-wing policy agenda, we first need to democratize the party’s rotten internal structures. The party’s Left faction should be leading this fight; instead, they’re helping perpetuate a system that keeps left-wing politics locked out. 



 'Woke hypocrisy camp' conscience doesn't extend to ‘genocidal regime’ in China

‘Woke hypocrisy camp’ conscience doesn’t extend to ‘genocidal regime’ in China

 The conscience of MLB and Coca-Cola and all others in the “woke hypocrisy camp” who expressed outrage in voter ID laws does not extend to the “genocidal regime” of the Chinese Communist Party, according to Cory Bernardi. A voting law in Georgia signed by the Republican governor which will mandate people voting by mail to provide photo ID has caused major uproar in the United States with many claiming the bill is racist. Major League Baseball decided to move its All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia in protest to the law, while Georgia-based companies Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines have joined a bid to challenge the bill. Mr Bernardi said Coca-Cola requires ID to attend shareholder meetings, Delta Airlines mandates ID’s before boarding flights, and patrons cannot collect tickets to Major League Baseball games without an ID. “It's also worth pointing out that the conscience of MLB, Coca Cola and others in this woke hypocrisy camp, doesn't extend to the genocidal regime of the Communist party in China,” he said. “No, instead they sign massive Chinese deals claiming how important the market is to them, while the Chinese government exterminate Uighurs, harvest organs, perform forced sterilisations and generally trample over any human right they want to.” 

Isn't it strange that Andrew Bolt doesn't mention that not all people in Georgia are able to access the documents enabling them to get the official ID photos. That problem largely applies to Blacks and Latinos. To begin to compare them to company share holders is a bit 'rich' and totally deceptive and is in no way comparing apples with apples. The Republicans lost by 44000 votes in 3 states if only 3% of African Americans and Latinos who voted in 2020 are prevented from voting in 2022 and 2024 that's 240000. So there are other deterrents in the Bill like fewer drop boxes, polling booths placed in areas that have no bus routes and greater control over the election councils in each district. The elderly and infirm have to post their vote themselves and not have someone do it for them. As well as that making it a crime for any third party to provide water or food to those standing in line for hours on end waiting to get to the polling booth. Strange Bolt makes out the intent of the Bill is just about simplifying voting and convenience. What bullshit and misinformation but expected!

In 1984 the Citizens United Bill was passed giving corporations the "freedom" to act as individuals when it came to donations and party political support in American elections. The Republicans were the biggest supporters of that bill. The hypocrisy is now theirs because today they want to police that freedom and so it appears Andrew Bolt does too. It's the sort of thing you'd expect of collectivists like Putin would do.  Yes, it's what the CPA does and to think of it it's what the LNP does to the ABC. It's certainly the opposite of their claim to be a broad church of free thinking Republicans.

The Republican spite and anti democratic knee jerk was plain to see when they immediately reacted and tried to introduce a Bill raising the taxes by 10% on aviation fuel which they'd previously reduced for Delta. Senators and legislators publicly became 'Sleeping Giants' encouraging their supporters to drink Pepsi even though Atlanta was Coca Cola's headquarters. Yes, The GOP in Georgia began aping those that Andrew Bolt calls 'woke'. It's what the  Sleeping Giants do calling for the boycott of company products. Bolt screams foul if it's done to him. 

If corporate conscience was as sensitive as Bolt demands Coca Cola wouldn't be selling product or trading with Australia for a start given the way we treat asylum seekers and first nations peoples. He really isn't arguing for any principles or even policies is he? Only siding with the interest of the Putinesque Republicans.


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