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A More Monumental Problem

The average student at a state school in Victoria had $13,663 spent on their education in 2018, compared with $16,303 per Catholic school student and $25,000 for a student at an independent school.

Private school funding grows 15 times faster than state school funding

Funding for students at Catholic and independent schools in Victoria has grown almost 15 times faster than it has for state schools in the past decade, analysis shows.
 Analysis of 10 years of school funding data reveals the total amount spent on each child in a state school grew by $178 between 2009 and 2018, compared with a $2333 increase for each Catholic school student and $2612 for students at independent schools.
  • by Adam Carey


Australians in Trump's America

'I can be heard screaming': Ch7 reporter testifies about being struck by police during BLM protest 

Seven News correspondent Amelia Brace tells a US congressional committee investigating police actions how she and a colleague were shot and beaten by officers while covering a Black Lives Matter protest in Washington.

Arts Rescue Package Equates To $500 Per Arts Worker, Or $25k If They Also Renovate Their Bathroom

Melburnians worried about being denied entry to NSW told to just get on a cruise ship and say their name is Ruby Princess

John Howard defends Dyson Heydon appointment: “He is one of the most intelligent, articulate and well-read sex offenders I know”



Is the ABC's Rafael Epstein dishonest? Unable to read? Too blinded by his ABC-style Leftism to comprehend basic English? His defence of Daniel Andrews from the criticisms of  "the Right" makes me wonder.
4h ago 
Personal attack by Andrew Bolt idiot but in no way, savant admits his ignorance by "wondering why?" A comparison between the two broadcasters shows Epstein has won 2x Wakely awards Bolt no awards whatsoever unless convictions for fake and vilifying comments count. Epstein is on radio Bolt has been removed from the medium. Epstein runs Podcasts that are listened to Bolt surrendered to his as he had no audience. I doubt I need go further. Other than yesterday Bolt was acting as an apologist for Donald Trump who posted a video of his supporters on Twitter yelling "White Power" which Andrew Bolt suggested wasn't really an insult to anyone.


Michael Shellenberger, prize-winning green auther, had this apology censored by Forbes: "On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world." Read it here while you can.  
Who is Michael Shellenberger 1) He's not a Scientist 2) Michael Shellenberger is a nuclear salesman posing as a new generation environmentalist with unsubstantiated energy "solutions", writes Noel Wauchope.
 He says:
"The reality is the death toll from Chernobyl in 1986, after 20 years, is less than 200 people."
As we have come to expect from The Australian and from Michael Shellenberger, no references are given to back up these statements.
Also unsurprisingly, The Australian quotes Shellenberger’s conclusion without comment:
"Nuclear is the only technology that can lift everyone out of poverty and reverse human ­impact."
As often happens, this article is followed by numerous positive comments, often glowing with praise, if somewhat lacking in information or insight. There were no negative comments. But then, only registered readers of The Australian are allowed to make comments. It is tiring but necessary to refute bald claims made by very manipulative nuclear spruikers.


The Victorian Labour Government made three astonishingly stupid mistakes - and now is battling a serious outbreak of the coronavirus. It was tough on doing useless things like banning golf, but weak on what really matters. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
Bolt's main argument has always been " lockdown has been an overreach" now apparently it never went far enough the problem as far as Bolt is concerned is, in fact, a debate about Management of a pandemic and he keeps apologising for Trump as if Trump was a misunderstood progressive and Dan Andrews was an idiot. I do believe Australians don't regard Dan Andrews the idiot. They are left to make up their minds between Trump and Bolt. The domestic award will go to Bolt but the biggest prize to the man he favours. 

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