Thursday, 11 July 2019

Fighting Fake News with Real, 12/7/19; Rich are growing richer; Martin Hirst's rebuttal; Morrison's double cross before the start, Househod debt trap;

  1. Rich are getting richer, but stagnating wages mean income inequality is steady

    Well-off Australians are pulling away from the rest of the nation, with wealth inequality rising in recent years. However, income inequality has remained steady as earnings have stagnated.

  1. The UK ambassador's cable leaks appear to be a calculated sting. Who or what was behind it?

    The leaking of Sir Kim Darroch's confidential memos labelling the Trump White House "inept" and "incompetent" saw the highly-experienced ambassador lose his job and strained US-UK diplomatic relations.

I will not let Scott Morrison turn me into a junkie

I will not let Scott Morrison turn me into a junkie

Dr Martin Hirst explains why he is not going to swallow the Government’s opiate for the masses.

Labor senator Patrick Dodson ... warns of the "the failed path of soft reconciliation measures – making white folks feel like they are doing something good for blackfellas and yet doing nothing to heal the nation’s wounds and achieving unity and respect".

Journey from the heart

Treaty when? Dodson warns of betrayal and airbrushing of Indigenous ambition.

Our racism has never been more recognised around the world than it is today. We officially declare we have no White Australia policy, but unofficially it's stronger than ever, and it's enthusiastically broadcast with a tone of hate by Andrew Bolt.  He claims to accept Hassidic Jews that isolate themselves from Australia more than he does this country's first people. He and Hanson claim to be assimilationists but will have nothing to do with the culture that was here first. They truly shame Australia and have nothing good to say about it. 
Bolt an ant- Socialist and dreams of retiring in the Netherlands far more Socialist than Australia. He loves Aalsmeer where his family originated the most famous town for its Nazi sympathisers that treated Jews as Australia once treated Aborigines. Bolt shows the same tendencies toward indigenous Australians as his forefathers and Aalsmeer showed the Jews, of which only 20% were known to have survived. More Dutch Jews were killed during WW2 than the Germans killed German Jews and Andrew Bolt shows that tendencies today and we allow him to openly show them.

Credit card debt is often incurred for items that will depreciate in value, or for experiences which made you feel good at the time.

Climbing debt is hitting household spending: RBA

RBA officials have found a 10 per cent increase in debt. It could reduce household spending by 0.3 per cent
The LNP declare they are better managers by enabling the greatest debt Australia has ever seen? Murdoch media promotes this by their insistence to buy buy and spend while the banks say yes yes, yes. Bank staff are required to hit targets "how much debt have you sold today" is the question faced. Isn't that usuary at 3.55 to 22% -++? A PROMISSORY, note for slavery or indentured Labour?
Black Birding, Australian Mission Stations, Christan Welfare were all once outsourced by Government of the day, given tax-free status, a business incentive to keep  First nation peoples under the thumb. Now it seems the incentive has been given to banks to keep the whole nation at heel with massive personal debt.

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