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Floridians with Solar Inverters had Electricity after Irma & other Green energy success stories

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –
After Hurricane Irma in Florida, millions have been without electricity. But those Floridians who had solar panels plus an inverter or a Tesla powerwall were able to recover electricity immediately. Likewise, cities used solar to power traffic lights and other essential services after the huge storm had blown past.
Likewise, solar panels kept the lights on in India during the horrific storms and floods of monsoon this year.
h/t Reuters
The CEO of REC, Steve O’Neil which makes solar panels, reveals some amazing progress on green energy:
In 2010, there were 50 gigawatts of solar power in the world. Today it is 305 gigawatts.
Globally, solar installations increased by 50% in 2016 alone.
The average cost of solar-generated electricity worldwide is currently 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That is down 70% since 2010!
But, US solar power arrays are at an average of 6 cents a kilowatt hour. That is competitive with coal and gas, and you haven’t seen anything yet. Prices will come on down to 2 cents a kilowatt hour in only a few years.
India, a country of 1.2 billion people, has the seventh largest gross domestic product in the world (ahead of Italy and Brazil and just behind France).
India has gone from having 2.65 gigawatts of solar in 2014 to having 13 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2017.
India’s federal and many state governments strongly back solar, so that it is expected to take off during the next decade. India added 5.525 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016-2017 alone.
And in Asia it isn’t just India. China will add some 8-10 gigawatts of solar capacity to its present 80 gigawatts this year.

What if I told you you were paying no more for electricity than in 1984?
 Back then the expenditure survey showed the average household spent 2.9 per cent of its budget on electricity and gas. Three decades on, in the updated survey released this week, the figure is unchanged: 2.9 per cent and when so many other expense have gone down

Why is Bolt such a liar look at the truth and you will see someone has pull the proverbial political magic rabbit out of the hat and brought it to where rationality no longer presides

 Household expenditure survey. Get real. Electricity isn't that expensive

Indian Owned- Climate Aware Jaguar and Land Rover

India seems to have 5X Foward gears 1X Reverse since Independance 70 years ago. Bolt's cheering us on for the reverse. Abbott guaranteed we'd start running backwards from the day he was elected. Science, Communications, Health and Education have come to a stand still. Businesses which Bolt claims are basket cases are being snapped up by Indian and Chinese Companies who think we are cheap.
"Aston Martin was sold to a group of investors, Volvo to Chinese automaker Geely, and Jaguar and Land Rover went to Tata Motors for $2.3 billion in 2008. Ford never managed to turn a profit with Jaguar or Land Rover, but Tata has managed to turn the two into a thriving business."

Christians who support same-sex marriage have hit back at prominent "no" campaigner, Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton, over his comments that parents should have the right to send their kids to gay conversion therapy.
Andrew Bolt supports Lyle Shelton and claims they are not Homophobes that what's being supported here is just Free Speech. Apparently Bolt denies the existense of Conversion Threapists, Shock Treatment, and I'll talk to you until change.

 Christian Leaders Hit Back At Lyle Shelton Over Gay Conversion Therapy Remarks


At least seven apartment blocks in one Canberra suburb see same-sex marriage postal surveys strewn about the street by wind and rain, after apparently being left on top of mailboxes.
Just another form of institutional poofter bashing and why we shouldn't be having this gutless government's $122 million fake survey show. Andrew Bolt turns to Milo for the answer, Austra;ia is tragic.

Source: SSM postal surveys left out in the rain, damaged at Canberra apartments – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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