Monday, 11 January 2021

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Trump's legacy: A global fascist movementDonald Trump’s base has become increasingly radical and violent and the expansion of this fascist movement will be his only lasting legacy.

Racism at the cricket and our leading politicians Shame Australia in the eyes of the rest of the World. " Unfortunate" implies the attack on the Capitol was merely a matter of bad luck,while the banning of 'free speech' by Twitter of incitement to violence a bad decision. McCormack Frydenberg and Morrison don't do Australians any justice. They certainly destroy the image of Australia as an easy going country. (ODT)

 Scott Morrison's 'distress', not condemnation of U.S. Congress attack 

Shaming Australia

If the PM does not make his allegiances clear, we must assume he supports the seditious actions of outgoing President Trump and his QAnon followers.

Donald Trump |
Coalition MP George Christensen
Members of the Coalition have hit out at Twitt
er's decision to ban Donald Trump. Do they have a point? Regardless of whether it was the right call, the decision to essentially deplatform the president speaks to the incredible power social media companies have in shaping the discourse. And the calls for greater scrutiny of that power haven’t just come from the embittered George Christensens of the world.
Why Twitter and Facebook? Murdoch Media has far greater influence on the nation particularly helping Clive Palmer to misinform a nation during an election

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