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Bolt doesn't work Fridays his show must be pre-recorded. Its format is not a debate if and when that occurs it's usually by accident and Bolt suddenly calls time as he did with James Matheson promising falsely to have him back on. No way that's far too risky for Bolt.
 Of course, it isn't as long as the show is structured like a sausage machine of conservative commentary and anything other is spoken about from a safe distance. The Bolt Report is indeed not the ABCs The DRUM or Q&A Bolt needs time to rehearse and become familiar with his friend the autocue.
 So Friday and Saturday is off time as is most of Sunday. He does have to write his column for Monday of course and send it in for printing, but that's not an issue because the framework has already been prepared during the week. Its one or two of his blog posts that only need a little padding out and after 30 years and training as an obituary writer that's easy as. Yet Bolt makes out he works an 80 hour week when pointing to and disparaging others for not really working. Particularly those on welfare who attempt any public discourse he announces to the world what slackers they are compared to him.
In his 80 hour work week, he has time to read and review novels he's read before and podcast with his IPA mate John Roxham about them. Write what he declares are books but aren't little more than a collection of essays he's already written. I suspect an editor can actually do that for him. So basically Bolt's life is easy as other than being a social isolate the price he has to pay for continually abusing real Australians something he clearly is not. So Andrew holidays overseas dreams of retirement on a barge in socialist, multiracial and multicultural Amsterdam where he has for over most of his life felt more at home and its why he most likely keeps two passports. This is the man who tells us he's more indigenous than Adam Goodes Australian of the Year and anyone identifying as indigenous that's younger than he is that he's truer blue an Aussie than most of that black mob who live in remote communities and more than Waleed Aly the mozzie on Ch10.
As for his mates the Ravens and Magpies well they have been merely bribed against the advice of better-informed heads of Wild Life experts employed to protect our natural fauna.

A response to Bolt's Climate Denials

Climate Change

Last 5 Years Hottest on Record: NASA, NOAA; & World Hotter than any time in 120,00 years

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The National Space and Aeronautics Agency (NASA) and its sister agency NOAA report that the past 5 years are the […]

The world is on average one degree Fahrenheit (0.86 degrees C.) hotter than the 1951-1980 average. It is 2 degrees F. hotter than 1880. Apparently, the heating is accelerating at an alarming rate.
NASA Climate Change: “2018 fourth warmest year in continued warming trend, according to NASA, NOAA.” 
 Human beings have only been around for about 200,000 years, so we are now messing with our environment in a truly insane way. We are on the verge of producing conditions that none of our ancestors ever had to deal with. 

A response to Bolt's favourite misunderstood Demagogue
  • Trump's SOTU speech: Myth masquerading as reality

    Trump's SOTU speech: Myth masquerading as reality

    Understanding that what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly is key to understanding the gulf that separates Washington from reality.

    At a time when Conservative Demagogues are leading across the world why on earth would Tony Abbott be running the "poor me" card under the guise of "us" why? Other than he's noted for being the most despised politician in Australia. The one that became a global joke ready to say and do whatever it takes to win not for the country but purely for himself and the "game" of politics. No cuts Tony was kicked out yes kicked out of his leadership position by his own Party. Has been caught with Rupert Murdoch doing a fake photo shoot at Atlanta's Alfalfa Club to boost his stocks by pretending he had some special invitation for dinner with the President. It turned out he was Murdoch's guest at a $200 lunch, and the spin was all fake. If you noticed in this effort to boost Abbott yet again no specifics were addressed as to any of the positions with which the man has knowingly associated just yet again "I'm the victim of misunderstanding. I'm John Howard" Howard certainly doesn't favour Abbott and wouldn't be too pleased watching him trying to climb on his shoulders. 

    We aren't interested to hear Bolt lift Abbott to the level of St Theresa we know what he pledged would be his policies and he lied. His first budget made that perfectly clear. His track record as a political thug has been written in history and evidenced by what he has done. Organising Pauline Hanson's jail time to sending Peter Slipper his "friend" to hospital. His intelligence and empathy indeed went global all the way around the world, and it's since been his legacy Prince Phillip's knighthood Canadia and that 28 seconds of silence. His Party wants him to go but that American who runs Trump, and the Murdoch Party want someone usable they can trust and run here. Rupert Murdoch is still closely associated with the IPA of which his father was a founder.
    What has Bolt done nothing other than he's my mate? How many times did Bolt say that Abbott's got the message and he promises to change he was warned. So many times Bolt claimed he heard and then just shut up for some three months and screamed only when the inevitable happened. After that, the Liberal Party simply became the factional mess we know with the tail trying to wag the dog and Abbott the puppet master.

    Tony Abbott's bizarre 28-second silence following "Shit ... - YouTube



    This new document should finish of her campaign for president. Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren was a white, middle-class lawyer when she described herself as an "American Indian" in her own handwriting when registering for the Texas Bar. 


    Andrew Bolt is still an Obituary writer trying to raise stories so old they are dead and have been for some time why? Because it's an extension of the case in which he was found guilty of racial vilification under our RDA. He called white skinned people who identify as Aboriginal fakes. Elisabeth Warren is in America, and he can get away with it. This story is old it's just Bolt doing what Bolt does best and natural turn to racial vilification for his pleasure. He'll even turn to a tale dead and buried.


    Is the Left's pontificating on racists and sexists really just projecting? Take Virginia. The Democrat Governor once posed in blackface. His Democrat Lieutenant Governor is then accused of sexual assault. Now the Democrat third-in-line, who denounced the first and told him to quit, turns out to have posed in blackface himself. Circus of hypocrites.


    Andrew Bolt asks the question, but as a firm supporter of the Colonial Dutch and Black Peter, he wonders what all the fuss is about. His Santa came from Spain, and Black Peters origins, of course, might well have been the African and Arab slave trade The Spanish, Dutch and British all loved this aspect of the human "free market" their inglorious colonies were built on it and would never have succeeded without it.
    Al Jolson, a cantor in the Jewish Temple, put on blackface to hide not just his Jewishness.  To be white and an entertainer was never thought of as a good look, and low class and the audience loved it
    Bolt's circus of hypocrisy promotes racism by defusing the context of hate to deny and neutralise it. Today's use of it the word "nigga" "boy" "blackface" "Hey honey if I said you've got a hot body would you hold it against me" should be seen as trivial, not political. As a Trumpster, he draws no lines in saying that Democrats are the same as Republicans why? To save Donald Trump. To save Tony Abbott from their indiscretions. Remember when Trump declared the Nazi protesters in Charlotteville," some outstanding people"?
    "if any of the three men was called "Donald Trump", what the Democrats and their media mates be saying now?"Bolt
    Bolt's level playing field denies history reduces each and every incident as equal and accordingly makes Trump and Abbott ordinary" good old guys " just like us.
    This could be a teaching moment, and not just of the Left's ingrained hypocrisy - a characteristic failing of collectivists. It could also be the moment that they admit the hysteria of blackface has gone way, way overboard. Easy to say when you are the racist.
    Bolt goes on,

    Sometimes blackface is indeed meant as a racist insult. Very often it is not. And sometimes it's done as a tribute.
    But , of course, mobs and witch hunters don't do such nuance.
    Nor do race baiters looking to build careers on the wrecked reputations and terrified silence of others.
     Bolt week after week telling us how well mannered he is to get points without anger across because history and contest are really irrelevant we are all equal. Culture, Social structure and history say we aren't and if you scratch the surface, it's readily apparent.
    So sure Republicans and Democrats might sometimes appear the same but they aren't in some cases they may need to be judged the same but advocates for the same interests. They recognise the culture they were socialised in racist, misogynist, etc. But today the majority aren't Trump some are sorry and may have to stand down but they won't because there is a need to change that Culture, that system Trump doesn't. Bolt might be a Trumpster, but the polls show less, and fewer Americans are.


    "border policies mean activist doctors will bring over 1000 illegal immigrants on Nauru and
     Manus Island within months." Bolt
     "ASIO" no names provided "activist doctors" of course just an image of these " boogeymen."
     with stethoscopes. Heaven help us Bolt is telling us doctor's can't be trusted and the AMA won't strike
    these rebels off. Those fake doctors are lurking about, and Peter Dutton is it seems too gutless tojail them. Bolt is, it looks, too gutless to name them.
     That's Andrew Bolt no reason no logic required just emotional blackmail and a CRISIS of his
     own making because nobody on Manus could possibly get that sick.
    Maybe these doctors aren't even doctors but firestarters like Bolt. Arsonists throwing gasoline
     on fires, they have started

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