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Andrew Bolt's Blog,28/3/18; Bad policies well Abbott was minimalist in passing policies; Renewables generated more power than brown coal this summer; Posturing is leadership to Bolt; There was no Team just a group of self -seeking individuals with power flowing from the top down;

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Tax cut hopes for the "rich and wealthy" fade because the chances of selling this Trojan Horse a lemon of a policy has become self-evident. Compared with other OECD countries Australia is failing in both job and income growth. Unemployment has not been reduced no matter what Turnbull is saying about jobs and over 30% of companies have not faced their obligations to the nation's economy why?. The ATO has been very active collecting individual taxes but being a total laggard on company tax. Remember Abbott sacked 3,500 of the ATO's most experienced company tax experts and allowed companies to strike deals and declare what they were willing to pay. Yes and now this government running a donor-supported policy
Labor's promise to repeal it seems only effective if and when the promise the public consider it a lemon and it seems Bolt does. Abbott certainly couldn't get it passed as he couldn't get any bills past almost breaking Gorton's record of failure. Abbott was simply either retracting promises or in constant opposition. He needed to create an atmosphere of war and panic to get the job and the illusion he was fixing it when he wasn't. He was simply following the donor agenda of the IPA assisted by Murdoch media. The fact that Turnbull and Murdoch don't like each other has helped Labor.
Is it any surprise that Abbott has declared the obvious a come back as opposition leader after the next election for yet another 6 years. Is it any wonder he's announced it at Pauline Hanson's book launch the woman who knows it was Abbott who had her jailed. Of course, hopes don't get policies passed good policies get policies passed and of course the numbers.
 A Fact conveniently not mentioned by Bolt
The leaders of Australia's largest companies have failed to sign on to a Business Council of Australia compact committing them to paying tax and providing greater transparency, leaked documents have revealed.
The secret vow, which has emerged in the midst of the business blitz on the Senate crossbench to pass the Turnbull government's company tax cuts, would bind the likes of Qantas, Fortescue and BHP to "pay our tax and show our commitment by signing the ATO's tax transparency standard."
It comes a day after the BCA launched a national campaign to restore "faith and trust" in business and a week after it committed to "investing more in Australia," in a shorter pledge to convince the Senate to pass the cuts from 30 to 25 cents in the dollar.

via Secret BCA commitment to Senate shows members have not committed to paying tax

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A shock to greens who think electricity just comes from switches on walls: "Electric vehicles pose a threat to national power networks as next-generation cars with bigger batteries multiply household electricity demand... New Zealand’s biggest energy distributor, Vector, warned ...  a “rapid” 50kW charger would add the equivalent of 20 homes."  


Alarmism doesn't this singular opinion of Bolt's scream that the fact that the whole of science, engineering and investment are wrong and all are just living a cryptocurrency con. That's all Bolt's got. China is about to flood the world with green cars that he can't are worse than fossil fuel cars but are worse than 20 homes. It's as if there wasn't a parallel transition into green energy homes going on as well along with the transition of energy producers turning green to meet the demand. Doesn't Bolt live in a demand and supply economy? Hasn't he noticed the world is transitioning to everything green no matter the hurdles put in front of them the avalanche can't be stopped no matter how many times Bolt cries, Wolf? Time has caught up and walked all over him he will soon become an echo of the past

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 Andrew Bolt the media's most prolific "cherry picker the user of the most carefully selected evidence when it comes to debating and the use of facts has his gifted bullhorn in hand and accuses Julia Baird of what he excels in the most. Domestic abuse Bolt targets Indigenous Australians as the world's worst but fails to mention they are Christians. He targets  Sudanese youth as the most violent gangs in Victoria but fails to mention they are Christians too. He does much the same with Pacific Islanders  failing to mention you just might find them at a Hillsong song meeting. Bolt simply ignores that these people are in fact practising Christians more so than the white Christians he alludes toas Australia's role models. The one thing they do have incommon however is they are colored. Isn't that a coincidence? Bolt is factuall and statistically illiterate
 Australia's practising white Christians are a seriously shrinking number yet committ crimes that do more harm than any other group in the community. Not only that but their members are the most wealthiest and institutionally recognized in the community. Religious and secular institutions that deal directly with children stand out. Women's refuges stand witness to crimes comitted in the family as does the Family Court. Bolt however doesn't refer to that evidence only that provided by the  the criminal justice system. Which starngely enough has been only today acknowledged in a report as totally biased when dealing with Australian Indigenous peoples. Now that's a link Bolt doesn't provide and here he is accusing Baird of ommission.
Australia justice system overhaul needed to address indigenous incarceration: Inquiry - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The  challenge for Bolt is to deny that he singles out colored evangelical Christian as the most dysfunctional groups in Australia. I might add it's no coincidence that he singles out the Lebanese in Australia too of which the majority are Christian too. He seems leave out the Italians, Greeks who have had  a history of criminal violence but not talked about as much by him these days. Don't let his smoke get in your eyes. The ABC is more trusted and has more integrity than Bolt by a country mile.

Wow, Kennet resigns a board position because of a Labour error of judgement. It's a bit like a spectator left the game of cricket the only thing is in politics the game is not forfeited it continues so Kennet's action has done nothing other than drawn attention to Kennet. Andrew has fixed the "error" as did Abbott with all his broken promises and the money paid back for rorting expense accounts. Kennett didn't do anything then so now it seems it's nothing more than an attention seeking gesture little more. "So, what happens if a person robs a convenience store, a bank, or steals from a client, is caught and repays the money? Will our government say that is fine and no further penalty need be imposed?...Kennett and Bolt. That folk is exactly what Abbott did and with Bolt's support
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No mention of Australian Culture today is there and how Bolt doesn't barrack for the Australian team because of "how they play the game" No mention of the fact that Lehman tried to help cover the cheat when he saw what was happening. He didn't stand up and cry foul, did he? In fact, his silence is deafening.

This is the model of Bolt's idea of a "team" just a group of self-interested individuals no real "we" reduced to only "me" It's the perfect example of what happens in the Capitalism Bolt so admires. It's now only a matter of aligning self-interest with those in power and who will be left standing. Punishment will be meted out in a show of it's "fixed" but nothing essentially will have been. Would this have happened if the ACB, Players, and a future fund actually had equal shares in the game would winning at all costs be such an individual must?


Julian Burnside fancies himself as a "human rights" lawyer. Apparently, that licences him to be utterly vicious and deceptive. He now tweets a picture of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton as a Nazi, and says "take this seriously". He also misquotes and totally misrepresents him. 

Andrew Bolt's definition of vicious and deceptive is to protest vicious and deceptive does that make sense. It appears Human Rights is best served in Australia to be singularly different to other countries and have no Human Rights Bill whatsoever. That way governments can sign and break agreements without being vicious or deceptive as Peter Dutton is doing calling  Asylum Seekers illegals and punishing children because they to have been called illegals. Isn't that what the Nazis did to Jews declared them illegal and sent them to concentration camps?
Communication with them was on the same level as with Peter Dutton is "dead" he's not listening.
Here's Bolt's lie "Not even a breath of a suggestion that Dutton thought that us and our rights were dead to him." Our rights are by a global agreement provided to asylum seekers which we as a nation signed and Dutton totally ignores as if it never happened. The rest is Bolt reduces to name calling simply because he has space and mind to do it.
Bertrand Russell, by the way, made no reference to International Law on Human Rights to which we are a signatory when he said:" Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power."
As for CS Lewis Christian apologist logic and reason gave way to "faith" a faith that robber barons would provide the trickle down of some kindness to the poor beneath them totally unlike what Dutton or Bolt want shown to those they have branded illegals children included.

McCrann and cluelessness they are definitely a partnership. Forgotten are the shirtfronting, Canadia and 28 seconds of dumb silent PM in a TV interview who did become an internationally famous laughing stock. Totally forgotten he is when he begins to stand Turnbull next to Smith. Forgotten is Boomgate surely that amount of forgetfulness is sufficient to suggest McCrann is older than he looks. Somehow he and Bolt seem to think the negative Newspoll is going to be their Xmas Santa and the Easter Bunny wrapped up in one. It's Monty Pythonesque really isn't it?
 A PAYWALL to nowhere just a false promise.
 There's a lot of name-calling in today's blog and when Bolt runs out of breath he sends in his assist McCrann and it continues. There is one more drowning attempt to tell us Climate Science is wrong that clean powered cars are worse than 20 homes and we've always agreed but far less pollutant than anything powered by coal. But no Bolt says because the batteries are bigger and can store more "Clean Energy". Somehow the storage of more clean energy and its demand is the danger. He overlooked the fact that all Power generators are transitioning away from coal too. In fact, this summer renewables produced more electricity than brown coal oops, Bolt missed that.
Oh Yes, Kennett is his new hero but no mention he wants to be President of the Liberal Party in a push to see "Kroger who?" out. You know Bolt's mate. Why is Bolt boosting Kennett have he and Kroger fallen out?

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