Can APRA defend AMP Life against the “spawn of the devil”?

The Cayman Islands is the destination du jour for Australian hospitals and water profits but far more is bound for Bermuda. Michael West on tax haven risk for AMP Life policyholders and their $100 billion in assets.

Two weeks ago, when the buy-out merchants from Brookfield completed their takeover of Healthscope, control of 43 Australian hospitals passed to a company in the Cayman Islands whose directors are unknown. Two years ago, a record $80 million payment of taxpayer money for Australian water rights went to the Caymans, to investors unknown, still.
Profits from Adani’s controversial coal mine, rail and port profits subsidised by Australian taxpayers, are destined for companies in the Caymans and the British Virgin Islands owned by the family of Indian billionaire Gautam Adani.
And now, in a few months, should regulators approve it, the AMP Life business will be owned by an entity in Bermuda, like the Caymans, a secrecy jurisdiction with a corporate tax rate of zero.

Australian National University is the country's top-ranked institution in equal 29th place.

The Australian universities among the world's top 50

A majority of Australian universities have improved in global rankings, with five appearing in the top 50 this year, but many are at the very bottom for one important measure.
Andrew Bolt sees them as a training ground for the left-wing where free speech isn't allowed. The rest of the world seems to think otherwise, and we all understand why Bolt failed to qualify and lies about his education on his CVs. 

Australian universities in the top 100

  1. Australian National University (29)
  2. University of Melbourne (38)
  3. University of Sydney (42)
  4. University of NSW (43)
  5. University of Queensland (47)
  6. Monash University (58)
  7. University of Western Australia (86)


Paul Kelly is right: "The apathetic and grudging resistance from many of Australia’s university vice-chancellors to the prudent recommendation ... for a protection of freedom code exposes a higher education sector that is short on common sense..." Check this list of allegations that the vice-chancellors won't take seriously.
PAYWALL Chancellors and Vice Chancellors are in natural opposition to each other. Chancellors see the universities as a business and as such care for the relationship with those that fund them. Currently, if they could, they'd reduce Universities into fake vocational institutions and rid universities of the Humanities and Classics altogether. Vocational and utilitarian courses preferred. Vice Chancellors, on the other hand, protect the very meaning of what universities are about, and that's learning for learning sake of learning ideas and research peer-reviewed.
 Yet Bolt wants to deregulate campuses and reduce them to political yelling matches and not places of reasoned debate, and mocks Eva Cox for the very thing he demands himself "mannered debate". He's jumped the gutter not fo a principle but a side, but that's Bolt.
 Australian Universities are highly respected global institutions today 5 are in the top 50 and Bolt is insistent that they no longer be. He wants it seems anybody and everybody on campus to create a free for all for what purpose? To simply disrupt with anything there's a consensus on with which he disagrees.
He wants staff sacked books burned anything he deems the heretical left-wing. However, the left-wing, while they exist, don't, and Eva Cox reflects that. To destroy the research and scientific methods used and questioned by even the inexperienced in the field is Bolt's goal. To destroy the very nature of "a degree "and reduce it to little more than opinion studied without data or evidence necessary. It seems if Andrew Bolt can't get a degree himself and the respect that goes with it, nobody else should have one either. Sorry Bolt you will need more than that to gain respect.

Football fans are now the totalitarian-left. Is that because Andrew Bolt has his back so much to the wall that everyone before him here is Left -Wing? It shows that the level of paranoia of the radical Right, in this case, Bolt has reached pathological heights. It's also clear then why Bolt doesn't holiday in Australia and doesn't want to retire here but prefers the Democratic Socialist state of the Netherlands instead. He even has dual citizenship. But more it demonstrates his hypocrisy.

Note the respect Bolt has for Dodd but none for Aboriginal Cultures. The mocking of Aboriginal Culture by Andrew Bolt " Greens hate coal-fired power stations but hail Aborigines as the font of ancient wisdom. So what will they say to an Aboriginal boss wanting to build one of those coal-fired things on his traditional lands? "Bolt
Respect is non-existant for any other Cultures as far as  Bolt is concerned their difference from his and offers nothing in the way wisdom to him. The fact is a "good" black, indigenous person is one wanting a coal-fired power plant because he must have been assimilated. This is typical of Bolt cherry picking "coconuts" to parade on his show to his white audience and calling out that a job was well done. Very Simon Legree, isn't he?
However, the truth is the generalisation that springs form this "traditional land owners want coal-fired power plants" is Fake News.

" The Federal Court yesterday said doctors don't even have to speak to an illegal immigrant " Australia signed an International agreement to protect "Asylum Seeker" so by our own laws there are no "illegals" on Manus or Nauru and never has been. Those that are there were duty bound by Australia to care for them by that agreement while their claims were being processed. Bolt's "illegals" are allowed to flood in through Peter Dutton's front doors and not even seek asylum. What's been kept secret is just how broken Dutton's management of our front doors has been. While media like Bolt misdirect attention away from the disaster, Dutton has helped create.

So let's support Bolt in his cause to never forget why if anyone commits a crime or is simply found guilty and not acquitted. Andrew Bolt is an infamous Australian Racist and vilifier of Indigenous Australians and has never been acquitted of his crimes, yet he thinks the opposite but is never as generous to others who have been found guilty in the past. Bolt reminds us all of the past sins of other making the term forgive and forget rendering Justice meaningless. For Bolt, retribution is forever except for himself.