Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Fighting Fake News with Real;15/8/19; Statue of Liberty has been arrested; Stockmarket's a Yo Yo on Trump's watch; Fracking releases Methane;

Mural by Izaac Zevalking.

Fury as Trump official says poem on Statue of Liberty refers to 'people from Europe' | US news | The Guardian

The dispute started when Cucinelli proposed an amendment to Emma Lazarus’s sonnet inscribed on the statue to read: “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

It now appears to be dawning on Donald Trump that his trade wars are starting to damage the US economy and his re-election prospects.

Markets signal Donald Trump's trade wars could lead to US recession

The most surprising thing about the market dip is that it has taken to so long to occur.
And yes Trump is blaming the Fed Reserve the world anything but himself because the USA is booming according to POTUS. Just as his Casinos were when the banks sent him bankrupt 6 times (ODT)

US stock markets plunged on Wednesday, local time, amid heightened fears of a recession.


US sharemarkets plunge as recession fears mount

Pointing the finger in another direction, as usual, the President admits he can't run the country and has to find an excuse for someone else to blame. It's not the Democrats. It's the Federal Reserve.
The fact is the fact it's the American people they voted for Trump in 2016. They voted for a dud who has been running America the way he ran his 6 bankrupt businesses. Spending, raking up debt and reducing government revenue by reducing taxes and directing higher private profits into the hands of just a minority of Americans. Trump is Trump, and he's doing what he's always done losing other peoples money and making them pay. Unfortunately, it's all American money, and like the GFC the people will pay (ODT)
US President responded by lashing out at his Federal Reserve chairman and decrying the "crazy" inverted yield curve.

  Uh Oh Wilbur Ross Just Gave The Con Away On Tariffs
Wait, Trump delayed tariffs to protect Christmas? You mean consumers would be affected? You weren't supposed to say that, Wilbur!

While the rise of methane in the Earth's atmosphere over the past decade has...

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