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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 15/4/19 Where does Bolt retreat to every weekend?; Abbott's Campaigning on State Issues Hiding;


COLUMN: FOLAU FURORE A sport picks a sponsor to help them field their best team. Yet Rugby Australia has picked Qantas, a sponsor which wants Israel Folao dropped for telling gays to repent. That's not a sponsor that's thinking of the fans.

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PAYWALL ( Spelling Bolt Spelling)

It seems Bolt has turned to become a Dorothy Dixer steering the discussions away from important issues to trivial ones. He hasn't mentioned Abbott's efforts to reframe himself as a concerned warmist or that he seems to be running his campaign on State, not federal issues. Not a word about the Daily Telegraph's loss to Geoffrey Rush or that Board meeting attended to by the Murdochs. No defence of Dutton or the serial shootings going on in Melbourne, not by anyone Bolt can yell "who let them in" at. Even whistleblowers have been put aside. Julian Assange efforts at free speech have been totally ignored. But a Christian rugby player dropped at the behest of the sponsor is a threat to Andrew Bolt and that we should all be interested in is a smokescreen.
I actually believe Bolt is lobbying to bring back the ACL ultra-Christian Right arguments that were done away with in the Marriage Equality referendum when 75% of Australians voted for Equality. Christianity so big in America politics is very much central to Murdochian/Republican politics that we will now see introduced here in the next 6 weeks.
Imagine this might alaso bother Andrew Bolt that he is cut from gigs because his sponsors no longer want anything to do with him. Now that's also on the cards at the moment. Bolt has been lying low. It would be great if it were the case and the reason why in 2019 we have seen less of Bolt. Gone from 2GB and radio, gone from his podcast after 5 weeks and reduced commentary on his blog. It makes one think that Andrew Bolt is losing his commercial heft. Let's hope so, and let's hope the Sleeping Giants had some influence in the increasing Silence of the Ham.



Herald Sun it seems has taken up the Christian cause that was left behing with the marriage equality referendum. Could this all be a push for the ACL and the fact our PM is a Pentacostalist and their favorite son Tony Abbott is a staunch Catholic. Will this become an attack on the majority non- Christian Nation by the traditional but minority today? Christians are fast becoming and exclusive bretheren plotting behind closed door to stir the agnostic and atheistic  and multicultural pot.



Labor keeps its 52-48 lead after preferences despite One Nation's fall in the latest Newspoll: "Pauline Hanson’s support has nose­dived, handing Scott Morrison the equal-best primary vote for the Coalition since just after the last election but also strengthening Labor’s lead." Hanson will be my guest on The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm.

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A major effort by Sky after Dark to restore Hanson's stocks. Why else would you have her on the Bolt Report other than let her play the victim.



Bolt's playing that old Cherry just because my father was a Nazi doesn't mean I have to say sorry or do anything even when I inherited his ill-gotten wealth. I wasn't a Colonial, I, wasnt a fascist, I wasn't a Mafia Don so don't touch my inheritance. Your racists if you do and I'm the victim.
"So students who aren’t slave owners must compensate people who aren’t slaves, because of what long-dead people once did to long-dead people." Bolt
History has no relevance to Andrew Bolt. He doesn't want to be tainted with the brush of his Nazi ancestors in Aalsmeer. So it's why he claims he's more Indigenous than Stan Grant and Adam Goodes simply because he's older and history doesn't exist.
Bolt beats up the notion that recognition of the past and reparation means sending the innocent broke. That somehow reparation is new and hasn't been conducted elsewhere. But he's wrong and it's still going on. It's is being conducted as we speak by Germany, Japan, and many other countries. Recognition for wrongs done is sharing the blame the oldest families actually benefiting from the watering down of obligation of a nations humanitarian recognition and reparation. That complication according to Bolt outweighs any need for reparation.
"And, confusingly, they must compensate the American descendants of Africans taken as slaves, when the descendants of Africans whose ancestors weren’t taken are on average much poorer." Bolt
Bolt's argument concentrates on America and Afro Americans not requiring reparation because Africans today are much poorer and any reparation will make all other Americans victims doesn't really gell as it doesn't make all other Americans that much poorer but the nation more united.
Bolt's running this argument in America because he want too much attention to the need for any reparation of any sort to Indigenous Australians.
 He's tried the genetic argument "whose Indigenous anyway"? He's now trying on multiculturalism which he hates as defence against reparation. He's quite the swinger is Andrew Bolt. Australian immigrants are innocent of any past doings. Very rarely does Bolt argue a case for multiculturalism I'm Dutch why should I pay. Unfortunately the Inglorious history and Culture that Bolt generally praises so much today has resulted in oppression of Afro- Americans American Indians and in our case Indigenous Australians for over 200 years and that reperation isn't for acts gone by alone but acts that have continued and been supported by the accptance of current privileged. Rights not offered Institutionally to the Indigenous today. What is the reparation Bolt is against it's not a few beads blankets or $$ or the right of true assimilation on Bolt's terms either but respect for history and the recognition of the a legitimate diversity that is a part of us that Bolt has no time for.

John Lord’s Election Diary No. 2: Morrison plays…

Informed Comment

After six years of governance he and the other prime ministers (Abbott and Turnbull) have harvested little to talk about. In fact, demonstrably the LNP has shown that it inhabits a past where its MPs find it difficult to break out of in order to keep up with the rest of us.
My thought for the day
The exchange and intellectual debate of ideas needs to be re energised, and it is incumbent on everyone to become involved.

Scott Morrison And The Function Stupidity of The…

"Functional stupidity: A general reluctance to self-reflect, question our assumptions, and reason…

point may not be quite so obvious when your subject to the cacophony of the combined Liberal/Murdoch Media choir all singing in unison, though not in tune.

All in all, some of these people are going to be pleasantly surprised that the Labor government isn’t going to be “the end of the world” as Terry McCrann wrote. Literally. That was what he suggested. I often wonder if journalists – and I use the word loosely – in the Murdoch stable have great senses of humour and have bets with themselves to see who can come up with the stupidest article and still get published. Or whether they really would make a less suitable Malcolm Roberts replacement in the Senate than Fraser Anning

Is Captain GetUp a help or a hindrance to Tony Abbott?

Is Captain GetUp a help or a hindrance to Tony Abbott?

He arrived as a superhero to save conservative candidates from GetUp! and its progressive campaigners, but the joke has been on the caped crusader.

 Kim Jong-un gives US until end of 2019 to change ‘posture,’ promises to boost defense 

Kim Jong-un gives the US until end of 2019 to change ‘posture,’ promises to boost defence

What Trump calls a high-quality friendship and we call BS (ODT)
The failed face-to-face talks with President Donald Trump raise a doubt whether the US is really committed to improving relations with North Korea, its leader Kim Jong-un said, while promising to beef up the nation’s defence.
Apr 13, 2019 13:17 

Corbyn would be PM and Labour would overtake Tories if elections were held now – poll

Corbyn would be PM and Labour would overtake Tories if elections were held now – poll

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would become prime minister and his party would take over the House of Commons, dealing a crushing blow to the May government should a snap election be held now. 

We are all Julian Assange
We are all Julian Assange
The arrest of journalist and whistleblower Julian Assange by the Met Police in London marks a shameful day in the annals of British justice. 

Media Condemns Julian Assange For Reckless Exposure Of How They Could Be Spending Their Time

WASHINGTON—In the wake of the WikiLeaks founder’s arrest by British authorities on behalf of the U.S. for charges stemming from the publication of classified military documents in 2010, members of the American media condemned Julian Assange Friday for the reckless exposure of how they could be spending their time. “We…

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