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Andrew Bolt's Blog; 3/4/18; One can only take so much Bullshit coming from Andrew Bolt; Human Rights abandoned on Good Friday; The meaning of Passover forgotten by an Israeli Pharaoh called Netanyahu; Passover is what Israelis diallow Palestinians,freedom; Originality lacking in Bolt's Reporting;

Palestinians protesting in Gaza, east of Shajaia, during the start of the 'Great Return March.' March 30, 2017. (+972 Magazine)



" In Israel and in the United States, activists are using human shields to smash through the borders. And reporters are spinning for them."Bolt
Is this all Bolt can say how long how many days has it taken for Bolt to flip the argument and turn the IDF and it's 100 snipers into the victims necessarily defending themselves from rock throwing teenagers and families protesting with guns trained on them by Hamas activists. When  17 people were killed and 700 injured by live bullets many shot in the back all coming from Israel and Bolt calls his editorial, the real facts while calling the majority of the world's MSM media is nothing other than left-wing spin. One knows when Fake News is being manufactured at News Corp because Bolt is so bad at it modelling himself on Fox News an organization whose intellectual integrity is No News, so bad it keeps losing its advertisers.
Bolt asks how much can you believe the world's most reputable journalists and media? Well, a lot actually much more than New Corp and as much as Australia trusts our ABC. What’s behind the protests in the Gaza Strip? | Gaza | Al Jazeera

  For Israel, There’s Little Political Cost to Killing Palestinians

 In fact because:

1) Israel has rejected any cooperation in any external investigations.

2)  The IDF confirmed what had happened on social media and immediately took down that confirmation when they became aware of the world reaction to what they had done. They have been doing it for years. Israel Rejects Calls for Probe of Gaza Violence
 Israel admits, then deletes, responsibility for Gaza killings | The Electronic Intifada
  Israeli snipers seen on the border with Gaza during the Great March of Return, March 30, 2018. (IDF Spokesperson) 
From the mouth of an Israeli soldier Andrew Bolt
"I was on the border with Gaza six years ago. The same marchers, the same protest. Even the orders to open fire at crowds of people remained the same." ex IDF 
As soldiers, we too were told to open fire at protesters in Gaza | +972 Magazine 
Soldiers have a privilege. Every three or six months they move to a different area. They see only a fraction of Gaza’s despair, but before they even have a chance to process or think about it, they move on to see the despair in Hebron, Ramallah, and Nablus.

3) Bolt even unconvincingly suggests Israeli engineering is so pathetic that the protesters a minority that did approach the fence but never got near it could have in any way smashed it down? Video shows Palestinian shot dead with back to Israeli snipers | Israeli–Palestinian conflict News |

4) Just how unconvincing is Bolt pointing out his singular and trivial anomalies, what he calls questions as reasons for disregarding the majority of media reports and an event where people were killed and hundreds wounded. Not a single Israeli was hurt and no single case of an armed Palestinian attack on any Israelis recorded. No, not a single case in what was intended to be a peaceful protest that's been going on yearly for decades. Bolt tries to spin the story that this was a Hamas inspired event when it was a ritual that existed before Hamas came to power.
"We need to know more," says Bolt as if this is a first-time event and when Israel has publicly stated it will not cooperate in "knowing more".Videos show Israeli soldiers sniping unarmed protesters in Gaza | +972 Magazine

5) Bolt tells us Israel is only defending its borders as if Israel was shrinking. How is it his victims have illegally occupied 17.5% more Palestinian land this year? More than in one year ever before and he's is calling that defending its borders? Bolt is such a liar twisting words with the singular intent to deny the truth of what has happened. He has to be called out for just that. Israel is expanding not shrinking.

6) So where does Bolt actually get his facts from? He hasn't any and is simply calling what occurred the real facts reported by rest of the world as "Fake News". He hasn't any of his own nor does he make any attempt to offer any. Now that's propaganda and media spin.

As for Hondurans passing through Mexico to the US border Bolt hasn't a clue what they intend doing but he wants to somehow associate these events both protests as if they have a common thread, the threat of "invasion". Are the Hondurans armed?  Has the media accompanying them less integrity than News Corp? As we have always said Bolt believes in the power of opinion too lazy for facts because they generally don't support his narratives. So single events are selected to make wild generalizations that have the substance of smoke.
These events are both a test and according to Bolt of countries right to defend themselves forgoing any arguments on human rights and International law suggesting that what's occurring on Israel's expanding borders is righteous despite the body count. That the US is entitled to threaten Mexico for allowing people to legally pass through its territory without US permission on the basis that the US  is allowed to demand that Mexico should forgo its sovereign rights in the interests of America. Hypocrisy, contradiction speculation, lies ignoring of human rights and murder are facts that should be set aside.  Set aside to justify the murder of 17 people and the wounding of hundreds of others women children and totally innocent people expressing their right to be heard by the armies and nations Bolt calls victims.

  Shooting Protesters in Cold Blood: How Israel Became a Typical Middle Eastern Dictatorship

"It may be objected that Israel is not a dictatorship like that of Yemen or Syria. But for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, that is precisely what it is." (Photo: Steve Rhodes/flickr/cc)
 The Israeli army snipers who were ordered to shoot unarmed Palestinian protesters last Friday at the Gaza border, killing 17 outright and wounding hundreds of others, were acting according to the contemporary script of Middle Eastern dictators.
The Israeli army initially admitted in a tweet that the tactic was premeditated and precise, but then deleted the tweet, as the Israeli peace group B’tselem pointed out:

 Here are 66 local news stations airing Sinclair’s brainwashing anti-media promo

 Is this a coincidence that Andrew Bolt is doing much the same on his showThe Bolt Report recently decrying the World's Main Stream Media as being Left-Wing, Corrupt and issuing Fake News. Does he do anything original? (ODT)
In March, CNN’s Brian Stelter obtained internal documents sent to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s local TV news stations requiring them to film and air short promotional segments decrying “biased and false news” and accusing unnamed mainstream media figures of bias. The script, obtained by CNN, focuses on the mainstream press, attacking unspecified "national media outlets" for publishing "fake stories." At points, the script appears to echo President Donald Trump's attacks on press with cries of "fake news." (Though the final version of the script, as NPR noted in an interview with a Sinclair executive about the promotional spots, no longer included "the word national ... coupled to the word media.")
   Image result
It appears Bolt would judge the White South African regime and Apartheid as far more tolerant than anything Mandela did. There seems to have been less brutality according to Bolt under the apartheid regime that Mandela was at war with. Executing collaborators and transgressors on a body count basis would have Mandela raised to sainthood. 
Bolts single case generalising is evident here when he says " That was probably not the only such murder."Bolt. 
Guilty by opinion. is Bolt's law. What can be said of a man who moralizes on one murder not proven in an Apartheid state defined by mass oppression and murder of peoples proven and admitted simply because those killed were defined by their colour? What can be said is he is an ultra-racist.
 That man Andrew Bolt continues to justify the mass murder of people by another Apartheid  State Israel simply for not being Jewish. Bolt even supports Israel's efforts to constitutionally recognize Israel as a Jewish State were Democracy is denied and priority is given to constitutionally recognize right of Jews over any other Israeli citizen. Even Christ would never be treated as an equal in Israel he'd be more welcome in Islamic countries where he's already recognized.
 In other words, Andrew Bolt applauds the attempts to make Israel formally an Apartheid State like South Africa once was and Winnie Mandela's was fighting against. It's no surprise is it that Bolt proves himself to be what every right-minded Australian says he is. A camp follower of fascist oppression.




Many in South Africa and in the Left are mourning the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. And some of those mourners are frightening.  What kind of woman are they worshipping? My editorial from The Bolt Report.  

Bolt in his most predictable racist way is supporting Dutton's suggestion that the South African Government is in comparison with us "uncivilized " and Winnie Mandela is simply a representative of that barbarian regime. No context is really supplied that she and the ANC in the 1980s contested a war against Aparthied and the really brutal white racist minority that ruled throughout the Apatheid era killing thousands of coloured citizens.

 Strange isn't it no mention of  a Steven Biko thrown out the window of police headquarters or Nelson Mandela incarcerated for 27 years. No regard to the war of Liberation that was going on at the time. But full concentration on unproven allegations about Winnie Mandela are magnified. Aren't we glad that Bolt has no juristinction or power in our British justice system which generously  allows his publisher to constantly produce fake news for the purpose of influence without factual substance?

 No debate just pure editorial flim flam to boost Peter Dutton's racism as being legitimate comment and objecive insight. There doesn't appear to be a rush of persecuted white farmers banging at our door. Rather the opposite is true statements issued to let us know they want to stay in South Africa. Nor are there criminal statistics that support Dutton's reality  which he got from News Corps Daily Telegraph  all just factless opinion with no statistical support. Dutton even said that's where he got his information from, the fact free zone.



Bolt claims he's for equality but spends an inordinate amount of time negatively stereotyping Aborigines, Muslims, Sudanese, etc etc selling us the myth that we a well to do White Western  Christian Nation who all think alike and have the same values his values. Whites suffering the new Racism and their threatened loss of privilege. According to Bolt recognition of diversity of any kind but privilege is a threat. Those he negatively singles out are outcasts as far as he's concerned and simply don't fit in because they have largely brought disadvantage on themselves or are a terrible mistake of our Immigration policies.
Aparthied is here and it's systemic and it has been so for many in our indigenous communities it's been generational for 230 years. But its becoming increasingly evident among all of us in multicultural Australia and that division is material one and it's called "systemic economic poverty" disadvantage and lack of opportunity and lacks the appropriate services on every social scale and dimension it's found. Primarily jobs, housing health and education etc.
Australians are being forced to the edge of normal society and it's not just based on colour alone anymore. It is increasingly becoming paler and White.
Yes, it has been racial for a long time and generationally lasting in the case of Indigenous Australia but non Indigenous Australians are fast catching up and what Bolt calls Aboriginal Culture is in fact the Culture of Poverty. We see the same survival behaviours no matter peoples colour but more the same material conditions in which it's found.
If there are any comparisons to be made we can take a warning from the USA where 50% of the nation are on the poverty line and growing.  Even Andrew Bolt's boss Rupert Murdoch declared it's the greatest problem America is facing this century the shrinking middle class.
Here Bolt's complaint about an "Aboriginal waiting room" is misdirected and is evidenced by his denial that Indigenous Australia has been the hardest and longest hit by the harshness of poverty and the culture that accompanies it, recognizing that isn't Aparthied. Bolt on the other hand basks in the Culture of privilege which he didn't enter by merit but simply by marriage. Unlike poverty, he's protected from a social death by a thousand cuts and his social class protects itself at all costs It's harder for an Indigenous Australian to enter than it once was a Jew to enter the Melbourne Club or a Catholic once was to become an endorsed member of the Liberal Party.

 When the conservatives have changed their tactics tothe inevitable post election opposition position one sees they have nothing to lose. Turnbull isn't facing a revolt he's facing the destruction of the Liberal party for at least 2 terms after the next election. With Global Warming a scientific fact and the world recognizing it to be so these Dinosaurs will have vanished and only remembered for their stupidity. Let me repeat the usual suspects names. Abbott, Abetz, Andrews, Christenson and Dutton who claimto have followers. They have been claiming that since Abbott lost the vote. If Hastie & Molan are ones they will have a short careers as losers in yet another war.
 How usual, how unbreaking how predicable check the names above for the unbreaking news barrier. A cluster of middleaged  white conservatives pretending to be relevant. This is a really the definition of a high rating show off  Australia's smallest base.
Are people like Andrew Bolt against AA and NA Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. It would seem so. These agencies are funded by Partisan governments. It seems Bolt would prefer they had no funding and no help or mentorship provided.  Why I guess  he's challenged by ads for journalists at his organization because there certainly aren't any where he works to mentor young people in the skills.

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