Saturday, 12 September 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 13/9/20 Stop Complaining about Dan. We could be Chile or the USA. Why is Morrison doing the Trump and dividing us? News Corp is trying to divide and make us American

Hola Melbourne, think the coronavirus lockdown is tough? Spare a thought for Chile 

As Melbourne faces at least two more weeks of stage 4 restrictions, other nations have longer, harsher measures, including Chile, where many residents have lived in lockdown for six months. Their message to Melbourne: stay strong.

As the US COVID-19 death toll reaches 200,000, Americans are trapped in a spiral of magical thinking 

Coronavirus left Americans without a single shared experience  Instead, they're entering the eighth month of an emergency, leaving little choice but to habituate to the horror.

 A quarter of adults believe a conspiracy theory that the pandemic was a planned political scheme and, as such, is not worth taking seriously.

 Roughly a third believe that the official death count is falsely inflated, even while the Centers for Disease Control say the count is actually six to 24 times too low in certain regions.

Other Americans give in to an all-or-nothing mindset, arguing, for example, that masks should not be worn because they alone can't stop the spread or that there's no possible middle ground between freedom and lockdown.

 And not far removed from this thinking is the idea that fear is not warranted because the virus will go away soon — that there's a silver bullet just around the corner.


Scott Morrison is taking a risk by attacking Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Morrison can continue to divide and occasionally conquer but he'll miss his big opportunity

Sean Kell
If he likes, Morrison can continue play-acting his role as the greatest premier the country never had, dividing and occasionally conquering. Those who support him already will cheer him on. But he is the Prime Minister, governing at a time of almost unprecedented national crisis. It will be terribly sad if he misses his opportunity to lead us all.

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