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Fighting Fake News with REAL 12/9/20; Morrison and Murdoch don't Social Distance;

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Louise Milligan @Milliganreports @Millig Did I just hear Peter Dutton say on the wireless that strict application of border rules was having a negative impact on people's mental health? mean yes, it is, but, um... 8:08 am 11 Sep. 20 Twitter for iPhone 961 Retweets and comments 4,823 Likes'

Morrison owes Murdoch. This proposed industry code kills two birds with one stone. It pays back Murdoch and ensures a Coalition friendly media.
Couple this with locking the ABC out it's the equivalent of Morroson doing  an assassination using Novochock and then saying "how terrible who did it?

Morrison and Murdoch take on Google and Facebook

Trump has turned a disturbed right-wing murderer into a righteous defender of public law and order and they have turned on to the history of his victims to justify the murder. According to Trump, this very fine man was simply doing his duty for America as were the Proud Boys the Bugaloo and the Patriot's Pray all very fine people to be sure. At the same time, this tactic they use is totally condemned when the Chinese run a face recognition program and give citizens social +/- credits. Aren't they just doing what they are condemning? (ODT)

What’s True and False About Kyle Rittenhouse’s Alleged Victims

Fans of the 17-year-old, charged in a double killing, launched an online campaign to smear the reputations of his victims.


Kevin Rudd
Looking at today's Murdoch media, I wonder if there might just happen to be a QLD state election coming soon. Let’s not forget the #CourierFail campaigned relentlessly for the LNP in 2017, 2015, 2012, 2009...And delivered us Campbell Newman

Scroto Moronson has never been further away from what a real leader is than at this press conference.
 Image may contain: text that says 'The Screw'd Report @auspollielagger Morrison presser: blah blah.. Vic government bad... blah blah... not our fault... Andrews presser when asked if the PM should extend Jobkeeper for Vic: 'I don't think it's the right approach to lobby the Federal government from this podium" Only one is a leader. 12:55 pm 07 Sep. 20 Twitter for Android'

Morrison was never further away from what a real leader is than at his presser today (I know that seems unbelievable given how he behaves on a daily basis but stay with me).

After watching Andrews refuse to be drawn into a political attack on Morrison at his press conference, the ABC cut over to Morrison outside Parliament House. Yes, his tiny ego was again on display as out of the 23 other hours available to him he had to pick the one in close proximity to Andrews. This was an opportunity for him to at least pretend to be a PM ... to put aside the petty, hypocritical, dog whistling that we have all become accustomed to and actually lead. But of course it wasn't to be.

At every opportunity he laid the boot into Andrews and Victoria. He even had an 'after everything I've done for you' moment that would have made the most passive aggressive over bearing parent proud. I have heard some self serving drivel come out of him and his front bench but I think this may have topped it all. When the journo's questions veered away from Victoria he actually brought them right back. It wasn't even a little subtle as he stated 'I think we are going to stay with the health of Victorians today'. The only way he could have made his agenda any more obvious would have been a big sign behind him saying 'only questions that allow me to be provide divisive answers about Dan Andrews permitted'.
As I watched this I thought about a conversation I had the day before. This person, who I have known for many years, referred to 'Dictator Dan' and told me how pretty well the whole pandemic was Andrews' fault. Of course I attempted to counter the statements with facts but will admit to displaying a fair amount of frustration with the very Trumpian definition of leadership that he seemed to hold true. He and others are sucked in by the one screaming the loudest and being the most obnoxious. Even LNP leaders of old would be rolling around in their graves listening to the current #parttimePM.
Leadership isn't about never making a mistake, it's about how you address any that arise. It is not having slick answers but speaking honestly and authentically. A real leader inspires others and sets the example to follow. They don't bully, intimidate or act superior. Leadership is not taking the easy path when the hard road is what is required. And more than anything else, a real leader does not try to make others look or feel small so that they feel bigger. Andrews is a real leader. Morrison is not. Morrison is the anti-leader, and if a global pandemic wasn't able to turn that around and get him to rise to the occasion, clearly nothing will. This seems like a no-brainer yet it is clear many do not agree and I just don't get it!



Reader S: "My seven-year-old daughter was in tears over lockdown this morning. She’s frustrated and sick of everything. She asked me, 'how can I change this?'. This is the letter Emily wrote to Premier Dan Andrews. Meanwhile, Andrews is paying people $2000 to say his bans are great. Check out the script and request to cast minorities. 17m ago 

Sensationalising press banners phishing for subscriptions is as devious as one can get by the tabloid press and yes Andrew Bolt is following orders.Press porn would have greter success.



It is quite astonishing - frightening - what Victoria has become. Today the Andrews Government's riot police were deployed against people sitting in the sun,  deliberately defying the regime's draconian stay-home laws. W0uldn't the police do more good if they helped to track the infectious and make sure the infected stayed home?
1h ago 
How do you retrain a police force overnight? No advice from Bolt! He certainly wasn't heard to complain when Saulsbury in the UK was shut down because of the Russian Novochok poisonings if that were the case now would he be so vocal? Yet Covid is deadly and contagious not like the common flu Bolt claims it is like Trump did.

Public health is just that it's not Private Health John Howard certainly made it seem as if it were and as a result, we have an Aged Care  System that doesn't function and couldn't cope because it ran on the smell of an oil rag and was cottupt. Even now they are charging patients fees when the are in public hospitals and no longer in their care. 
Why is Bolt calling for actions we know have failed around the world and that the greatest failure is being witnessed in the country he seems to admire the most the USA. 200,000 voluntary deaths my arse they are involuntary and can be traced to Trump's inaction and Bolt bullshit.
 We know the stricter the suppression the faster the success we saw that in China with a pop of over 1 billion their economy isn't in recession and Covid is non existent. But Bolt doesn't like to make comparisons of data and trends just anecdotes are what he uses.


The virus panic started with false claims that the virus would kill 3.4 per cent of the sick, would kill at least 50,000 Australians and would overwhelm ICU beds here by 30,000 patients a day. Professor Emma McBryde spotted the maths error in that ICU prediction but was made to pay for it. Now she says cutting her arm off would have hurt less.
3h ago 
So modelling and errors are a part of science what is the point Bolt's trying to make? Speculation faith and politics are better? Tobacco Companies and Oil Companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to cast doubt to harm science and paid media companies generously to spread it. Nothing has changed.


Victoria's Chief Health Officer explains how sheer incompetence let the virus kill hundreds. The new upgrade of tracing technology  “should have been part and parcel of our response for years... We still get notified of cases by fax... The turnaround time for test results has been challenged.” It could take a week to tell people they were sick.
3h ago
That's Capitalism don't spend on any unnecessary long term costs. Don't look over the horizon or save for a rainy day it reduces profits. Except when ordering defence equipment like subs, jets, and other things that only get used for politicking. Bolt was full behind defence investment but totally against Climate Change. He is against spending on this pandemic. Did anyone hear him complain about Morrisons App?


Victoria's police chief explains why police didn't arrest Black Lives Matter protesters but handcuff anti-lockdown protesters - even a pregnant mum in her pyjamas. The difference, he says, is Black Lives Matter protesters threaten violence. Which proves the violent Left has more rights than peaceful conservatives. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
2h ago
The fact is "peaceful conservatives" globally aren't that peaceful and tend to have committed greater and more frequent acts of domestic terror than the left. Bombings in Melbourne serial murders all those things John Sylvester writes about tend to be committed by "Bolters" he gives them the legitimacy they crave he inspires and incites violence of the kind we saw in Christchurch. Sky News had to be shut down because they saw money in it. 
Maybe Bolt should be charged for inciting people to break the Public Health Laws. If he was we know it would sell papers and subscriptions to the educated left and right.

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