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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 12/4/18; Andrew Bolt's brought Rowan Dean in to help him mock Yassmin; Bolt is the sound of a one handed Clap; Dutton is the button pushed to boost Abbott;


The Mocker calls out the hypocrisy of Peter FitzSimons: "Peter: you go the full Voltaire when a Muslim athlete on national television condones a terrorist atrocity in the name of religion. You stay silent when the same man suggests homosexuals should be executed. But if a Christian athlete so much as sends a tweet opposing same sex marriage..."


Firstly let it be said Bolt doesn't reveal himself or the Mundine concerned so ultimately it's a post phishing for subs. Israel Filou made a public statement that deserved a public response from a fellow Christian. I'm certain if Filou were Muslim he to would deserve a response from a fellow Muslim. However the hypothetical posed here is sympathy for terror anothe question all together. Without access to the rest of the story you have to pay to read Bolt leaves a vacuum. A senationalist post by an air head that has said nothing and apologies to both Mundine and Fitzsimons for being Bolt's tools for Murdoch.

 Andrew Bolt and his son James not so long ago did an IPA podcast that mocked and disparaged the  South Sudanese Community in Dandenong who sponsored Sudanese a beauty contest. Boy did Bolt James and another young man from the IPA make a feast of it.  The three got their jollies and personal rocks off laughing at the expense of this community for even running such an event. There they were three middle-class white trash sounding however like spoilt fat arsed public schoolboys racists sponsored by the IPA who gave them their platform.The platform to make their nigga comments and not even joking just amusing themselves in public. They all revealed their Dorian Gray souls that day and what the IPA stands for
Now here is Bolt doing much the same thing with Rowan Dean on News Corp's platform Sky News. Dean is editor of the almost financially bankrupt conservative mag Spectator having a go at the young Muslim Aussie Yassmin Abdel Magied. Bolt's again seen rocking with laughter at Rowan Dean's attempted but failed satire attacking the ABC at Yassmin's expense. What we have this time is two middleaged white media men fearful of their loss of privileged attention due to a young, 28-year-old Sudanese female engineer and author who happens to believe in Islam and is not Ms Cousens. Yassmin wants to reduce the Islamophobia promoted by these two ethnocentric racist clowns.
 Magied in her short working life has earned this country more export dollars than either of these two dimwits have in their entire working lives.
Unlike the ABC Bolt and Dean are an embarrassing use of Australian taxpayer money.  They are in fact the Bolt Report is a worthless 30% tax deduction for News Corp money taken out of productive Australian pockets which otherwise could have been better spent than trickled into their pockets. They might be would be clowns but Bolt is the only one laughing and not convincingly either. 
Dean the unmade bed is a diletante publisher who once was a sales marketer, an account exec, copywriter for some advertising agency that might well have sold used cars. He apparently learnt his craft baiting Campbell Newman at school.  However, he's simply Bolt's gun for hire doing what Bolt is incapable of satirical hate-speech. When they were kids, teenagers they probably watched I Dream of Jeanie the comedy about the Hijab wearing Barbara Eden and got their teenage rocks off then too, but other ways. These two are quality-less caricatures of fat-arsed white public schoolboy bullies spitting in Australia's face and getting paid for it by News Corp.  They are trying to mimic what Fox News does on a daily basis and gets Trump twittering but here they only rate high off what Bolt admits is a very small base and are the least trusted media source in the country.

" As much as Tony Abbott and the others among his small rump of mostly bitter and twisted ex-ministerial malcontents are now keen to wallow in Malcolm Turnbull’s demise after his 30th Newspoll loss, they simply cannot deny the significance of their contribution to that demise. They have shown an appalling lack of maturity, treating voters with contempt.While they attempt to dress up their activities in some cloak of respectability, using policy tags like “conservatism”, or exploiting the standing and credibility of a Monash, it is simply grossly irresponsible disloyalty and disunity, driven by personal, not national, ambition. They should know better. The voters certainly see through it – as self-absorbed point scoring – resulting in poor government, to their detriment." John Hewson a good read
  In response, what's the sound of a one-handed clap? I don't know? I suspect it's much the same sound when Andrew Bolt opens his mouth. He tries to mock Hewson's extremely readable comments while trying to boost the unboostable Abbott at Hewson's expense. It's a one-handed clap because sure as hell Abbott has nothing to offer these days. Hewson suggests Turnbull employ him as his bovver boy, his only talent since his student days.
 Recently Abbott's policy suggestions have even been the very opposite of what he signed Australia up for on Climate, Immigration and Infrastructure when he was PM in 2013. He's turned against his own legacy more than Turnbull and can't be trusted. Bolt can't boost Abbott directly anymore because he's simply road kill. So Bolt has been trying to do it with smoke an mirrors and barking like a pit bull at any unfriendly. Abbott is his Pythonesque dead parrot but refuses to accept it.
No Andrew Bolt Peter Dutton said he was 100% behind the current Turnbull figures for immigration. Don't be such a bullshit artist. Repeating this crap will not make it fact. What is a fact, however, Bolt is using Dutton to boost Abbot but he's such dead weight nobody can lift him? Bolt is constantly pointing out Dutton is Abbott's sock puppet.


How is it Bolt highlights Ted Cruz's suggestion that FB is biased while working for Murdoch and his stables Fox News, and Sky News globally? Is Bolt the free-speech crusader calling for the regulation of FB? Is he suggesting the staunch Republican Cruz is doing it or just crying crocodile tears?  At least FB harvests data. Fox and Sky are commentary platforms that intentionally avoid data altogether for propaganda. They, in turn, are less trusted than FaceBook, in fact, are the least trusted news platforms in the US.
 Andrew Bolt moderates his blogs and cut's 90% of comments that disagree with him out. At least Zuckerberg admits he personally can't audit all the selective cases Cruz mentions, or the cases he selectively doesn't out of the billions that are posted.  Bolt, on the other hand, is totally one-sided has denied his comment boxes are moderated so he can hardly criticize FB and call it a scandal.

Andrew Bolt calls social media like Twitter and FB a sewer yet he's fully ensconced in and directs people to his island in the shit. Is there any such place in a sewer particularly when shit concentrates in Bolt's Space.
As for Anarchism; The etymology of the term traces back to the Greek word “anarkhia”, which means “without rulers” or “without authority”. It stands for the absence of domination, hierarchy and power over others.
Anarchism is a process whereby authority and domination are being replaced with non-hierarchical, horizontal structures, with voluntary associations between human beings. It is a form of social organisation with a set of key principles, such as self-organisation, voluntary association, freedom, autonomy, solidarity, direct democracy, egalitarianism and mutual aid.
 It is a utopian project that aspires to combine the best parts of liberalism with the best parts of communism. 
So basically it's Andrew Bolt's ideology of free individualism with real equality added.
As for Abbott's "Politeness" well that's a dressing often hiding a greater brutality beneath. Slave owners were well-dressed gentlemen. As are people like Bolt media bashing the poor doing to them what Abbott did with Peter Slipper. So yes Abbott got nothing as good as he has given out and got away with sometimes calling in the heavyweights of the Catholic Church to be his character witnesses in court.

It certainly inspired conversation form Andrew Bolt " When was the last time a Western nation sanctioned a racism so openly that it was promoted even in universities?"Bolt
Bolt claims to know what universities are about but has done little more than passed through untouched. The results of his education were shared on an IPA podcast that allowed him to laugh and mock the Sudanese Beauty Contest, cackling at Yassmin being torn apart by Rowan Dean, and yes he was also wearing a suit while doing it. There is no "Reverse Racism" in this statement on the CA university wall but an invitation to a discussion about where history has brought us. No whites aren't the "New Blacks" in America just as Andrew Bolt isn't the new Indigenous Australian.


Celebrity Muslim Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been stopped at the US border. She says she's being deported. She was going to give a talk on how hard it is to be a Muslim woman in the West. Her career should really take off now, regardless of the facts. 

 6m Link

 No Bolt isn't standing up for the "Freedom of Speech". He's being very tongue in cheek pleased about it though.
Can anybody glean the point Bolt isn't making here? The majority of victims don't have British names is Bolt blaming them for that? Bolt has a way with statistics and data, doesn't he? "The list of the victims - note: victims, not perpetrators - is astonishing and perhaps a clue to the real problem." Bolt
What a whizz!!
They didn't come by boat. They won't' be sent to Nauru nor will they be shot by a laughing  ABF sniper like Israeli sniper and mates who shot the Palestinian 300 meters from the fence. Actions which Bolt fully supports.
Anyway, what does it mean to be a member of the Commonwealth? Had they been White South African Farmers would Dutton's message have been any different? It seems all the bonhomie stops at the border if you black and a member of the Commonwealth.
Nobody is arguing that the LNP got it wrong but how did it begin. It began with Abbott declaring we needed subs and like the MXT internet, we needed the cheapest why "for political reasons" He wasn't going to give it to Adelaide's ALP government. He just wanted a political issue. He cut $200 mill off the ABC Cut Foreign Aid and handed the Pacific to the Chinese by getting rid or radio Australia. Having done that and with the Russians sailing past he thought he had a short-term political issue. The NBN is an Abbott Legacy as was throwing the Motor Industry overboard made up for Boats, not on shore but offshore making it politically understandable why they are being built here. Bolt is suggesting a collusion of corruption in the process, not the politics. Just as Lomborg supposedly wasn't when Abbott wanted to build a world-class Climate Center on any University Campus. Or currently, his demand for 40 Coal-fired Generators nobody in the free market seems to want. PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR CASH HAS GENERALLY ALWAYS BEEN HOWARD'S ABBOTT'S AND NOW TURNBULL'S WAY FOR ALMOST 2 DECADES


No Corbyn has a reasonable hate of Israel's Zionist Agenda and there is every reason why he should on today's evidence that Australian pro-Israel supporters avoid talking about and only the extreme right is propagandizing. The extreme right white Christians who want Australia Colonized by Christianity. However, Australians and the world's Jewish diaspora are turning their backs on Israel today. Stereotyping is fertile ground for hate but Corbyn isn't stereotyping Jews but a State and it's Fascist Jewish leaders are active participants in butchery and apartheid.

Labour Israel lobbyist deletes anti-Semitic "conspiracy" claims

China wasn't the first to watch the anti-China rhetoric pouring out of Australia via the Murdoch Press which was very vocal. They represent 66% of the Print media after all. Bolt was even warned there would be consequences but he was busting his chops to make Turnbull look weak and said: "he didn't care" he was all about "principle". Well, the Chinese certainly listened and will hit Australia where it hurts trade. Bolt's typical Bullies response "see I told you so not my fault"
Bolt doesn't do the same for Israel, does he? 20% of its citizens are less free to do what they want than the Chinese. In fact, they are more likely to be jailed in what is an Apartheid State. Bolt says nothing but his silence says a lot. Meanwhile, the Israelis have killed 31 Ghettoed Gazans shot and wounded 1400 others are actively shooting others and are in the process of deporting asylum seekers to Uganda. Sounds very Dutton to me.
Bolt is under the impression if he continues to repeat a lie it will become truth. Only yesterday Dutton said while making a suggestion he was fully behind the PM's current policy and numbers. Keep trying Bolt keep trying. He was once in front of the news cycle when Abbott was PM. Now he just a trampoline so far behind he hardly matters. Repetition is really the realm of the no news and fake news zone. It does, however, fill space.
And here is Bolt keeping on trying and flogging that dead horse of he said, he said. How long can Bolt persist as long as he wants because we all already regard him as a fool on a fool's errand?

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