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The museum of lost money

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I really despair at the sense of the entitlement and the careless use of other people's money by so many people who should set the cultural tone. How does one of our second-tier museums manage to spend $270,000 on staff trips overseas in just four years?  

"I really despair at the sense of the entitlement and the careless use of other people's money by so many people who should set the cultural tone:" Ingnorant Bolt
 Bolt applauds the spending Donald Trump is about to do taking the US national debt from 85% to a predicted 110% of GNP. That's spending across the board and we are talking trillions not billions. Yet he is as miserly and a contradictory voice when it comes to our economy. Bolt conveniently omits the fact that the $270,000 was spent over 4 years. He omits the fact that the Powerhouse is the states major museum of world class standing. Andrew Bolt has taken time out to suggest that spending $70,000 on visiting other International museums  is a waste of time, not an essential educative tool for the state of NSW. We can assume from his penny pinching logic that all state run Museums are an unnecessary luxury as he said in the past the same of Universities , The Art Council and other similar Cultural institutions. However this seeming Philistine likes to promote himself as a learned person of the arts rather than a ex uni dropkick whose appreciation of Art only came about not by visiting private collections world wide but visiting public Museums and galleries worldwide. Their staff too it seems were careless with other peoples money travelling the world to improve their collections in order to educate buffoons like Andrew Bolt who then go about bragging about their expanded knowledge of the Arts. What an ignorant Bolt shows himself to be. 

Dutton was right, and Lebanese critics prove it

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The  unhinged and even threatening reaction to Peter Dutton proves he’s right to raise issues with Muslim Lebanese immigration. The real scandal is that Dutton's lesson - that Malcolm Fraser imported trouble - was not learned earlier  
Column 24 Nov 
Here we have the idiot child trying his best to support as legitimate the statistics his mate Immigration Minister Dutton used to prove Lebanese refugees resettled in 70s were a major problem  Australia wide why? Because 22 of 33  of people charged and not convicted are  their children or grand children. 22 of a population of over 250,000 . 228,000 non offenders or 99.009% regarded as insignificant and successful statistic. That this aberration hasn't even been considered  as proof of the consequence  of  the Cronulla riots that were started by the likes of white supremacists and vilifiers of  Lebanese Muslims on 2GB and further reported and continued by people like Andrew Bolt  is testament as to why we need Section 18C because events like Cronulla weren't a call to a conversation they were a call to arms.
These vilifying comments stereotyping 600,000 Lebanese were being made by Peter Dutton who as a Qld police officer served in the  Qld police force in lead by Commissioner Terry Lewis who served 11 years in jail for corruption.  Logic dictates that applying Dutton's stimatization  to himself he too like Lewis has no place being in government let alone a minister.
 Channel Seven's Kay McGrath interviews Terry Lewis. 
 Bolt does the same with the South Sudanese in Melbourne and stigmatizes well over 5000 people Australia wide. It wasn't long ago his stereotyping was of all black Africans. He seems to have on legal advice set aside that racial descriptive for now. It far too close and too white supremacist for this man in suit and tie to be seen for what he is. The media's extreme right wing conservative simply using identity politics to push a convenient immoral campaign tactic for political advantage knowing it will be published in the Courier Mail in Qld , Broadcast on Sky and the Steve Price Show in order to try to effect the forthcoming Qld elections. The Liberals certainly don't want Pauline Hanson stealing more ground from them so they have taken up her racist position. None of this has anything to do with critcs it's all to do with gutter politics without care for the harm it causes to people.

 Bolt's is happy to do away with Democracy or declare it legal a legal right only within within strict and narrow confines. No freedom of religion  unless  approved  like Scientology. No cultural freedoms unless approved by a plebiscite of adults schooled here. No reconsidering or the re writing of history that might disturb the current economic structures. If people are found to be outside the Bolt prescribed norms they are to be declared mutants and sentenced to re-education programs if citizens or deported if not. Being black, Asian or Tan is an instant sign of harboring mutant tendencies.Why Dutton's crime statistics don't tell the whole story



Dutton haters are what they condemn

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If I understand Peter Dutton's critics, they're arguing two things. 1: He shouldn't say bringing in Muslim Lebanese Australians exposed us to danger because some could kill us. 2: He raised tensions by allowing critics to falsely claim he said all  Muslim Lebanese Australians were mad or bad, and his racist government hates them.  

24 Nov Here's Bolt  taking the substance out of the argument and playing with rhetoric to save Dutton.  Dutton did say 22/33 being held on not convicted of terrorist charges is a statistic that's significant and proves Fraser was wrong to bring Lebanese Muslims into the country no some not that stronger vetting was needed but wrong to bring that cohort into the country. Implication 3 generations of Lebanese Muslims ought not be here. Bolt does the same with "black" Africans and recently South Sudanese. Not some but all. He sings a softer tune on the Bolt Report and 2GB but his writing is clear. Reversing the argument is simply an act of childish flipping

Government departure tax defeated

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The Turnbull Government's planned  $5 departure tax hike has been blocked by the Senate, on a day when it was boasting how it could get things done. Oddly, the tax was stopped because Pauline Hanson and another One Nation senator, Brian Burston, missed the vote, either accidentally or on purpose. Bad look for all.
 Is it any wonder Andrew Bolt's banner reads as if Turnbull was at fault rather than One Nations lack of attention.? It's what happens to Conservative Minority governments who rely on coalitions to win. Tony Abbott's governmeny passed the least number of Bills since the the 1970s and almost broke John Gorton's record. Strange isn't it Julia Gillard set a record rate of passing Bills 100 more than Abbott. She too lead a minority government but needless to say she was a supremely better negotiator than Tony Abbott.


Hastie on Trump: conservatives beware

Hastie on Trump: conservatives beware

We've been laughing at the Left's distress but Liberal MP Andrew Hastie is right to warn:  Donald Trump's win has devastated the Left but is also a warning to conservatives.  He's not our kind of guy.
24 Nov ""Hastie is exactly right to note that Trump is actually a populist - not a conviction politician. He is very likely to sell out what conservatives value, and in his person does not represent any conservative ideals.
That said, his message and his tactics in the campaign are much closer to conservative values than to those of the Left. A very cautious optimism is appropriate - as is a touch of the Trump transactional approach. Support Trump as long as - and only when - he advances our causes." Bolt

Andrew Bolt is little more than a thong and not the one he dreams of being. He's one of the flip flop kind and lower than your foot. An Australian flip flopper said about Trump :

THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. It’s why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power." Bolt.
— Herald Sun, 12 October, 2016
Having said that Bolt went on to applaud and normalize Trump for his clever campaign tactics that brought him into the conservative fold. Go back the past week and see where Bolt actually declares Trump dangerous you won't find a thing. Bolt became Hannity down under. Here he is jumping on Hastie's wagon and declaring Trump dangerous an unknown quantity not to be trusted or held too close. How would you like Bolt as your neighbor your parent he's as twisted as Peter Foster no as Donald Trump they'll all say anything to screw you.
It must be noted just how interested Tony Abbott seems in listening to Hastie. The photo posted by Andrew Bolt.


ABC's anti-Trump protest enters third week

 Now That The Trump Foundation Has Admitted To Illegal Activity, Will Fox News Still Ignore President-Elect’s Self-Dealing?

The ABC, furious at Donald Trump's win, has run a non-stop campaign since to show that Trump will be a disaster, Trump is an idiot, Trump is stuffing up already, etc etc etc. This is not reporting but staging a tantrum. Today it starts again with Fran Kelly.
24 Nov The Clinton Foundation hasn't been found in anyway fraudulent but
.Now That The Trump Foundation Has Admitted To Illegal Activity, Will Fox News Still Ignore President-Elect’s Self-Dealing?
Bolt has made it clear what he thought of Trump the man. That man hasn't changed

THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. It’s why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power." Bolt.
— Herald Sun, 12 October, 2016
Bolt has avoided saying that The Trump Foundation has publicly admitted to the illegal activity  of self-dealing and conflict of Interest. That Trump not President says he's immune to and on which Andrew Bolt keeps silent. Revealing this is what Bolt calls the ABCs Anti- Trump protest revealing and reporting the NEWSDonald Trump Basically Says Conflicts Of Interest Aren’t Illegal If The President Has Them
What will be more interesting is if we enter agreements with the acknowledged fraudulent Trump Foundation. Bolt didn't bother to even show he was curious.How President Trump could use the White House to enrich himself and his family




Times whines, as media spins Trump's warming "softening"

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The pomposity and  glass jaw of the New York Times -  symbolic of so many journalists today - is in full display in this paragraph: "So here we are, in a boardroom at The New York Times, ... sitting around a giant wooden table with the president elect, posing questions to a man who has mocked, maligned and threatened us for the past two years."
24 Nov Here is Bolt the thong the flip flopper celebrating Bolt again when he himself today said he was possibly dangerous. "But reality check. Who has been mocking and maligning whom? Trump merely returned fire, and the Times seem astonished at getting back exactly what it handed out."

" THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. It’s why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power." Bolt. 

What would have Trump made of Andrew Bolt  had he been as noisy in the US as he is here. He would have crushed him like the cockroach he is. But then Bolt would have put his Hannity face on there.

Andrews Government demands CFA pay union $2m

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There is something deeply disturbing - even disgusting - about the way the Andrews Government is destroying the Country Fire Authority to please its hard-Left union mates in the firefighter's union. The Government's demand that the volunteers hand over $2 million to the union must surely be the last straw.

When the whole of the Labor force is professionalizing upgrading itself to minimize future long term and increasing costs Andrew Bolt is calling for dad's army to protect Victoria and continue to lead the state in starting bush fires. We have seen what happens when governments just plod on year in year out doing little or nothing and amateur pops up like Trump. Rationalizing fire fighting in the State is a necessity best left to professionals. Those with good intent like Abbott often are seen to fallover
 "The union had run up the huge bills in a legal dispute with the Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Brigade during the Coalition’s period in office." The UFU simply wants costs for a case won.

ABC's Flip admits just what we knew

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Flip Prior, working in "news and strategy" for the ABC, confirms that this massive state broadcaster has been hijacked. It is not into reporting but crusading, as Prior herself cheerfully agrees:
24 Nov "Would Flip love to have me working with her at the ABC?" Bolt Absolutely you'd be more than welcome Andrew Bolt . Unlike Newscorp the ABC is a broad church. It's why you were excited working on the "Insiders" a show you now bag. You bag everything and call that asking the hard questions isn't that what the ABC does? You however don't do it out of principle or any need for facts or research but do it simply for a side. It's why Newscorp doesn't even pretend to be balanced. Flip Prior also said ". Full of ethical journalists driven by desire for social justice. Weird to read warped criticism of their work." Ethical journalism is an oxymoron as far Bolt's concerned. Ethical is a foreign word and not  in Bolt's lexicon and I'm quoting a judge on that.

Labor's Butler sued for smearing students

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Labor frontbencher Terri Butler proved on the ABC that merely to be accused under the Racial Discrimination Act is enough to convince people like her that even innocent students are racists. But now Butler is being sued for repeating that lazy smear that a wicked law encourages.
24 Nov 
Yes on any other day trivializing the law would be seen as a left wing prank. Here it's a feeble attempt to prove reverse racism extists. It's a bit like Bolt saying he was dealt unfairly by a leftist judge. Or the vicious  dog attacked me because I was kicking it. The tactic being applied by the conservatives here is not even amusing Reverse Racism does not exist. As for Butler she has every reason to believe this is and intentional set up given The Australian  is so involved in the proceedings. Andrew Bolt seems aware of what Butler only knows to be a rumor. It seems even the HRC has no knowledge of a complaint but then that would be private wouldn't it.
  Free Speech Poster Boy Now Reportedly Suing Female MP For Defamation


'Hypocritical': Labor frontbencher sued over 'racist smear' on Q&A



Wilders persecuted again

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The Dutch, like Australians, used to pride themselves on speaking frankly. Can voters really accept this latest persecution of Geert Wilders? Is free speech - and on a topic of such vital importance - really so dead in Holland that he's once again dragged through the courts?
Free speech 24 Nov Bolt believes he is Wilders the misunderstood saint being dragged to the cross. They do believe they are members of the elect. This case has been going to happen for such a long time it's almost forgotten. Bolt will however milk it for what it's worth. However is he still more attached to Holland than he is Australia he said he was  for over 30 years. If so what right has he to tell us what to do. That's the argument he runs against all Australians he deems outsiders.

FitzSimons calls black official "gorilla". No Goodes-style outrage?

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Peter FitzSimons said the cops should have been called when a 13-year-old in a crowd called Adam Goodes, an Aboriginal player, an "ape". Will the cops be called now that the 55-year-old FitzSimons on national television calls a black South African sports official a "gorilla"?
24 Nov'"To be fair, he did quickly realise his blunder and was at great pains to explain that “in Australia” the word “gorilla” refers to a security guard and is not at all a racial slur. " A qualification you need to search for in this bit like Bert Newton saying to Ali "I love the boy" we understood Bert Ali didn't. The cases are not the same but Bolt pretends what he and the girl said are. No cultural differences  hey Bolt you claim to be the expert. 




Liberals "win" by undermining super

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A selfie by Bolt

Cheerleader Niki Savva complains that the Turnbull Government isn't getting  credit for successes, like getting its extra superannuation taxes through Parliament this week. Jennifer Hewitt explains just why no one should  cheer  a tax grab that dangerously undermines confidence in super.
24 Nov Proof of one thing only Andrew Bolt isn't a Liberal but then he's a flip flopping on again off again Trump supporter in other words he really has no principles and like Trump and Clive Palmer simply a self interested man wh waits to just see what the day brings.


Savva confirms: Turnbull considering same-sex marriage sell-out

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From the start I have warned that Malcolm Turnbull will want to get politicians to vote for same-sex marriage once his people's vote was blocked. Now his main cheerleader, Niki Savva, whose husband works for Turnbull, confirms it.
24 Nov It's what we've grown accustomed too among those calling themselves Liberals in fighting and back stabbing of the Bolt kind even if on the party outside he only represents a particular few on the inside. No cohesiveness no flexibility allowed no "we" only "me" the foundation on which fear is built declaring minorities in their mind mutants to be controlled unless they infect the host as defined by Bolt. Apart from that he hates Nikki Savva just another victim of Bolt's many hates.

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