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John Lord’s Election Diary No.1: There is no…

Saturday 13 April 20191 This is the first of my election diaries…

The Martyrdom of Julian Assange

by Chris Hedges

The arrest Thursday of Julian Assange eviscerates all pretence of the rule of law and the rights of a free press. The illegalities, embraced by the Ecuadorian, British and U.S. governments, in the seizure of Assange are ominous. They presage a world where the internal workings, abuses, corruption, lies and crimes, especially war crimes, carried out by corporate states and the global ruling elite will be masked from the public. They presage a world where those with the courage and integrity to expose the misuse of power will be hunted down, tortured, subjected to sham trials and given lifetime prison terms in solitary confinement. They presage an Orwellian dystopia where news is replaced with propaganda, trivia and entertainment. The arrest of Assange, I fear, marks the official beginning of the corporate totalitarianism that will define our lives.

Assange’s Arrest means that any Journalist can be extradited to US for Publishing the Truth

" I told you so" Assange has been proven right.
 We've seen how America interfered with the internal politics of Venezuela, Nicaragua. Why should we not believe that of Ecuador? How much money did they pay to have Assange kicked out of the embassy? How much did the Australian government know? (ODT)

'We've ended the asylum of this spoiled brat': Why Assange was evicted

Did Western media and government hypocrisy bring about Julian Assange's arrest after seven years at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, or was it his bad manners.

US may add espionage to Assange's charge sheet: reports

This isn't justice this is persecution and surely Assange's asylum was justified? (ODT)



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