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Andrew Bolt's Blog,11/3/19; What has Bolt said to explain Abbott's Leap Left,nothing!!; Mocking Burnside but using Labor to do it; English well Bolt has no clue and he's meant to be a pro;

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COLUMN There is an unspoken reason why Malcolm Turnbull, GetUp! and global warming groups are frantically trying to get Tony Abbott kicked out of politics in the May election. It's because they fear him, and no wonder.  Check this list of who'd be left to lead the Liberals after the election.


1) The exclamation mark is a full stop 2) The "and" ought to be "And ". 3) who but Bolt would start a sentence with and? A master of the English language isn't he?

Everything but the reality of Abbott's constant backflipping, broken promises and the backroom intent on dividing the Liberal Party for personal grievance after he was kicked out of the leadership. Yes, kicked out because he was warned he needed to change promised he would and didn't. It wasn't a close call to have Abbott removed he was kicked out as leader from the cabinet but refused to budge. The forever pugilist was not going to leave peacefully breaking promises saying he would behave and would bow to the Party's want. Yet again he promised to not rock the boat. That's why the movement became so influential in Warringah, not because of Get Up or Abbott haters, but simply Warringah locals called out "It's Time For Him To Go". It got louder after 36% of his own Party branch voted against his preselection even when he stood unopposed. 
Nobody doubts Abbott's a fighter but for whom and it's neither for Warringah, the Liberal Party or for Australia and we saw what happened to this country's reputation when he became PM. The country has been on a downward trajectory ever since on all indicators when compared to the rest of the OECD and even wider. Ye's Abbott won but Australia lost.
As for Bolt's column, I don't subscribe to that tabloid he writes for promising news but offering none. Newscorp might run the government in the US, but they don't have the ABC.


Is this politics I don't think it is. Andrew Bolt carries on like this all the time attacking the person rather than the issues. If it was the ALP's candidate doing the mocking, then he must be a student of Andrew Bolt's. It's possibly why Bolt is drawn to this sort of pedestrian politics he regards as debate. 

Let's start with Bolt holding himself as an exemplar of the English language and word craft. Yesterday he went to bat correcting another reporters language today Bolt does what he frequently does gets it wrong himself.
Mocking well as I said he does that frequently and refers to it as debate. Here he is showing himself to be an exemplar of mocking but certainly nothing that even comes close to debate. 
There's no mention by Bolt of "merit" is there only Corman's girl wins over Bishop's Hammond was Vice-Chancellor of a University and as such had a better record in politicking. Bolt's call she was Corman's how demeaning is that. He also said the poor guy didn't stand a chance among all those women.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been shootings, ATM robberies and reports of billions of dollars lost due to fraud but Andrew Bolt has ignored them all because they weren't African or Muslim. But give the man 2.5 months, and he'll pounce on the opportunity to fault a minority of immigrants if African or Muslim even if they are Immigrants like him first generation Australians only. Bolt fantasises that he fits in and others don't he will leap on the chance to scream like Trump that a legal invasion has occurred. The only person and a distinct minority is Andrew Bolt elitist, ethnocentric, racist bigot. Who hates the place and says he's too frightened to leave his house. An egoist in a city which most haven't a clue who he is or what he looks like. He says the once most livable city in the world has become so sick he dreams of living in Amsterdam an even more multicultural city with a higher population of non-Caucasians and twice as big as Melbourne. 

Let it be noted everyone was happy with Moomba except Andrew Bolt who didn't attend. 

'City had a good feel': Police happy with Moomba despite arrests, brawl

 When Bolt says "I" you know he's going to put his foot in his mouth. Morrison's Poll boost lasted a week. Call an early election for when the next day? Short elections have an 8-week run cycle these days Bolta must have stolen his idea from Twitter.
Liberal Party took the country downhill the day the Labor Party shot themselves in the foot and let Tony Abbott walk in the front door. We ranked 2nd in the OECD economically now we are 39th out of the 41 nations. Our debt has doubled in those 6 years. The Liberals declared there inability to rule was all Labor's fault now it's all Turnbull's fault. They just can't govern. Bolta must be close to needing to claim a war. Sorry, he has it's against the Africans and Muslims in Australia.
Fraudster Milo ups Bolt's means of attention and opens the gate to rip off poorer unwitting sods.
The well known Liberal Youth Guard You couldn't make these things up if you tried only Andrew Bolt can. The title even makes them sound as if they are a new SS movement their age their uniform. One thing is for sure Bolt's turning 60 and not welcome. Yes, his use buy date reached long ago. In fact so much so he's been dumped by 2GB. If listening to his podcast with son Dom is any indication why he's gone well it's clear the man bumbles his way through topics and needs to be produced. His son well his dad's stooge and I suspect is far smarter.
Tim Wilson represents the newly formed fraud squad of the movement to get the money they need whatever, whenever and however you can. Patterson the IPA branch manager and Amanda Stoker, of course, the token woman because these days every Liberal movement has been forced to have one. Andrew Bolt has Daisy Cousens. As for Liberal principles, even Bolt doesn't dare declare what they are these days. Abbott's flipping and win at any cost by any means being the one and only first.

 Milo Yiannopoulos Is Selling Stuff To Get Out Of Debt

 Milo Yiannopoulos Is Selling Stuff To Get Out Of Debt Womp womp. 

The conservative polemicist is so deep in debt that he's now trying to sell off memorabilia. 

The documents indicate that as of April 2018, Yiannopoulos owed $1.6m to his own company, $400,000 to the Mercers, $153,215 to his former lawyers, $76,574 to former collaborator and Breitbart writer Allum Bokhari, and $20,000 to the luxury jewellery brand Cartier.
As of 2 October, Yiannopoulos owed sums of several thousand dollars to far right writers including Ian Miles Cheong, anti-Islamic ideologue Pamela Geller and science fiction writer Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day, the documents indicate, amongst others.

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