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Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/6/16; Abbott and Bolt soaring in the ratings again off a lowbase; I'm not a racist says Bolt but demands the police to be; Bolt's mind is an unmade bed from Eddie to the UAE; Boat people 1991, -1998


Paid to hate



Bolt is extraordinarily stupid self referencing answering his own blog with  his own blogs dating back to 2011 Mirror missing.

Australia is a broad landscape of cultures but Andrew Bolt makes it look so small with his fanatical concentration on 3% of the population he makes them sound as if they are in fact the cultural majority of the country.  They seem even larger than the 3% of scientists who Bolt tries to make out to be the real representatives of all  global science. Those that reject that minority he calls climate alarmists warmists.The man operates in cloud cuckoo land. These 3% are two groups bigger than his ratings which he imagines dominate our landscape. One is a natural enemy the other our saviors nobody listens to. The rest of Australia well we aren't worth worrying about to Bolt as we  will be well and truly silenced when  he helps bring Tony Abbott is back. He has learnt a lot in recent times from Israel about national security and Administrative detention. Simply having people disappear..

  So Islamic leaders ,no Australians have taken $10mill in gov grants, given to them by Abbott's Party no doubt, to promote Social Cohesion that very thing Bolt is trying to destroy. Not as good though as Chris Jermyn conservative MP who got a $10 mill grant for a TV show that quickly went into administration  and made it disappear like David Copperfield.  Where is the money that's the reality show Bolt should address . That's worth talking about not some local Muslim youth group trying to undo  the job of repairing the fabric of cohesion Bolt has set about tearing apart.

Andrew Bolt certainly forgot his hate mirror in declaring the UAE Abbott's legacy  and ally the enemy of mankind. The UAE is where Tony parked our troops. It's where they are deployed in the land Bolt calls murdering homophobics.  Bolt wants their ambassador kicked out of Australia.  What does he expect would happen to our troops or  the RAF parked there defending us from ISIS. Screw loose Bolt the strategist wants nothing to do with Emirates or the diplomats here in the ACT.  But he  expects to maintain a friendly relationship in the UAE. By the way it gets worse because Bolt  doesn't mention  that not one gay person has suffered the death penalty in the UAE under that law that Andrew Bolt refers us to.

 Bolt's the man who loudly claims we aren't  the worlds leading bigoted and racist country yet we hold the world record for the incarceration of our indigenous Australian youth.  Do the crime serve the time and take your punishment is Andrew Bolt's  mantra. However it's just unfair  how white middle class kids drink brawl take drugs in public and do the same but just can't no matter how they try get put in jail.  They get just get sent home to mum and dad.Yep Bolt's Mirror missing.




On TV and radio tonight - June 22

Bolt's soul brother in a suit both ready to say anything.

 Image result for images of mongrels

" On The Bolt Report on the highly praised Sky News Live at 7pm tonight: " Laugh and you won't stop guess whose is Bolt's reference none other than Andrew Bolt. His other reference a paywall to Foxtel subs. By the way is Bolt telling us he's bigger than Paul Murry? By the way they have got rid of his desk and have him at the kitchen table. However he still looks and talks like a secular preacher but there's no mongrel in him. Not like the mongrel in his blogs.




Mirror missing

Screw Loose but it belongs to a Bolt having a shot and yes the mirror was missing. Green was talking about hate speech and the consequences it has for those who indulge in it. Bolt thinks hate speechers are somewhat like a minority ethnic group being vilified by Green. Intelligent!!!



Shock! Anne Summers fails to find a paying public

She doesn't have the money to throw away at losing publications like News Corp does. Bolt think he's being paid in fact he's a subsidized loss a tax deduction. In fact Bolt is a negatively geared News Corp asset subsidized by the IPA, and Australia's mega corporation lobbyists.  As such he's actually far bigger burden on the tax payers of Australia than the ABC.

Could someone decipher this sentence please given it's paid for by negative gearing.

"More evidence that if the Left would be weak if it wasn’t so good at infiltrating activists into our universities and state broadcasters, and at extorting government funding for its ideology. "





Rob Oakeshott could win

No surprise




Where’s Malcolm?

Can we remember the goofy footed Tony Abbott in action. The most recent the staged photo shoot at the Alfalfa Club in Atlanta organized by Murdoch to make out Abbott was sorely missed  as a global leader. Pictures to be splashed across the front pages of News Corp mastheads. All of which was proven to be a staged lie. Australian's really don't have much faith in political scammers like Abbott. Credlin had to lock Abbott out of sight given his ablilty to shoot himself in the foot. He and Dutton at boom gate another case in point

Scott Morrison going Oh F#$k



Eddie worse than beheaders. UPDATE: Collingwood sponsored by airline whose owner jails rape victims

Bolt is an apologist for Cory Bernardi and his  homophobic statements. He makes out  he's actually a defender of LGBTIs while abusing them for not being militant against Islam.  Yesterday Bolt was an apologist  for Eddie Maguire and his misogynistic jokes any wonder  he and Tim Blair degrade women every chance they get in their blogs and laugh.

 Now he wants Eddie Maguire hung because he has accepted Emirates sponsorship yet the UAE is Tony Abbotts choice for our ADF base in the Middle East. Bolt attacks Maguire but not Abbott's legacy and choice of allies There is more than just simple hypocrisy going on here.  A mish mash of facts that make little or no sense at all. Bolt called for all the Middle Eastern Diplomats banished from the ACT despite the fact Abbott regarded them as allies in our fight against ISIS. When he talks military strategy he claims to be more informed than Turnbull's son in law an advisor to the ADF. Put all of this together and you have an addle minded commentator who seems to trip over himself every time he opens his mouth.



 If Bolt's blog wasn't so strictly moderated his blogs could never stand the light of day.

 "The UNHRC reported last year 594 hate related killings of LGBTs in 25 countries not just the 7 Bolt's referring to. 1612 Transgender killings in 61 countries not just the 7 Bolt's referring to. More than one every 2 days."77 countries where homosexuality is illegal | 76 CRIMES        1000s who died in anti-gay, anti-trans attacks (updates) | 76 CRIMES

Bolt has a go at Maguire however you won't hear a word said against Tony Perkins a regular on Fox News Perkins is introduced and treated on Murdoch media as a credible and legitimate conservative commentator, regularly inviting him to speak on behalf of Christians without identifying him as a hate monger."However"Perkins’ record of bigoted anti-gay remarks includes calling pedophilia a “homosexual problem,” claiming that gay men “recruit” children into homosexuality, and endorsing a Uganda law that would have imposed the death penalty for gay sex." Uganda is a Christian country. Bolt would never identify FRC as an anti-LGBT hate group, instead allowing it to pass as a serious policy organization. Kenyan Court Upholds the Use of Anal Test for Men Suspected of Being Gay

"Looking forward now to the Left demanding McGuire prove he’s not homophobic and show he cares for rape victims by ending the Emirates sponsorship." and I guess bringing our forces back home and getting them out of the UAE. Bolt can't lie in bed straight. He won't tell you that in practice nobody has ever been executed in the UAE. 

" In the United States, anti-sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, but they are still on the books in 13 states: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina,  Texas, Utah and Virginia. Conservative state legislators refuse to repeal the laws and, in some cases, police still enforce them. " In Churches Across The Country, Far-Right Pastors Preach Anti-Gay Hate And Violence | ThinkProgress even death.




Boat people turned back

Bolt asks whose resolve is being tested? Not an ounce of compassion or curiosity as to why these people might be risking their lives. Bolt tells us we are surrounded by barbarians trying to invade us. We are the victims in all of this. He is the victim of ignorant Australian attitudes that expect us to treat people humanely. He claims the EU invasion by Muslim hordes is the first of it's kind and should be handled the Abbott way. 

Bolt has been convicted of being loose with facts a propagandist and not a journalists jock strap. It's true  in 1991 some 200,000 alylum seekers fled Albania and in 1996 a million fled Bosnia. Bolt's description "illegals" a made up term because there are no such persons  under the UNHCR Convention for the Status of Refugees to which we are signatories.UN finds Australia's treatment of asylum seekers violates the Convention .

" The United Nations Special Rapportuer on Torture has found that various aspects of Australia’s asylum seeker policies violate the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment."





Bernardi whacks Turnbull for lack of character. UPDATE: And accuses Turnbull of telling untruth

Andrew Bolt giving Australia the Finger


So it's a case of  the ultra-conservative Del Cons giving Australia the finger rather than . Better to stick up for Bernardi's stupidity in much the same way Abbott's was continually defended when he was in power. It came to the point Abbott was so consistent in doing and saying the wrong things that even Andrew Bolt went silent. You just can't keep selling a dud horse or as Bolt prefers him dog.

" Bernardi never said homosexuality leads to bestiality. He clumsily suggested the slippery slope argument - that allowing one redefinition of marriage would encourage others to demand more definitions to suit their own agendas:"

So the whole nation was lead to believe Bernardi said "homosexuality leads to bestiality." and Bolt says he was just totally clumsy presenting "the slippery slope argument" How on earth are 26 million Australians meant to believe he didn't mean what he said. The fact is same sex marriage doesn't and hasn't in any districts in which it occurs lead to any sincere demands like Bolt and Bernardi suggested. Nor has it lead to those demands been taken seriously. So the facetiousness in which it was presented by Bernardi was in fact a back handed homophobic  smart arsed slap using hypotheticals and imaginings.  "there is a big difference between homophobia and opposing same-sex marriage?" What pray tell is that big difference Bolt?

Bolt's spurious defense of Bernardi is in fact a threat not to a narrowly elected PM but  a threat to Australia that there will be a challenge to Turnbull and a continued total disregard for Democracy in Australia "Bernardi’s response is a taste of what a narrowly elected Prime Minister Turnbull will face over the next three years." This threat is far more insidious than any thing Bernardi said. It's a treasonous fuck you Australia

Why did police not say the carjackers were African?


" I have given many examples of Victoria Police hiding the truth about ethnic crime. Here is another." Bolt

How often have you heard Andrew Bolt say "skin color is not important to him". That he's not a racist and  Australia is not racist country that uses skin color  to differentiate. Apparently skin color is important to Andrew Bolt when reporting crime is concerned. How many ways does Bolt swing when  running a consistent argument? According to Bolt there is a police conspiracy when  reporting crime in  multicultural Australia. Rather than just report crime Bolt insists they need to distinguish suspects by color but also guess their race, national heritage and religion. No matter how uncertain the whole demographic of a suspect needs to be guessed and reported.  So  if  black then they must be, African appearance Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian, or Eiretria but probably  Muslim to boot profiling and stereotyping to boot. However if white the police aren't obligated to do anything in the same way unless of Middle Eastern appearance.

 So Bolt claims he's not a racist.  Insisting police simply profile and stereotype unknown suspects as  black or white is ok. According to Bolt he  has no issues with colour only multiculturalism in Australia. Yet when color is raised he immediately has a full demographic profile on the suspect. If only we rid ourselves of those people crime in Melbourne will cease. It won't but Bolt might simply stop reporting and focusing on a particular group. Bolt talks of "the cost to the community". If he was serious he'd focus on real crime Corporate fraud and White Collar Crime which causes far more untold physical and emotional harm to us than any carjacking. Assault and street crime is as multicultural as the country it's not just the province of Bolt's Africans. However serious crime is white middle-class and corporate and committed by people that look like Andrew Bolt. If policed the economy would be billions of dollars better off. This is in the main real ethnic crime where the suspects tend to be White Anglo-Saxon Christians. However we haven't the police to catch them nor do we want them.






The return of Abbott

Real Crime



" Since then, I suspect more Australians are softening to Abbott, recognising in him at least a man who stood for something." Bolt

A Del Con opinion as predicted by Miranda Devine. The dream of a very small ultra -conservative minority  when actually polled makes no sense . The prefered PM in all the polls remains Malcolm Turnbull not Tony who. Tony where has he been Abbott? Yes unreported that's certainly true unreported by an industry that reports what will sell papers because that's their business. Even News Corp have not front paged Abbott. So like Bolt Abbott is huge off a low base and will appear on Andrew Bolt's program. that's 2 soaring stars off a low base together, sad. Maybe 20,000  will be watching for a moment. while 800,000+ will be watching Waleed


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