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Andrew Bolt's Blog,6/2/19 Bolt turns to Liam Neeson to defend Kennerly. Neeson wouldn't agree; Julia Banks kicked further down Bolt'd road; Irrationality of News Corp Bullies;

Liam Neeson


Without reading a single word more than the headline, you know he's done and damned: "Liam Neeson says he's 'not racist' after controversial interview." The words "I am not a racist" - even when perfectly true - will finish you on Twitter.


Liam Neeson becomes a pawn in Bolt's racist defence of KAK.

 "We all pretend we're all politically correct in this country...in mine, too. You sometimes just scratch the surface, and you discover this racism and bigotry, and it's there. " Liam Neeson
Bolt talking about the need to forgive reformed sinners and this media hypocrite makes you choke. His arrogant quote yesterday with regard his reader's comment "without evidence of thought" is even worse hearing it from Bolt who is an overt and not just an accidental racist
"If a conservative like me had ever once behaved like that and confessed to it, would we ever be forgiven?"Bolt
This rhetorical question coming out of the mouth of a degenerate racist hypocrite reveals the mind of a true ignorant who doesn't forgive anyone left for their past no matter how long ago. When the law prosecutes the disadvantaged, it's correct. When it prosecutes Bolt, the law is at fault. In fact, he broadcasts the past sins to disparage anyone seeming their past becomes his debating tool. Remember Zacky Mallah he asked Steve Ciobo a reasoned question on the ABC's Q&A. Bolt dragged him down to size, didn't he? What about the guy on Welfare 42 who had a drug offence when he was 25 Bolt did the same to bring his 20-year-old past into focus as if it were a key reason he had no right to be heard. His history was raised to declare him an irrelevant deplorable. People's past used to denigrate is a common Andrew Bolt tactic, and he has the tools and resources at hand to do it.
What Bolt can't get through his head is we all carry with us the internalised social psychology of the societies in which we were raised along with our own individual psyches.  In societies with a history of racism seems the norm. We are all to some degree racist and those with privilege more so as they lend cultural support to defend those social structures and institutions support that privilege which is socially constructed and not natural. Those that recognise that racist behaviour construction and trend tend to be those most affected.
Not everybody is overtly racist all of the time even Bolt after all he told us he once had an Aboriginal friend, wow! But boy does his racism show in his defence of KAK and his attempted defence Neeson who recognised his own.  Tarring Australia Day protesters with the brush of child molesters Kennerly was at that moment a classic racist and began digging her self deeper with every word of denial. So was Liam Neeson but he has the intelligence to recognise his folly and why? Neeson scratched the surface and recognised it for what it was. Bolt, on the other hand, refuses to recognise his bigotry continues to try to convince us of reverse racism and that he's actually the victim. Any anger shown to racists and the structured history of their mindset is flipped and called racist. It's what makes Bolt grossly ignorant and it compounds his racist bigotry. That anger challenges his social privilege and what he regards as the natural order. 

As often said when Andrew Bolt turns to a long post it for the purpose to distract not inform. Whack-a-Mole Bolt has whacked Julia Bank's ability as an MP because she didn't attend Chinese New Year. The Chinese voters weren't heard to cry out only Bolt was. If Banks had participated in New Year and was Jewish, didn't eat a pork bun, would Bolt have declared it an offence of the highest order not on your life and it would have gone unmentioned. It's the sound of a bully, a blowhard we hear the same sound Banks complained and was readily heard in the Liberal Party.
Who does Bolt turn to for support? Labour how strange. He claims Hunt is a warmist, but Hunt was adamant we needed to get out of the Paris Agreement when Abbott was PM. Bolt's confusion was intended to create just that to be the propagandist and not the informer in the mythical bleachers. Because he's actually a member of the Murdoch Party.

 Chris Kenny shows his true spirit screw the world and planet we aren't a part of it. In fact, Kenny's responsibility when push comes to shove is only to himself. His fact Green has a lower intellect for siding with the 'we' rather than the 'me'.
Record Flooding, Record Heat, Record drying of the Murray/Darling all scientifically agreed to as man-made and all Kenny and Bolt have in their guns is abuse.


EDITORIAL The Venezuela crisis - inflation at 1,300,000 per cent, hunger,  3 million refugees - proves again that socialism does not work. So which of Australia's snowfield socialists once invited the architect of this disaster to come to Australia to teach us how to run things? My editorial from The Bolt Report. UPDATE: names named.


Cuba failed because of a 65-year Trade Embargo issued by the Americans Portsea capitalists celebrated and cried "socialism is a failure" Chaves gains power in Venezuela The US place a Trade Embargo on their oil, and the oil market crashes again it's the fault of Socialism. China economy has boomed imagine if China had put an embargo on trade with Australia Bolt would be blaming yes, Socialism.
Trump has done precisely that to China put an embargo via duties and taxes on China why? To strain their economy as the US economy is threatened by China's success. We didn't hear Bolt cry Capitalism is failing, did we? What we are hearing is however Socialism is destroying Capitalism and that justifies military intervention, and currently, the US have a military presence in 164 countries and seems it wants to regain control in more.

Bolt feels little shame dragging the personal into the public arena. He mocked the Sudanese for running a beauty pageant, and it was sponsored by the IPA. However, his wife Sally went ballistic because the media printed their son's occupation yes with the IPA. Was Bolt and she concerned that the relationship just might have an embarrassing smell to it?
Kicking women is not uncommon for Bolt some bite back and Bolt buckles. He did live on the radio when Miranda Devine failed to pander to his male ego and whims of wanting Steve Prices show to be named after him. There is nothing mannered or polite in Bolt's attacks he's merely a thug and the women he targets generally don't play his game.

All it shows Bolt will do anything for money however he doesn't deduct the impact and cost of coal regarding land degradation, health and loss of jobs. There is no regard for the benefits of clean energy. The world is in transition mining companies are in transition power companies are in transition and investors are all in a transition period away from coal. Bolt's argument "coal is good" doesn't seem appropriate or recognise that when it's actually put in a global context and over time, he really only offers a blinkered short term and venal outlook.

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