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Andrew Bolt's Blog,12/3/19; Paywall Paradise Paid for Free Speech = Oxymoron;

Andrew Bolt is really a lost soul living in a different world to all Australians. Firstly there is no Parliamentary Liberal Party. There is a divided group of MPs who have been calling themselves the Liberal Party they represent the tail and the body of a dog. The tail pretending it's the dog and its head since 2015.
According to Andrew Bolt, the split in the Liberal Party began with Turnbull the chosen leader, and not with Abbott who has been the true-blue model of a Liberal politician all along. Let's forget about 2009 when Abbott took the Liberal Opposition leadership from Turnbull by a single vote. Forget the fact Abbott was ousted by the majority of Liberal Party after being given clear warning to shape up or ship out in 2015. He didn't and got the boot to skulk on the backbench. Turnbull never skulked. Forget the backroom sniping and infighting that was promised wouldn't happen. Forget the failed coupe that had Turnbull finally resign not defeated and leave the Party. Forget what Abbott's own branch currently thinks of him along with the total seat of Warringah and who they believe is the fox all of this. Finally, get Murdoch media to pour the blame on Turnbull Bishop and Banks for a civil war that's been raging since 2015.
Andrew Bolt really does live somewhere in Cloud Cuckoo Land, but it's definitely not in Australia.
Abbott is a career politician with no life experience outside of politics. The very sort of politician this country doesn't need and has destroyed Democratic politics, and it's service to the people as we know it.
History and context is something Andrew Bolt spends his time running from. The truth of the matter ever since I began voting it's been ultra-conservatives against the people and the worst being Tony Abbott who ran his government in opposition to not just the ALP but to all Australians. Bringing back Knights and Dames, Knighting Prince Phillip, and basically turning his back on the Pacific Region in favour of Europe a total disservice to the nation paying him.

Netanyahu: Israel Is The National State ‘Only Of The Jewish People’ | HuffPost

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on March 10, 2019. (Gali Tibbon/Poo
 This logic is much the same as applied by Trump to White Americans in the USA. The USA is a sovereign state "Only of White Christian Nationalist Western Cultured people" Citizens or not there is "them and "Us" the real Americans.that(ODT)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is the homeland “only of the Jewish people,” in a new jab at the country’s Arab minority ahead of April’s election.
Netanyahu on Sunday addressed “slightly confused people” after an Israeli celebrity defended the rights of Israel’s Arab population. Arabs comprise about 20 percent of Israel’s 9 million residents. They have full citizenship rights but have faced decades of discrimination.
Netanyahu responded: Israel “is the national state, not of all its citizens, but only of the Jewish people.”
via Netanyahu: Israel Is The National State ‘Only Of The Jewish People’ | HuffPost


Buy your home generator now: "Coal-fired power generation would fall by 60 per cent within the next decade to meet Labor’s 45 per cent emissions-reduction target, leading to the likely closure of more than half the existing east coast plants, according to ­independent expert modelling." The Liberals' next leader must be able to fight on this issue.

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 Conservatives hate socialism yet they desperately want to keep privatised the mega-structures that control our daily lives. The corporate world saw what the desktop revolution did to IBM and how it freed up the internet information and news. Murdoch wants the ABC gone from the digital world. Yes, conservatives are fearful the same might occur with an energy revolution. They are even lagging behind the acceptance of the global fossil fuel industry as a whole and are in the last ditch stand to block progress politically.
 Air Water should also be a privatised and in the control of corporations because corporations and big business are the rightful gatekeepers of all the necessities of life and death. In Bolt's ideal world governments need to be beholden to them and not the reverse. People, well shouldn't really bother about such matters.
Automation is a far greater concern we ought to be celebrating it and the coming of both. We should be excited living in a progressive society the reason we aren't is because we live in a society where if you don't have a job or a living wage you are left to die. Corporations now control governments. Conservatives are aware and want it that way. They see moderates are more naive than visionaries if they think tinkering around the edges will solve decline and the systemic problems in our democracy and economy. The system uses the Bolt's to hide the economic ills and highlight the cultural ones to pit working class people against each other using migrants religion any them and us division as a tool.

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