Thursday, 10 June 2021

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 Prime Minister Scott Morrison, right, with Indonesia leader Joko Widodo in Canberra last year.

Australia ‘must act’ to halt Indonesia falling under China’s sway

While high-ranking politicians from the US, UK and Asia have visited Indonesia in the last year, Australia hasn’t sent anyone - but China is strengthening links.

In 2013 America called Abbott the "pivot of the pacific" he ignored them and was a Eurocentric Anglophile preferring to concentrate on our relations with the UK, EU building our war memorials there, restoring knighthoods here,and wanting to shirtfront Putin. Nothing much has changed Morrison has done little in our region and instead has concentrated his and Australia's White Western Christian hopes and relations with other like minded ex colonial nations the US and UK on the other side of the planet.

The LNP has left us increasingly looking like South Africa once was, an outsider on the African continent, and we the outsiders in the Pacific region. We are increasing our capacity to manufacture arms saying they are for "export" and demanding we increase our own domestic and secret surveillance ability with the success of the An0m platform. We are building a stockade Australia. The racist Afrikaners fought for what they said was their god given right too and they taught the kids their short and glorious blinkered history too.  The sound of those drums beating has increased here too stronger than even the 50's and 60s that took us to invade Vietnam. It's not a great time to be colored in this country. Ask the Biloela family.

 Karen Andrews speaks at a press conference with Scott Morrison standing behind her

Minister rules out NZ or US resettlement for Biloela Tamil family

The continuing march of an Asshole PM and his government. One that has brought Australia into disrepute in the eyes of the world in the most barbaric way despite it's citizens appeals. It shows our politics doesn't serves people or humanity but only the rule to win. Morrison has drawn the line in the sand that defines who or who isn't allowed in Australia and it's solely political and allows no room for exceptional cases nor any assistance from any third parties either other than Cambodia

Tharnicaa and her sister Kopika in hospital on Christmas Island on June 6.

‘Consequences of blinking’: Minister warns about taking softer line on Biloela family

  Typical of Cash and he forthrightness she immediately blamed the children's parents for attempting to seek asylum here with their children.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash said the parents “had the children in Australia knowing the rules” and the government’s “very, very tough stance” on asylum seekers who arrived by boat.

“You do not think the people smugglers do not watch Australia each and every day? They do,” she said at a business breakfast event in Perth on Wednesday.

“We are exploring alternatives, but I believe, personally, it is the right stance because of the consequences of blinking.” 


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said he had heard first-hand from the Biloela community that they wanted the family to come home to the town.

“This family are valued members of that local community. These two girls are not a threat to Australia’s national sovereignty,” he said.

 murdoch carlson

Lachlan Murdoch gave Tucker Carlson the green light to spread “replacement theory,” and he took it

 screen grab

Former President Obama said “right-wing media venues” have stoked racism for money. Fox News is leading that efffort.

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