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Countering Andrew Bolt's Blog 7/2/19; Why save Molan?, War on Immigrants Morrison's legacy; Liam Neeson is Bolt's itch; Trump and the GOP took the lead from Australia's PM Scott Morrison;



Liberal faction bosses in NSW have devastated the federal party. They backed Malcolm Turnbull, now campaigning against the Liberals. Next, they want to drive Jim Molan out of the Senate. They fear the intelligence and independence of this distinguished Major General and great Australian. But here is how you can save Jim and defy the wreckers.


"A party that thinks Molan is too good for them is a party too gutless and brainless to vote for." Bolt

The tail continues to wag the dog in the Liberal Party. Via the support of its ally News Corp, aka the Murdoch Party whose core and business model PR for profit. An entirely privatised media News Corp has no interest in news or information just influence for sale. Its aim is the eradication of the ABC anyone who provides a channel for good questioning on behalf of Australians. Every effort is made to diminishing rather than the improving  Democracy in Australia and the Anglosphere.

Tony Abbott remains Murdoch's great white hope when he doesn't put his foot in his mouth an impossible task. It's to rid Australia of the only real mainstream news and information service in the country the ABC. The only service that holds the government to function no matter their political persuasion. As such the Independent statuary body is particularly hated by News Corp and Rupert Murdoch because the contrast crosses the Murdochian goal of selling influence as successfully done by Fox News in the US.

Bolt speaks of the "intelligence and independence" of Jim  Molan who aligned himself with the equivalent of the UK's Nazi Party Britain First seemingly apologising not for their ideas but getting caught in ignorance. Molan is the Liberal embarrassment and equivalent of  Independent Senator Fraser Anning
What is doubly amusing is Andrew Bolt "No Foul No Favour" is setting his blog site as a micro Get UP site for funding the tail of the Liberal Party against none other than the Liberal Party. No pretence to  News Corp's slogan in America "Fair and Balanced" here.

Representative Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, speaks as House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, right, listens during a news conference after a GOP leadership election on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018. House Republicans elected Representative Kevin McCarthy of California as their leader next year, with Scalise and Cheney filling two other top party leadership posts as the GOP retreats to minority status in the chamber. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Across the world, demagogues have deftly exploited bigotry to whip up anger using incidents of murder and rape. Increasingly, social media has become an effective way to weaponise tragic acts and use them for partisan political goals. In Germany, the far-right Alternative for Germany party has singularly focused on several cases of murders committed by refugees to intensify hatred of Middle Eastern immigrants. In Myanmar, lurid stories posted on Facebook detailing purported acts of rape and murder by the Muslim Rohingya minority against the Buddhist majority were used to justify a brutal ethnic cleansing in the northwest Rakhine State. In some cases, the stories were false. Viral stories that focus on the identity of killers to stoke ethnic tension can also be found in India, Sri LankaNigeria, and beyond.
In the U.S., there is a long history of racist violence following politicians’ focus on crimes — real or imagined — by particular minority groups. Across the ideological spectrum, many on social media continue to fixate on the racial or ethnic identity of criminals. Trump’s embrace of the strategy now appears to have reverberated across the Republican Party, with GOP lawmakers now openly encouraged to stoke fear over immigrant crime.

As far back as 2011, the Australian PM Scott Morrison was encouraging the use of creating ethnic and racial division as the strategy to help promote the Liberal political agenda. He was actually encouraging Party support for it as far back as the Cronulla riots in 2005. He saw that the party support of this division ethnic and racial with media backing of 2GB and News Corp would garner votes. In fact with Abbott rise to PM Islamophobia went from 9% to 33%.  Yes, it might have been the rise of Tony Abbott to the leadership that clinched it, but it was Morrison's strategy before and after the election of 2013. It resulted in Team Australia, the establishment of the ABF and our harsh offshore detention regime.
 Since the world has noticed Australia's ultra-conservative border protection policies which seem to have been adopted by the right wing globally. Racism and ethnic hatred has been emphasised to establish community fear, and in that regard, Scott Morrison PM could, in fact, be dubbed the political  genius of modern  political hate spread with the supported of MSM groups like Fairfax today Ch9 and in particular News Corp otherwise known here as the Murdoch Party (ODT)

 Liam Neeson


COLUMN Actor Liam Neeson insists: “I’m not racist.” I hate to join the Twitter mob, but actually, Liam, you are. Or at least you’re a sorry one, for saying you once looked for a "black bastard" to kill - just any black man - in revenge for the rape of a friend.  Collective punishment for a "race" is racist. 


This is Both a PAYWALL and a repetition of yesterday's post
Neeson, unlike Kerry Anne Kennerly as I said yesterday with 20/20 vision in hindsight revealed that every racist culture if one scratches the surface creates a social psychology in all appearance as normative but is, in fact, racist bigotry internalised by those raised in it and it's regarded as usual and is often hidden under the surface.
The difference between Bolt and Neeson is Bolt believes and tries to promote the myth of "reverse racism" where the anger of the oppressed with the boot of their oppressors on their throat is flipped as racism by Bolt and who then cries, victim. The systemic structure history and behavioural trends that create an unequal hierarchy of privilege and disadvantage based on race are ignored.


 Kick Turnbull out is the desperate call disallowing private citizens to be members of the Liberal Party. Bolt's "many" media is in fact "most" media, and he has become, no, always was the tail trying to wag the media dog on this issue. Democracy is for Bolt a weak system of politics. Betrayal, however, is when Tony Abbott refusing to resign from the Parliamentary Party promised to be a supporter simply sniped and backstabbed his team from the backbench a vast difference. Bolt was a great supporter of that and declared it as his Democratic freedom but not so in the case of Turnbull.


Trivia dressed as importance by Bolt who spent concentrated energy on Julia Gillard's personal looks dress and life more so than any male leader has and now defending Scott Morrison when he didn't Julia Gillard. Yes, in this case, it's trivia dressed insult by men whose intense bullying of women stans on record.

  1. Priests held nuns in 'sexual slavery', Pope admits

    Pope Francis publicly acknowledges the scandal of priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns for the first time, saying he is committed to doing more to fight the problem

    The pride the right and conservatives hold in Western Culture seems rose-tinted and false. People like Andrew Bolt would be far better off considering the negative aspects Western Culture brought to the planet when slavery or human property became redefined and labour disguised as Industry. Colonialism defined as progress and Science and ideas privatised as Intellectual Property. Western Culture created the acceleration of a class system unheralded privatisation of everything today under its false canopy and temporary veneer of progress. Yet beneath it, all depravity reined in our Institutions flouted as the highest moral order PR shylocks like News Corp's Dorian Gray Andrew Bolt (ODT)



    We were told Empire star Jussie Smollett was attacked by two homophobic racists shouting Trump slogans - thugs who threw chemicals on him and put a noose around his neck that they just happened to be carrying at 2am. The media Left eagerly treated this anti-Trump story as true, but so much doesn't fit. My editorial from The Bolt Report.


     Repeating not only himself but could be accused of nicking the doubts of the conservative online mag  American Thinker Bolt's back disparaging Jussie Smollet not because he's lying plenty of whites lie Andrew Bolt does but just because Smollet is not white. Bolt expected his story that he was working as a bouncer to a belly dancer and that they weren't engaged as automatically to be taken as the truth. After all, he is Andrew Bolt. Well, that blew up in his face he was being supported and kept by his long term partner to whom he had given an engagement ring as a pledge of marriage which he denied.
    Furthermore, she was a teacher and not as exotic as he would have liked us believe and his excuse he hadn't told any of this to his wife as he was trying to protect her with Don Quixote chivalry all bullshit. Bolt continued with his lie until threatened with a lawsuit by his ex-fiance. He then folded like a cheap suit. Admitting he told stories he wanted you to hear to pump himself up and make him look less like the misogynist he really is.

    Bolt is saying "I'm not saying it's a lie" yet he uses the story as a convenient weapon to 1 ) declare it was raised by the media not merely as a reportable item but as an attack on Trump. Trump even acknowledged the story and didn't make any such implications as Bolt does. He doesn't use it or apply it as fake. 2) In the accompanying videos Bolt cuts to make it seem as if what the two women are saying is somehow connected to the Smollet story when they aren't. They are referring to Trump's daily behaviours and what he does do and say. Bolt, in fact, doesn't connect any dots he creates them to build the conclusion he wants to arrive at and is doing it dishonestly just as Walter Mitty Bolt did when he said he was working as a minder to a belly dancer.

    There is no room for debate here Smollet is on the other side of the planet, and Andrew Bolt feels smug with his bullshit editorial suggesting that a coloured man is bullshitting simply to defame Trump. No Bolt has a get out clause to his hypothetical "I'm not saying it's false but" and he's doing it racially in plain sight no matter the truth.

    The issue is there is no room for debate in the format of the Bolt Report it's purely a platform for right-wing propaganda. His blog is moderated, and the radio shows you find him on are too. Any news and information is cherry-picked and delivered to arrive at pre-ordained conclusions and this is a fine example.


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