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Andrew Bolt's Blog,29/6/18; Bolt apologises in Secret and shows his uneducated Soul; Bolt and Anning might as well be spokesmen for Genie Oil & Gas; Secular Democracy means unity and the separation of powers;


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 Hidden Nuggets & they are gold.

 This is a first for Bolt or a very rare moment notice, however, there is no Banner to announce an apology to the ABC. You have to discover the invisible nugget by clicking on the post. It's like the Ghost in the Machine.

Along with that nugget, there is another one " The great Charles Krauthammer died recently. I was going through some of his finest observations, and came across this:
"Life and consciousness are the two great mysteries. Actually, their substrates are the inanimate. And how do you get from neurons shooting around in the brain to the thought that pops up in your head and mine? There's something deeply mysterious about that. And if you're not struck by the mystery, I think you haven't thought about it."

Krauthammer seems as a psychiatrist to be deferring to the Descartes Philosophical mind-body Dualism a treatise raised in the 17th Century a mystery not raised by Bolt's brilliant Krauthammer. Gilbert Ryle 1949 declared this was a great mistake to treat the mind as some immaterial substance as a Ghost in the Machine. Neuroscience has come a long way to suggest he just might be right. Whereas believers in the soul or that ghost haven't enlightened us any further than Plato did.
What it shows is Bolt doesn't seem to have a clue and seems to think that Dualism is a great philosophical mystery discovered by a Right-Wing shrink called Krauthammer who was a commentator on Fox news.
Now that's a sign that Bolt wasn't educated at Adelaide University

MV Lifeline photographed with migrants on board (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Poschmann)

Lifeline migrant  rescue ship 'not allowed' to dock in Malt

Yesterday Bolt called this the EU's Tampa and applauded the EU for turning Australian. What are the chances that he will admit he was wrong? I bet he stays silent.


"For years Gaza’s health sector has been on the verge of collapse after successive Israeli assaults, chronic power shortages, drug shortages and deteriorating functionality of medical equipment due to Israel’s blockade.
The authors state that “it is reasonable to assume” that these factors “have had an impact on the quality of medical care with a consequent impact on infant mortality.” It's been found to be X7 higher than in Israel. Gaza houses 2 million people of which 1.5 million were displaced by Israel from their land and homes in Israel.
There is no doubt that Gaza’s health sector crisis is largely of Israel’s making.
The United States was the largest single donor to UNRWA before the Trump administration announced cuts in contributions to the agency in January.
The US has since withheld $305 million, leaving the agency scrambling to raise $200 million in emergency funds to cover such basics as rice, flour, sugar and education.
Earlier this month, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that if the shortfall is not met soon, UNRWA “may be unable to provide schooling for half a million children in the coming school year, and be obliged to reduce other key humanitarian services.”

Anning and Bolt want Australia to cut aid as well

Why are are we jailing fundraisers for, say al Qaeda affiliates like the al Nusra Front, when the US  and Israel are assisting and funding them and we are acting as their de facto air force along with Israel. For years the most sophisticated intelligence services in the world have pretended they are clueless as to how these people we call terrorists have access to US weapons and Western made equipment and how they can shift hundreds of millions of dollars around the world? Yet ASIO and the AFP  cry out Eureka because they have caught a 20 something, a kid in Sydney sending $3000 to Turkey for aid to Syria. Doesn't that logic tell you that countries with the ability to view and listen to people from outer space are scamming and bullshitting the world and MSM like News Corp is helping?
Anning is right why do we aid Israel they are terrorists? Why does America and Australia aid Israel one of the worlds biggest arms dealers supplying weapons to not just tyrants in Africa but to anybody who has the money to buy. They would be happy to supply Hamas for a profit after all they are supplying al Nusra while we were jailing Zacky Mullah for supporting them as well.
A bigger joke is these guys Bolt and Anning are talking to us from the Studios of Rupert Murdoch who is not only an investor in Genie Oil and Gas but a member of the board of advisors. GOG is a corporation illegally searching for black gold, oil rumoured to be in quantities larger than what the Saudis have. So are we expected to believe his organization News Corp is going to tell you that the Israelis are the regions biggest supporters of who we call terrorists? That News Corp is against fossil fuels, Green energy and is a supporter of Democracy and peace in the Middle East? That two million Palestinians to who would like to live in peace and not in the worlds largest outdoor concentration camp are of concern. Anning and Bolt are paid for smokescreen from anything that resembles the truth. So yes the banner he is a reasonable question why do we fund and aid terrorists by proxy like Israel? Genie Oil: The Real Reason Syria Is A World War III Flashpoint - XYZ
 Gaza youth killed by Israeli tank fire | The Electronic Intifada
 Israel's high court blesses killing and maiming of Gaza protesters

Do Bolt and Cousens actually believe in a Democracy that doesn't include the separation of powers? A fake democracy like that of Israel or the current US government lead by Trump. When elected governments can choose and appoint exclusively only those that vote for them to run all our major economic, security, social and cultural institutions. When corporations, media and governments align you have what is called Fascism. Back in the not so long ago past the Protestant Power elite of the Melbourne Club ensured Jews and Catholics were excluded from the halls of Parliament or any political representation by simple exclusion. 
The Bible used wasn't a papist one or a Tora that's for sure.  What we see today is a vestige of when there was no separation of powers in Australia a time when religion was very much a part of the power club and the Greens simply want whats otherwise oxymoron removed and real Democracy to shine.
As for the smoking ceremony of the first people well that's a sign of respect. Respect that the Australian Parliament which is their's and is inclusive for all Australians quite the opposite of what Andrew Bolt and his whiskey sucking mate Daisy Cousens want symbolised. Theirs is an exclusive attitude that wants a singular Church of England religion to symbolise and define Australia and define a long-term goal of what it means to be Australian. Their view runs counter to 75% of Australians who would not be upset to see and support a purely secular Democracy.

Right Wing 'Civility': A Collection Of Vile Republican Moments

  Right Wing 'Civility': A Collection Of Vile Republican Moments | Crooks and Liars

Trump the man in a suit claims these are real loyal and patriotic Americans. Bolt another man in a suit claims much the same.
 In the twisted world of David Brooks and those like him, civility only applies to those of us on the left.
I beg to differ, and so does our former Managing Editor, Dave Neiwert. Please watch and share these shining examples of right-wing "civility."
Oh hey, also? Charlottesville Nazis got a permit to march in Washington, DC on the anniversary weekend of Heather Heyer's murder. That alone is heinous, but it is just one example of the empowered hard right wing. If we don't start fighting back, I'm not sure we'll have anything left to fight for.

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