Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Fighting Fake News,12/6/19; Slavery in Australia is real; Government's Debt Economy is growing ans savings falling; Non Bank lenders gouge 60% interest; Police State;

Refugee sets self on fire at Manus amid 'mental health crisis'

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said 14 men who have self harmed on Manus Island were being housed in the Shamrock compound.
A Somali refugee has set himself on fire at on Manus Island, with claims of an unprecedented self-harm crisis continuing.
The Medical Evacuation Response Group, which was established to help refugees respond to the so-called "medevac laws" when they were passed in February, says more than 60 people have been transferred from PNG and Nauru to Australia since the laws passed. That includes 17 under the medical evacuation laws, while the remainder were transferred under existing arrangements.
Another eight transfers have been approved under the new provisions and are expected to be transferred imminently.
The Human Rights Law Centre again called for refugees and asylum seekers to be evacuated from Manus and Nauru.


LNP has in 6 years, accelerated the DEBT ECONOMY. Australians lead the world in personal debt, and this government has encouraged it.

Ben Anderson wears a suit and tieA black French bulldog sits on grass

Non-bank lenders are on the rise, and they're charging massive rates of interest

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Unable to find a bank willing to give him a loan, and desperate to keep his business from going under, he turned to an unregulated non-bank lender that charged 60 per cent interest. Initially, he was paying a so-called discount rate of 30 per cent. It was not long before debt collectors were knocking on his door.
The message borrow don't save is and will be promoted by this government. A further reduction of the middle class to working class and growth in the debt economy. I remember when bank business  actually promoted savings, and every kid was encouraged to have an account. Today the main function of banks is usury, and debt followed by camp followers made up of payday lenders and other sharks. (ODT)

Put it under the mattress: Interest rate cuts mean savers are almost going backwards

  • by Clancy Yeates

Collingwood supporter Simon Grech, 39, says he was almost evicted by police at the MCG match against Melbourne on Monday.

'I'm not at the ballet': Pies fan threatened by police for 'barracking too loud.'

Policing manners and the dislikes of who?

A Collingwood fan at Monday's clash at the MCG claims he was threatened with eviction by half a dozen police because he was 'barracking too loud

He said police acknowledged that he was not swearing or being abusive, and when he questioned them about the apparent problem an officer replied: "Do you hear what I said? You're barracking too loud."
Mr Grech said another officer told him he wasn't doing anything wrong but that they had to follow protocol.


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