Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 3/6/20 Australian police officer slams Indigenous teen to pavement during arres... We can't breathe, Tray John in USA


I can't breathe is it any wonder it's been 400 years in the US and 200 years here and still fuckwits like Andrew Bolt keep saying "give justice a chance"? His tune was significantly different when it was George Pell.


Tray John

This is a professor, who has the tools to articulate how this encounter affected him. He also has the age and wisdom that allowed for him to maintain his composure and not lose his life. Now, imagine a YOUNG Black person, who is not equipped with either.
"This is what I wore to work today

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Fake News


ABC presenters are pouring petrol on Australia by peddling wildly exaggerated claims on Aboriginal deaths in custody and hailing "our own" George Floyd. How utterly, utterly reckless. And false. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
1h ago 
 Dungay is one of at least 432 Aboriginal deaths in custody since the royal commission in 1991, the Guardian’s latest analysis shows. There have been at least five deaths since Guardian Australia updated its Deaths Inside project in August 2019, two of which have resulted in murder charges being laid.( The Guardian)

Andrew Bolt is the face of Fox News and Murdoch in Australia. Our ABC doesn't "invite race war to Australia". Race war is here and has been here for 200 years. 431 deaths in custody since the last Poyal Commission Bolt says is wildly exaggerated to draw people in and subscribe to his denial and fake news. However, when examined Indigenous Australians are only 3% of the population.  So if all things were equal one could expect thousands upon thousands of white people to have died in custody too. Not the case. Indigenous Australians, not Indigenous peoples worldwide are the exception. They are also the most incarcerated people on the planet per head of population 27% of those held and not just the most Indigenous peoples. All this is exaggerated according to the Dutchman.
 Bolt's not Australian he's a Dutchman and shows his colours in his inability to face any historic truths, The Dutch hid what they did to their Jewish pop during WW2 for 40 years. They presented themselves as heroes and taught as much in their schools. Yes, it took 40 years but Israeli statistical investigations showed Dutch history was bullshit. The Dutch had killed or transported to the labor camps 80% of their Jewish population. They killed more Jews than the Germans and all was hidden for 40 years. Even today people like Andrew Bolt whose origins are Aalsmeer the most notorious Dutch town for killing and transporting innocent people will try to say it's exaggerated. Here is Andrew Bolt true to form declaring the ABC liars when they are reporting statistical fact and no accusing Indigenous Australians as simply "exaggerating".   


Janet Albrechtsen on another moralising hypocrite: "David Williamson... denounced international travel as a climate travesty, and in the next breath recounted his planned trip to Germany to retrace Johann Sebastian Bach’s life, followed by a few weeks in Provence to enjoy lazy days with friends."
2h ago
  The Global Science of Climate Change is a macro study of the planet. Just as is lung Cancer is an epidemiological one. A  probability of connection between Lung Cancer and smoking has been declared found and of course, denied by those profiting from tobacco. In much the same way ac connection between the rise of CO2 in the planets atmosphere and the warming of the planet has been found and denied by the fossil fuel industries.
 Some people try denying science all together Bolt's tried. He's called it a religion, opinion largely because what he said in the past has been proved false the planet isn't cooling. So in a corner they have since backed off that approach although Bolt has somewhat but nowhere to go has deemed Climate Change a religion. 
However, more energy goes into attacking the man. Those that promote the notion. David Williamson being one. Ignoring the science altogether and attacking Williamson is akin to attacking a scientist who declares smoking causes lung cancer but still smokes a fraud. It takes someone with the IQ of a brick to suggest you can't do both and if you do then the science is wrong. One is a micro event the other a macro event and Bolt seems to demand a perfect symmetry between both. It's not new but it seems Bolt can't find anything better argument or anything to call news and subscription.

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