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Fighting Fake News with REAL,18/9/19; George Carlin's REAL NEWS; DEMOCRACY WENT WHERE?; Crime Rate in Vic is Falling but Fake News Don't tell you that; What do call this man?

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Surprise!  Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ = Annexation & Apartheid

Surprise! Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ = Annexation & Apartheid

  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is moving quickly to alter the political reality in Palestine, and facing little […]

It is alarming that such a large proportion of people place crime as their number one worry at a time when crime rates in Victoria have been falling.

Crime rates are falling, so why are we so worried?

 As long as the media continue to fan the flames of fear, and our politicians continue to use people’s misconceptions and fear for their own political purposes, our justice system will continue being reformed in ways that do nothing to make our community safer.

Karen Gelb

Tim Flannery


Tim Flannery grows even more shrill, claiming I'm a "predator" wanting to harm children. So what should I call a climate alarmist who misrepresents experts, misstates science, makes wild and dud predictions, urges us to waste billions and now frightens children with claims that 8 billion of us face "mass deaths"? My editorial from The Bolt Report.

Andrew Bolt asks what should you call someone who ignores experts, not only misstates science but calls it just another religion, makes dud and wild statements like the "Earth is really cooling" and conservative politicians and industrialists are the wise men and true progressives. Urges the worlds biggest industries to continue to lay waste deforesting and polluting the planet and threatening children to shut up or else they'd be locked away. Well, you'd call him Andrew Bolt a privileged Murdochian twat and a nobody.  Name-calling from a Murdochian Prince playing whack-a-mole what a surprise.

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Well, well, well. So it was deliberate. The authors of an article claiming that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a women when he was at university say the New York Times removed from their draft a critical paragraph saying the woman has no memory of any such thing. This is red hot. 
One only need ask why Bolt pumps for the story of "authors" unnamed here over and above the New York Times. It seems for no reason other than they contradict a single aspect of the NYT story. Not the details of what happened on campus and at the time. The fact that the woman wasn't traumatised has no bearing on the truth, or she even brushed it off years later. Whether the woman has or had no memory of an event that others have said happened doesn't escape the fact that Kavanaugh isn't fit for office. He was the one that lied. Bolt tries to brush that fact aside if he's suggesting it didn't happen. Remember Bolt's the author of his own Urban Myth "I was employed as a minder of a belly dancer" is his attempted claim to fame.

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