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Andrew Bolt's Blog 13/5/19; Bolt from the safety of the News Corp Wall electioneering; Hastie ducks for cover"$zoom_1.475%2C$multiply_1%2C$ratio_1.776846%2C$width_1059%2C$x_0%2C$y_21/t_crop_custom/w_800/q_86%2Cf_auto/429b3adf7d3683adf1ce73ecbe3b941fe17e5a87

http://Victim of mistaken arrest undergoes surgery as lawyers called in

5-6 "heavily armed police" really fucked up and it's not the first time. This squad seems to have made quite a habit of injuring innocent people while not doing anything about apprehending guilty ones. They seem to enjoy breaking bones and shooting people. They will now be "investigated" again by none other than the police in "fairness to the members".
Why have the police pointed to the "Lebanese community" as if that is a sufficient explanation rather than just a "gang" of Australians? They seem to know who they are? Has racial or ethnic profiling become an explanation or an excuse for the use of such violent apprehension methods?  No doubt they will take their time about it and maybe when the heat and attention has died down, on this now  very public issue, they will try to mitigate the reality of what actually occurred to be "fair" to those members involved leaving an injured citizen with a heavy legal bill to fight for his rights to compensation.
History has shown for some citizens that process has taken years with the State turning it's back altogether denying any compensation and the injured party having to sue the police as individuals. Will the Police raise resisting arrest charges against Nik D to protect themselves, that's been done before? These officers haven't even been suspended while being investigated. (ODT)

Image result for Images Oliver Yates and Julian Burnside


COLUMN This election has exposed the totalitarian enemies of free speech. Take Oliver Yates, the independent running against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg : “I would seek to have the Murdoch press’s license to operate in Australia removed if they continue to threaten our democracy...” He's threatening to remove the right of one third of newspapers to publish.

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 Pay WallIt’s difficult to know where the government ends and News Corp begins.”

Mr Turnbull, a Singapore investor who launched an online campaign against the Liberal Party and the Murdoch-owned News Corp after his father was dumped last year, has now deleted the tweet and offered a conditional apology.
The Herald has chosen not to republish the contents of the tweet.
Mr Turnbull's message came in reply to another suggesting The Daily Telegraph was set to publish a dirt file on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten this week.
The tweet did not name an individual member of the Murdoch family but implied hypocrisy regarding one's personal life. The Age
Alex Turnbull defends wiped tweet about Murdoch family

 The reason for Andrew Bolt's post is to look good for the Murdoch's strange no he's always been their dishlicker.

 Good on you Oliver Yates
It would be a disgrace if Murdoch press were a newspaper, but it's not. It's a tabloid, a political flier, a piece of false advertising not free but sold as a fake product. Peter Foster Australia's biggest con man was jailed for falsely advertising counterfeit products. How does the Murdoch press escape his fate?
 The fact that Oliver Yates can stand up in Kew in the electorate that gave birth to the Menzies Liberal Party and as an ex-Liberal himself run on that promise, a ticket to rid us of the plague of commentators like Andrew Bolt says he believes a change is welcome and he's right. How do I know I live in Kew and have done for 30 years and Yates and Burnside will have an impact.
These people at News Corp offer us nothing in the way of "debate". Andrew Bolt remain unseen in public and I can assure you never in Kew.  "The vindictive son of Malcolm Turnbull" is a myth created by Andrew Bolt which he's selling Australia as if he were the Scarlett Pimpernel. It is just the sort fake garbage that is now a substitute for damage the Murdoch press 66% of our print media has actually done to the Liberal brand in this election campaign. They rapidly need someone to blame it seems. However, it's also an indication just how low our private press will stoop for the party of its interests of money and business model.
It might have been different if Murdoch had actually declared the level of its gifted donations to the Liberal cause and openly said who they supported instead of continually telling us their front pages and content were "news", but they're not. Unlike the USA corporations haven't yet been deemed individuals, and they have some legal obligation to openly declare the value of their undeclared donations to political parties.
News Corp has just provided Foxtel aka Sky News with a loan of $300 mill so they can make their failed interest payments to whom is not mentioned. Is it Murdoch's USA branch? Let's face it June 30th is not far off interest payments are tax deductable. Telstra it seems wasn't eager to contribute?
Andrew Bolt should dare to come to Kew and stand shoulder to shoulder and debate Oliver Yates and show us what real Democracy is about instead of bellowing from behind the safety of his wall of shame. 

ScoMo's campaign launch flops ending a week of…

Scott Morrison's Liberal campaign flop at the Melbourne Convention Sunday may be…

But it’s the Daily Tele’s attack on Shorten’s story of his mother, a whopper that he’s laundered her story shopped around Canberra Tuesday, which backfires horribly on Gotcha Morrison. The low blow gives Labor’s leader an opportunity to cut through the fog of cockamamie economics, dog-whistling, scaremongering, falsehood, fabrication, distortion, outright lies, character assassination and personal abuse that is the News Corp Trumpery integral to Coalition campaigning.
“An absolute gift to Bill Shorten”, says a back-handed, Barrie Cassidy on Friday’s ABC Breakfast News, “it humanised him in a way he hasn’t been able to do so far. One hell of an own goal; a very nasty story and it backfired”.News Corp sources say the Daily Telegraph has another story in their dirt file to throw at Shorten, writes Paul Bongiorno. “It is highly defamatory and legally dubious. The desperation that led to the attack on Shorten and his mother’s memory may give them pause to think about running it. As one Labor campaign worker says, “It’s difficult to know where the government ends and News Corp begins.”

'I won't answer defamatory questions': Liberal MPs at odds over far-right encounter

Right-wing extremism

'I won't answer defamatory questions': Liberal MPs at odds over far-right encounter

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie has denied claims he met a far-right activist at a rally in support of South African farmers.
  • by Latika Bourke



Newspoll has Labor still ahead 51 per cent to 49. One Nation just 4 per cent. Bill Shorten's popularity up, the Liberals' primary vote up. This could have been won by the Liberals, had Malcolm Turnbull been dumped earlier.



Newpoll the consevative's pollster 



You have to pay to see Andrew Bolt's failed elaboration to this story and I refuse to read Murdochian news.



Social Service isn't what Bolt wants but it's certainly what's needed. By the way Andrew Bolt the 15% loan is not "free" it's a loan. It's not really bailing out the first home buyers as much as it is the banks from providing irresponsible loans. Now it seems that irresponsibility has been taken up by the Liberal Party and all taxpayers should the loans fall over. One thing is for sure Bolt won't stop his kids taking advantage of it. There seems to be no limit set on this so the rich will be given more yet again unless it's capped. Hardly Socialist if that's the case.


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