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Andrew Bolt's Blog,25/2/17; Bolt is a Stalker should stalking laws be dismanteled? Pell CEO of an Australian Corporation didn't know what was going on; Bolt would throw women out; Rejected again nothing about the book;

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Sheik, rabble and brawl at Preston mosque

DRAMATIC footage has emerged of a fight outside a Preston mosque that was sparked over the banning of a sheik.  
Andrew Bolt is the mean old aunt of gossip who has the dirt on everyone in the street and particularly those he doesn't like and he spreads it Liberally.  Bolt ignores the grossest acts of the Catholic Church but is ready to provide the fine detail and even blow up rumors of  salacious activity within the  Preston Mosque . He stridently defends the  once corporate head of the Catholic Church in Australia George Pell on the basis of the Sgt Shultz defense that "he knew nothing."  Did Pell spend his time in the church so isolated and ignorant that he rose to be it's Australian head? He said he'd heard rumors surely it was his duty to investigate them. All of this is hard to believe of any organization no matter it's shape or  structure when up to 42 % of branch members were alleged practitioners of child abuse. That's not  just a rumor. How opaque was the organization that he lead and was member of for 40+ years. To be ignorant isn't an excuse in British law is it in Vatican law?
 No Bolt shows himself for what he is a bigot far more eager in reporting an incident at the Preston Mosque deflecting attention to Islam. He uses adjectives like 'dramatic pushing and shoving' 'viscious infighting' why? Because community donations may have been embezzeled or rumors about the Imam? What we do know from Bolt's post is that 'missing millions' show Muslims are far more generous charitywise than Christians are. Give me the name of a Christian parish with millions. Further, when the Liberal Party lost $1.5 million it wasn't as publicly gossiped about why? The theif was a serial embezzeler and Bolt wasn't as vocal as he is here.  His bias, dislike and pleasure are obvious.
As usual the truth wins out at the end though before being blown up out of all proportions by Andrew Bolt he  has to water down and qualify the beginning of his gossip about  the suspended Imam. "He was suspended, and, despite later being told the claims could not be proven, resigned from his position on Friday..."
"On Friday, the sheikh had been escorted into the mosque – despite being banned – by worshippers, who remain angry at his treatment."
Bolt seems confused did the sheik remain suspended? Apparently when he was told that the accusations remained unproven it seems he resigned.  Therefore he was no longer on suspension. George Pell certainly didn't do the honorable thing  no offer of resignation there.  Bolt  knowing this this continued his beat up of fake - news.
 It even seems the congregation is divided on the treatment of the Imam and given the community is involved unlike the Christian hierarchy.  It simply shows is the organization of a Mosque in Islam is not like a Church based structure  top down.  It's a far more  democratic  community based structure  than the likes of the Catholic or other  Christian Churches. The goings on of this community is  far more transparent and  far less opaque than what Bolt would generally like us to believe. How disappointing for Bolt no women have been stoned to death no decapitations have taken place.
 This post of Bolt's is self evident as to  just what a muckraker Bolt is. He is Pauline Hanson  like Trump he isn't even  the primary source of the story. It's unverified and the only source quoted the Sunday Herald Sun or News Corp who also got it's information second hand and unverified.

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How much do journalists hate Abbott? Consider Laura Tingle

Laura Tingle of the Financial Review goes the full Abbott Derangement Syndrome: "Politics is full of catastrophic debacles and tragedies that nonetheless finish up in weed-covered, neglected dead ends. The Soviet Union comes to mind. All that work. All that butchery. All those millions killed. And then pffft! It was gone. Similarly, Tony ­Abbott."

"Abbott stopped the boats, for instance, which had the very positive effect of not just stopping drownings, savings use billions, making Australia safer and freeing up more space for real refugees. Another positive was that it made a complete fool of Tingle, who'd predicted he'd fail:  "Bolt

No He didn't stop the boats the boats were stopping all he did was a Trump who claimed the successes due to Obama were his stealing  is what he was doing. In the same fashion Abbott stopped Labor's  Malaysia solution and increased spending on detention, the ABF and the Cambodian Solution. 50 Million spent on 4 people a resettlement failure

What did Abbott do to make Australia safer? Give us a break just how many terrorist attacks have taken place in Australia that aren't Bolt defined?  Bolt even usurps attacks denied by the families of victims to be terrorist Like Mr Cheng and the girl in Qld even obvious psychiatric cases were sold to us as being terrorist. That's just how short desperate his list is.There have been next to no genuine terror attacks in this country and no saving us from any overseas. Just how much savings could have been achieved without the" chicken little panic" Abbott caused to win PM of Australia?

 In the last post by Bolt  Abbott is calling out to close the space for immigrants not freeing it up as Bolt says he was here. As far Bolt is concerned Abbott can do no wrong. What has happened to those 12,000 Syrian refugees we haven't as yet resettled and which Bolt still calls a success. Yep Abbott  surely was a gunna, gunna shirtfront the world he was. It simply made him a global laughing stock. Abbott  blindsided himself by locking himself away so much so he didn't know what was happening in the party room. He pioneered the path for Trump who seems to be following in Abbott's footsteps.

Tingle is right Abbott is totally recognizable 
"what an utter destructive force ... an utter waste of space ... not much to recommend him ... no-one remembers anything particularly positive ... feral ... deadly ... negativism .... firmly set on a path of destruction ... negative ... destructive ... truly deluded ... disingenuous, hypocritical and dishonest ... leaves a stinking pile of loopy policy ideas steaming on the footpath ... simplistic ... deluded... unfashionable"




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Dane charged with blasphemy against Islam

Blasphemy is again a crime that gets prosecuted in Denmark: "A man who burned the Islamic holy book in his backyard has been charged with blasphemy, in a move his lawyer speculates was driven by fear of Muslim extremists. The attempted prosecution is the first of its kind in nearly 50 years."    

  Can an Agnostic be a Blasphemer?
Defending Milo seems too risky for Bolt so he searches the planet in his universal fight for his madcap Freedom of Speech. Madcap because he fails to have ever shown us when and where there has ever been a place that has set an example. Bolt does argue that we have the right to pass laws as we wish in out national interest however it seems Denmark doesn't.
Forget the White Terrorism that's happening in the US since Trump became President. It seems Trump who exercises his freedom to smear has released a lot of unwelcomed freedoms since becoming President. Forget that Native and Asian Americans are being shot simply because the don't appear white enough.  That a trivial issue for Bolt compared to Denmark's blasphemy laws. Milo Yiannopoulos was simply too hard to justify Bolt's fight for freedom , the Freedom of  pederasts to promote their activities in the public arena. That's just too difficult even for Andrew Bolt to justify given that the extreme right turned on Milo harder than the left. Breitbart Bolt's favorite E-zine saw him on his way
"Don't think this is possible only in Denmark. In Australia we now see similar attempts to criminalise criticism of Islam:" Bolt
One asks why isn't Bolt continuing defend Milo's right to promote Pedophelia or Amber Harrison's right to speak about Channel7 and Worner. We are surrounded by laws prohibiting speech we are surrounded by cultural practices forbidding all manner of topics deemed inappropriate in certain circumstances yet Bolt  fixates on only one the one that brought him down Section 18C. Section 18C isn't the only law prohibiting speech. Besides Bolt wasn't accused of vilification in the first instance it was proved he was a vilifier because he was found to be lying.  So being a liar is what Boltis really defending.
Andrew Bolt  arguing  against what happened in the ACT "Vilification on the grounds of religion is now illegal and in serious cases could result in a criminal conviction with a fine of up to $7500, under laws passed by the ACT parliament on Thursday." Bolt
What's "sinister" Bolt's new term for the 'Left' no doubt which in his hands  became meaningless when used by because he had turned it into anything and everything he disagreed with. It left him standing alone with his back to the wall facing us all.
Isn't it strange when reasoned people attack Bolt's arguments they rarely mention Andrew Aly in particular rarely names Andrew Bolt. However the same can't be said of  Bolt he generally attacks Aly his wife in all manner of ways because they are Muslim not  really his kind of Australians. Bolt even attributed Aly's Gold Logie win and ill gotten gain for being Muslim. It could easily be argued that Andrew Bolt is stalking Waleed Aly. Should we have to start dismantling stalking laws because it encroaches on another of Bolt's freedoms?

Aly, also a lecturer at Monash University’s terrorism centre, claimed: “It’s hard to identify who they are and they might just be vigilantes.”
Not once did he say the girl-stealers were Boko Haram terrorists, identifying as Muslims. Not once did “Islamic” even cross his lips... Bolt
Here is a perfect example of Bolt's hypocrisy Bolt insists on crime and criminal acts be identified by "faith" first.  He's claims to be against identity Politics altogether but his insistence on identity  of Muslims is primary. Nigeria's politics is a division of many things tribal, wealth, power faith  being just one factor but Islam and Christianity aren't the driving force alone in the division of power. To do what Bolt does defining a civil war as a religious ignores the other significant issues and shows how simplistic a journalist he is and how more an intelligent commentator Aly is.







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Pell smeared again on ABC. To hell with evidence

John Lyons accuses  Cardinal George Pell on the ABC's The Drum of transferring a "known pedophile" priest to another town, where he abused again, and says Pell covered up the reasons for the move. In fact, the royal commission heard Pell know nothing of the pedophilia and the transfer was engineered by his bishop. Yet no panelist defended Pell.

These elongated tracts aren't written by Bolt and point to the fact that they are little more than a PR excercise to white wash George and are handed to Bolt to post. Others are Israel the Democracy. It's as if Andrew Bolt has never read an article on the country or even knows where it is. Pell is guilty and his defence of ignorance has never held sway in British Law. Bolt's whole defense  of Pell is 
soley on the fact of ignorance. It's the same defense applied heads of Corporations to fraud and other criminal acts performed by the corporation during their time. True nobody is ever charged. Wall street banks caused the GFC nobody was really charged and the banks were bailed out. The CEOs all collected their bonuses and claimed ignorance for their defense. The declaration of ignorance is merely a public relations excercise to clean Pell it won't save him when it comes to history.  
What was funny Bolt tried for one day to do a white wash of Milo shut up and shut down when no other conservatives bothered but then Milo isn't a Corporation is he not like the Catholic Church.
Fairfax man-hatred unleashed: no men may mind child

Fairfax man-hatred unleashed: no men may mind child

Man-hatred unhinged on the Sydney Morning Herald website: "When our first daughter was born my husband and I made a family rule: no man would ever babysit our children. No exceptions. This includes male relatives and friends and even extra-curricular and holiday programs." 
"No. I would have thrown her out for her impertinence. "Bolt
Free Speech not when Bolt is concerned 'throwing' people out is not just speech is it. This is exactly what makes Andrew Bolt Australia's leading media idiot
" In short, why not say to the people of Australia: we’ll cut the RET, to help with your power bills; we’ll cut immigration to make housing more affordable; we’ll scrap the Human Rights Commission to stop official bullying; we’ll stop all new spending to end ripping off our grandkids; and we’ll reform the Senate to have government, not gridlock."
1) Electricity Prices escalated under Abbott when he promised they'd drop he did a Trump
2) Immigration increased under Abbott and besides immigration isn't the cause of housing unaffordability. It's the interest rates. An aging population needs to invest to live
3) Stopping the HRC will open the floodgates to bullying. How stupid is Bolt
4) Stop spending ho ho. Abbott lifted the debt ceiling and increased spending by 100 bill plus and he raised taxes.
5) Gillard negotiated her way through a hostile Senate passing 100 more bills than Abbott who almost set the Australian record for doing nothing
Now Bolt is saying Abbott promises to reverse all the things he did when he was last PM and he's the leading conservative? Go through that list and all you see is the list of Abbott's failures. 
The joke gets worse
" if Abbott's worried about being 'eclipsed' by Dutton, why did he heap praise on Dutton in his interview with you?" Simply replace the word Dutton with buffoon the sentance in fact answers itself
 "Maybe conservatives must then turn to the likes of Cory Bernardi." Bolt
Whatever has happened to Cory Beranardi ? Has he been speaking to Andrew Bolt?

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