Saturday, 11 May 2019

Andrew Bolt's Blog,12/5/19; Trump's admission Fox Corp are liars; Police service;

Exhuming McCarthy

In 2019, 92% of Trump's nationally televised interviews have been on Fox News or Fox Business

Fox is officially the new White House Press and the highest paid division of the Trump administration. Now that's what's called refilling the swamp.



  Now Trump Says 'Essentially, No Obstruction' | Crooks and Liars

  Trump's dumped on Fox Corp, all those Fake News defenders and himself when he said "essentially no obstruction" " He promised he'd only obstruct a little bit if it hurt he'd stop" Guarantee Fox and Sky will let that go to the wicketkeeper. (ODT)

On obstruction of justice, the so-called president goes from "I never met the girl" to "she's only a little bit pregnant."
Yesterday Donald Trump moved every so slightly from "total exoneration" to "well, maybe..."
He gave a long ramble on Thursday which ended with the notable amendment to his earlier statements: "no collusion and, essentially, no obstruction.”

'They stormed in': Man hospitalised after police operation at wrong Fitzroy property

'They stormed in': Man hospitalised after police operation at wrong Fitzroy property

How many years will it take before the police admit an error? They certainly serviced him? 


Sensationalist Media coverage of Radical Muslim Terrorism makes Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Spike

Robert Di Natale was right it's what Andrew Bolt has been doing for decades. It's been part of his campaign for a White Christian Anglo colony in the Pacific for years. It's intention to divide Australia across as many lines as possible to prevent unity via cultural distraction. It's not new it's been an ultra conservative tactic for years. However the intensity with which the Murdoch press have pursued amplifying Islamophobia has been proven with it's open rise and more so in Australia than anywhere in the EU. It's not that difficult to portray a direct link with Muslim hatred and the likes of some 3000 negative articles that have peppered the Herald Sun in 2017 alone. Research evidence has correlated a concomittant rise,enablement and recruitment of open anti- Muslim sentiment.

Recently Andrew Bolt has made an effort to deflect the attention away from him to attempt to show an equivalence of violence between egg throwing and the Greens as if the shooting deaths of 51 Muslims by an Australian were somehow the same. Seems pretty desperate and futile to me. Is this why Andrew Bolt seems to have been isolated from Election 2019 as Isolated as Abbott, Dutton, Andrews, Abetz etc leaving Morrison to do the work alone.

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