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Andrew Bolt's Blog,13/3/19 ; Some individuals have no right to free speech according to Andrew Bolt; How dare companies Abandon Sky; George Pell gets 6 years what of the 7000 other offenders?

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All this whinging of course is coming from a white male heterosexual indigenous Australian who holds himself up as the symbol victimhood of everything Australian. Andrew Bolt afraid to step out the front door why? Thinking he won't be recognised or noticed. 
In short, he attacks an Aboriginal playwright for being Aboriginal. Then he attacks Julie Bishop for being a danger to who he and Tony Abbott of course. Will Julie Bishop, and Malcolm Turnbull be seen campaigning in Warringah?  Will they speak poorly of the Liberal Party? They are entitled to but smack em down before they do. After all, they don't have the permanent mike in hand. How dare they speak up to anything in Australia's interest? They are just pedestrian people now not celebrities and ought not to be allowed to have an amplified voice. Maybe Bolt could offer Milo a paid gig to support Tony and distract Warringah?
Watch Bolt's claim of personal victimhood in the next post below. The victim of "bad bad Corporate citizens". Definition of lousy anyone who doesn't listen to Andrew Bolt dual Citizen.

Image may contain: text that says 'Big business lied when they said penalty rates cuts would increase jobs. They lied when they said electricity privatisation would reduce prices. Why would anyone listen to their scare campaign against a living wage?'

If corporations are citizens then so are trade Unions Bolt it seems is the arbiter of good and bad "a business that helps the mob to shut down debate is a very bad corporate citizen. " That's not a very convincing start to debate but more of the one you would expect from a preacher.  But then Bolt's a gutless one at that
 When all said and done the companies and individuals are entitled to what they want against or for Andrew Bolt. Note however whose gutless here who isn't specific but readily just talks in generalisations. Who doesn't name anyone himself but just draw attention to Albrechtsen and Beasley really only Beasley reporting his opinion?
   Yes, Bolt's Don Quixote he's the one battling the "bad" corporations.  But how often have we heard Bolt point out that private businesses are entitled to do whatever they want in their best commercial interests? Sky is allowed to change as well should Lachlan Murdoch consider it an appropriate thing to do. Is Bolt worried he might like 2GB did?
As for Beasley, he's one man also entitled to his opinion no generalisations, however, can really be made from that one man's opinion as Bolt does. Bolt could however easily attack NIB directly and Pool Werks alongside Beasley instead of treating him as some third party. There doesn't seem to be any shoulder to shoulder fightback here on Bolt's part does there. Yes many Australians appreciate the ethics revealed of companies like those that have turned their backs on Sky
Gutless Bolt sure is  "many" start a petition Bolt gather names not generalisations
"I have heard from many other Australians who are also alarmed that companies are siding with a few activists" Bolt

“Yeah, but at least an advertiser boycott is more a grassroots thing, like lots of people, have to participate for it to work,” Carlson said. “It’s when the government gets in, the FCC, and a bunch of unelected bureaucrats take you off the air — that’s scary, I think that’s different.” Tucker Carlson

Cardinal Pell is the most senior member of the Roman Catholic Church ever jailed for such a crime [Max Walden/Al Jazeera]

 Australian Cardinal George Pell jailed six years for abusing boys | News | Al Jazeera

You won't hear this from Andrew Bolt 

What you do hear is Aborigines are Australia's worst offenders. Christianity protects children and women. Let's overlook the fact that Aborigines are also much higher practising Christians than Australia's whites are.

 "There are 7,000 clergy planet-wide that are under charges for abuse of children," said John Lawrence, a protester outside the court who told Al Jazeera he was a victim of sexual abuse in the Church. "I think it's time that after this case they face the consequences."
Disgraced Australian Cardinal George Pell was sentenced to six years in prison on Wednesday for the sexual abuse of two boys in 1996 in a Melbourne cathedral.
Pell - once the Vatican's chief financial officer and an adviser to Pope Francis - is the highest-ranking Catholic Church official to be convicted of molesting children.

Callous, opportunistic: Pell abused powerless young boys

Andrew Bolt has ears like nobody else unique he says when listening to the Juge sentencing Pell He's promising a cut and paste butchering of what the Judge said cherry picking it to present an alternative judgement not a sentence before the appeal process even begins. His conclusion is his priority, the question that comes to mind the judge was bound by the verdict to hand down a sentence according to our laws. Bolt isn't secured by anything but his own bias.

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