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Fighting Fake News with Real,11/7/19; Ratings and real Media; Andrew Bolt proves he's not Waleed Aly;

Waleed Aly: From growing up in Vermont to The Project

Waleed Aly: From growing up in Vermont to The Project

Unlike others, Aly is a "real" journalist in the private sector that Australian's respect because he actually considers real data, analyses it. As opposed to being a single-minded one cherry picking data often fake to preach foregone conclusions of the ultra-right. Andrew Bolt is the diametric opposite of what it means to be a "real" journalist who delivers data information and considered opinion. Needless to say, he is obsessed with Dr Waleed Aly and his wife Dr Susan Carland because they culturally remind us of the tolerance of Australia values.

 They are a counterpoint to the intolerance, everything Andrew Bolt stands for and represents. The Aly's, work ethic and history provide meaning to "merit" Bolt only gives meaning to knowing the "right" people. The Alys holiday here in Australia and walk in public view. Bolt doesn't he slinks. Basically, they are central to and proud of a multicultural Australia and wouldn't hesitate being seen in Sydney Rd, Caulfield or Toorak Australia. Bolt regards some areas as no go zones invaded by incompatible religions, cultures. But more to the point ALP sympathisers. It's not for any other reason these Australians sense the hostile negativity and feel Bolt's twisted claims that in the main don't exist. Unlike Bolt, they are here as migrants because they respect Democracy religious freedom and opportunities Bolt wants to deny them. Basically, Bolt is the exception. His foot planted fairly and squarely on the brakes of progress and the effort to improve equality for all Australians That restraint has only been noticeably lifted under the governments of Whitlam and Hawke and stopped under Fraser Howard and Abbott. Those of us who lived through those governments are really the only ones able to speak about how it felt then and how it does today.


Here is Bolt proving himself to be Australia's worst


The Herald Sun's Anthony Galloway, writing on Scott Morrison's plan to divide Australians by race in the constitution, says words that should alarm Liberals: "What Labor people should really grasp about Morrison is his will to achieve things they dearly want as well." I fear Morrison may be another Liberal leader who values Labor applause most.

Ignoring the context of our Colonial history and the plight of Indigenous Australians today because of it Bolt suggests first Australians are and always have had equal opportunities the same that all Australians have today. That to say otherwise is real Black Racism because, for 200 years, opportunities have been there and are equal today. The only thing holding Aboriginals back is themselves and their inferior culture. In fact, Bolt even claims he's more Indigenous than Adam Goodes a greater right to Aboriginality than anyone younger than him today. That alone has made him a self-made laughing stock and idiot out of step with the majority of Australians who see the continuum of our history otherwise. Bolt is as aloof today as was the first white man that stepped of the boat and declared they alone discovered this uninhabited country first.

Bolt ignores the fact that what made him wealthy apart from the woman he married was the fact he inherited the fruits of his family's labour. Could get a mortgage, a job and equal pay. He wasn't banned from entering any place and even if he had been born into poverty being white wouldn't have been removed from his family as were the Indigenous "stolen" from theirs. Only to be abused lied to and treated as lesser beings which Bolt emphatically denies because it can't be seen in any written history of white men. The material wealth of the most impoverished immigrant was ensured the minute they landed in Australia because they were privy to opportunities of work, equal wages property loans and capital gains all of which the indigenous weren't and even the meagre slave offerings they did get called pay were government controlled and even those savings are stolen from them. All facts Bolt selectively removes from his Australian history.

The new Mabo? $190 million stolen wages settlement is unprecedented, but still limited

To say otherwise or acknowledge these facts is simply to be an ALP sympathiser. To disagree with Bolt's denial of racism is to be ALP as if this were the explanation for everything.

Andrew Bolt declares the histories of these two persons are the same; any disadvantage was simply self-inflicted nothing to do with our colonial past that provided equal opportunity to both blacks and whites. The attempted genocide of indigenous Australians was false the intergenerational internalised social psychology merely adherence to an inferior culture that simply could have been solved by removing more children and not less from the families. In fact, according to Bolt, Hanson is more Indigenous simply because he's older. History wiped by Racist idiocy.

Bolts lie Indigenous Australia want a Parliamentary voice they don't they do want an advisory body chosen by them and not an advisor chosen by any minister of the day. There is no demand for the minister even oblige any suggestions put forward. They want racist clauses that already exist in our Constitution removed none of Andrew Bolt admits or agrees to. His demand is NO CHANGE IS NECESSARY, Even acknowledgement of land rights was a step too far.

Currently, there are 500 mining employees listed as working in the ACT where no mining is going on. What would Bolt say to 500 Indigenous Australians employed as lobbyists? He'd welcome it because he knows that's an economic and power impossibility.


So Andrew Bolt goes on to claim Morrison has turned defacto ALP after all ALP aren't real Australians they don't deserve to have any personnel control any of our Institutions the NRL, the ABC etc. Bolt's own brother is the Deputy Secretary of NSW Education he must lean left. Bolt doesn't whinge about Richard. The Liberals it seems won the election but have it seems become centre left rather that pure racist right.

Bolt can't even lie in bed straight let alone tell a story correctly. The ABC program was about the system of deregulation of water licencing previously in place to one that allowed water rights to be bought and sold on the free market has lent itself to rorting by privateers and stealing and preventing runoff into the river system that was once there. Not Bolt's argument that a single policy about Lake Alexandrina is the cause. 
The ABC also pointed out what all water scientists have pointed to and been ignored is there has never actually been a National water audit done, and along with water economists, they have all been ignored. Bolt trivialises the problem of systemic failure on the part of all governments into examining the "free- market " system that was put in place of regulated licencing. Why would he do that? Is it because LNP ministers might be shown to be corrupt and been a party to the flow of money to their foreign donors, mega-Corporations and friends with Cayman Islands bank accounts. Any scrutiny that might expose the reality of the Water Rights marketing system is fraught with danger to the rich and powerful, so it's better to deflect attention to a single policy about Lake Alexandrina and distract attention away. Who better than Murdoch media's Andrew Bolt to do that to try to muddy the issue instead of demanding a National Inquiry. Sanctioned water theft
Sanctioned water theft

 Next, Our Food:  Climate Emergency Reducing Crop Yields, Global Food Supplies
Climate Change

Next, Our Food: Climate Emergency Reducing Crop Yields, Global Food Supplies

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