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Fighting Fake News 13/6/19; Can a Conservative Government ever be trusted to be even handed? Union Busting is an Abbott sport; Wayne Swan reminds Labour of what it's all about and it's not John Sekta;

Morrison government renews push for union-busting bill

 Cabinet minister Angus Taylor says the government will bring its union-busting Ensuring Integrity Bill on for debate.

Union Busting is more than a sport to conservative governments. Over the years they have by and large been emasculated, but not so Conservative Lobby Groups, and Right-Wing associations nor their funding. Hidden donations to political parties by way of free advertising have all but been ignored. 
The regulation and corruption of the finance sector and it's policing have always remained very much on the backburner of this governments interests.  The misuse of MPs expenses just a slap on the wrist unless a traitor like Peter Slipper is found. Here we have Angus Taylor very central to the Watergate scandal using the conservative bludgeon against a union boss John Sekta. A bludgeon not used against him. How is it tremendous efforts were made to excuse Taylor of any involvement in the $80 mill deal that rewarded his friends and associates. Sekta, on the other hand, and his whole union are under siege for a case of what "bad manners and behaviour".The Liberal Party is riddled with inappropriate behaviour.
 A bit like the police is doing to football supporters who are being fingered for barracking badly. If misogyny is a crime shouldn't Andrew Bolt, and Tim Blair be arrested for their bullying media attacks on "frightbats" women they simply don't like? Haven't they complained of the same thing that men are disadvantaged in the cause of gender equality? They certainly don't receive the iron-fist that this government and MSM media are handing out to a Unionist,
There are right-wing media that tells its listeners that Labour is corrupt and lying, which they are. There are a leftish media that tells its viewers that Liberals are corrupt and lying, which they are. The only people who admit that both of these things are true; however are 'the crazy far-left'" — the real members, in other words, of the fact-based community. Let Setka Union members decide not Angus Taylor, the LNP or the Courts. (ODT)
Don't criticize China is this John Sekta
 Police officers use water cannon on a lone protester near the government headquarters in Hong Kong.

The Morrison government has seized upon calls for John Setka to step down from the CFMMEU to renew its commitment to passing its Ensuring Integrity Bill.

'F---ing oath he is': Union members say John Setka is here to stay

John Setka arrives at the meeting of CFMMEU shop stewards in Melbourne on Thursday.

CFMMEU members have voted to endorse John Setka's leadership at a meeting in Melbourne on Thursday.
The LNP's misogynistic personality issues didn't matter when it came to Abbott Dutton and Craig Kelly, but it seems they will grab hold of anything and put the media to use on their behalf when it comes to the Union hierarchy. The so-called best money and economic managers have used these same anti-democratic persuaders like News Corp, 2 GB to support them. Let's be frank the AFP raid on News Corp can be seen as a false flag, a smoke screen to attack their real target the ABC on behalf of Rupert Murdoch.  Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. (ODT)

 Wayne Swan:

Inequality is growing in Australia. Labor's mission is to create a fairer society

Coles to axe hundreds of jobs at Melbourne head-office, senior executives to go

Market share gains enjoyed by Coles in the past two years are "fading" as a result of slowing momentum, broker Citi warns.
Coles boss Steven Cain has launched a head office shake-up that will see 450 roles made redundant.

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Video squareStoryJun 10, 2019

Tariff Temper Tantrum: Trump “Created a Fake Crisis & Has Announced a Fake Solution” with Mexico

  However, what you use tariffs as a tool to achieve in trade this president has just blown up, with basically taking it off of trade, taking it off of even commerce, and simply putting it on, trying to build his border wall by excise and duty instead of bricks. However by, significantly charging the American consumers with increased taxes. There was never a plan to execute the tariffs as Republican industrialists and politicians alike were lobbying against it. Trump blinked and was caught doing it.

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