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Fighting Fake News with Real; 10/7/19; Trump's relationship with Epstein; The culture wars is how conservatives like to divide. However we face real material disasters which should unite us; Epstein Trump and Clear Evidence;

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Andrew Bolt points to Clinton's relationship with Epstein rather than the current President's It's no surprise. His head of Labour also had a relationship with the accused pedophile and seems to have been compromised.  Yet he point's out others as "flubbers" playing Whack-a-Mole for right-wing media. His target Ilhan Omar(ODT)

President Donald Trump denied through a lawyer that he had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who was arrested over the weekend on charges of sex trafficking, the Washington Post reported on Monday. But that contradicts persuasive decisive evidence that they were, indeed, friends.
Perhaps most damning is Trump’s own words, as quoted in a New York Magazine article in 2002. Since he was not yet president at the time, and Epstein hadn’t yet faced these charges, Trump can hardly claim that a reporter at the time was trying to contrive a fake relationship between him and the financier. The quote has been making the rounds not only because it shows the friendship between the president and Epstein in the middle of the period in which the alleged trafficking of minors occurred, but because it suggests that Trump may have been aware of the criminal behaviour:
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How to get rid of an Ambassador a Shakespearean or House of cards plot?

1)Nigel Farage wants the job. 2 ) He's a friend of Trump's who wants him to have the job. 3) The reporter that broke the email leaks is a friend of Farage. 4) The current UK Government don't want to be dictated to by the US as to who their Ambassador to the US is. Ambassadors are meant to be candid and not bootlickers which Trump wants 5)Boris Johnson wants to be PM. Trump wants Boris to be PM. 6) Murdoch wants his men to be the leaders of their respective countries and is working to that end Roger Ailes style. 7) If Boris is the PM, what is the probability that Nigel Farage will be the US Ambassador? 8) What are the chances of this being a total set up for the sole purpose of putting Murdoch's and Trump's men Boris and Nigel into position? I'd say 99%. 9) What are the chances that Trump thought this all up my guess ZERO he's also just a pawn? (ODT) 


Disused mines blight New South Wales, yet the approvals continue

The cost of coal never really talked about that you pay for 


News Corp Supports this The LNP support this Australia doesn't

Between May 2018 and May 2019, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose at the second-fastest rate in 60 year

Readings from Hawaii observatory bring threshold of 450ppm closer…

 Mortlake Power Station is operating at half capacity following an explosion.

Explosion at Victorian power station halves its capacity

Blast shuts down half of the state's largest gas-fired power station, and it may be months before it is back to full capacity

We need to change to renewables

Screenshot_2019-07-10 German Circus Uses Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience.png

German Circus Uses Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience


The true story of British whistleblower Katharine Gun is public. The new movie dramatising that story, with Keira Knightley in the starring role is called a thriller. And that it is.
How can a known event be made into a suspenseful thriller? In part, this is possible because the story is a complex one that few know the details of, and in part because most people don’t know anything about anything. There’s too much information in the world, and most of it is useless or worse. The story of a whistleblower who took great risks to expose the greatest possible crimes by people holding the most power in the world is not the bit of information that has been most repeated over the past 16 years since it happened. In fact, it’s hardly been mentioned at all in corporate media.
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