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Andrew Bolt's Blog,14/5/19; Bolt's public ignorance is truly crazy; Bolt and the Di Natale Green egg thrower; Ghosts from the past; Wise words from Dempster

The "crazies" of Israel it seems Eurovision won't be an International event with an International audience as the tickets aren't selling. So let's face it's become a National event with International guest performers and its easy to see why. Israel hasn't ever been a major International destination at the best of times no matter what Daisy Cousens and Andrew Bolt have to say. It's been a Get Away From rather than a Get Away to destination. You will find Israeli youth in India, Ibiza, and all other places across the globe because after having done military service they no longer want to live there.
 Here are two ignorants boosting each other in a fake interview format which Bolt calls a debate trying to convince us Israel is the victim here, now that's really crazy. Israel was "never" a Jewish Nation Ms Cousens" "Like Australia isn't a Christian Nation" 25% of its citizens aren't Jewish, and despite the fact, a majority of Jews live everywhere but Israel. It's only recently the right-wing Netanyahu government has declared it a Jewish State. However, it's now official, and it's a State in which Jews are to be preferentially treated. Consequently, it's not any longer, a liberal Democracy.
Crazy! This is crazy, in Right-Wing Israel, which seems escapes Andrew Bolt. Something he refuses to even mention  The Israeli right is now openly saying it wants to keep Hamas in power | +972 Magazine

 "The idea that Hamas is an Israeli creation is nearly as old as Hamas itself. Researchers, journalists, high-ranking Israeli military and government officials — even Americans — have found substantial evidence to that effect. And yet the Israeli narrative presents Hamas as a zealous, murderous terrorist group — the sworn enemy of every Israeli and Jew around the world. 
  the cadre of right-wingers who joined hands last week to praise Netanyahu’s decision “to keep Hamas on its feet,” as journalist Galit Distal Atbaryan put it, is no less than amazing. The fact that this group runs the gamut from Netanyahu confidants — including Distal Atbaryan herself — to the prime minister’s critics, including far-right MK Betzalel Smotrich, is a sign that keeping Hamas in power has become a central policy of the entire Israeli right."

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It probably wasn’t exactly how egg-tossing activist Amber Holt thought her hit on prime minister Scott Morrison would go down. And she may yet lose her job for her efforts.

Cotton On will hardly be affected by the sacking. Andrew Bolt does far worse than egging a PM, and he does it daily. Hardly anything can be done to him with News Corp's legal protections. He'd be calling "for her sacking" and not "the protection" of her opinion and action done privately. Yet it's the publicity given that action that will have got her sacked if it occurs.
 He did the same with Yassmin Abdel-Magied and others in varying circumstances rather than advocate for their freedom of speech rights as he does his. In the case of Amber Holt, he actually deemed her action the equivalent of the violence done in Christchurch almost tripping over himself to say it was inspired by the Greens leader Robert Di Natale while denying he had anything to do with inciting and radicalising the Australian involved in the NZ shooting. Many others actually do think he has a case to answer for that and what he's been saying and doing for more than a decade. (ODT)


Greens leader Richard Di Natale says he's against "hate speech". Time the hypocrite looked at his hown - and that of his candidates: "A Greens candidate claimed on ­social media that Martin Bryant didn’t commit the 1996 Port ­Arthur massacre in which 35 ­people died. He then denied making the comments, before later ­admitting he wrote them."  



Bolt will travel to the land of the forgotten to sell an irrelevant story that's only value is to sling mud and hope it sells papers. Bolt hate's Robert Di Natale with a vengeance because the Greens leader made Bolt lose it on his own show. So did James Matheson at the last election and so much so he was cut short on the Bolt Report. Check IMBD, and you will note that James Matheson never existed on the Bolt Report and all other guests seem to be listed. That's just how self-conscious Andrew Bolt is about his lack of skills as an interviewer but comfortable as a reader of the autocue.


Labor leader and declared Anglican Bill Shorten attacks Pentecostal Scott Morrison: "I cannot believe that the Prime Minister has not immediately said that gay people will not go to hell." But I cannot believe Shorten is a real Christian when he says: "I don’t think if you are gay you go to Hell. I don’t know if there is a hell, actually."

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Bolt's little more than a poster boy like those putting up dirty posters and showing videos in Warringah. They are a donation by the Liberal Party's Advance Australia against Zali and for Tony. Except Bolt's doing it for News Corp that claims to be an independent news organisation but isn't.
Bolt claims he's not a Christian but believes in everything Christian except doubts the existence of God. Bit weird that he believes in heaven and hell but not God isn't it. Is that even possible without being hypocritical? It certainly makes one distrust him more than Shorten who believes in God but not necessarily hell which to me is a very reasonable position given it's only mentioned in the New Testament 200 years after Christ died. So no Shorten isn't a 'fake' Christian, unlike Bolt.
Bill believes in the "we" "us" "humanity" and not just the "me" or the "elect". Unlike Morrison Bolt and Abbott, there are no "chosen" or "predestined" in Shorten's book or world view humans are meant to be equal, but the majority have been systematically locked out of sharing this world by fake Christians, Muslims and Jews who do the talk but not the walk  because they believe it their privileged status. They have even adopted a fake culture to differentiate themselves. Bolt wear his fake suit more than most because he achieved his status not by merit but marriage and tries to hide his heritage.


Thank goodness that Turnbull cabal is gone. Now former foreign minister Julie Bishop chips in with criticism of the Prime Minister's perfectly sensible comments on the China dictatorship.
" Thank goodness that Turnbull cabal is gone. Now former foreign minister Julie Bishop chips in with criticism of the Prime Minister's perfectly sensible comments on the China dictatorship." Bolt
What we actually have is the difference between the salesman and the diplomat, nothing more. The difference is really the old racist beat up that commentators like Bolt with time on their hands turn to.  China-baiting and whacking anyone like Julie Bishop that dares suggest China is of equal standing to the White Western Colony in the Pacific which is more in line with Morrison's sound byte than ex-Foreign Minister and Diplomat Julie Bishop who was doing the "right" thing. 
What a tired old sideshow barker like Bolt, no longer a centre stage of political commentator but a random Dorothy Dixer is doing is playing whack-a-mole and sniping from the sidelines. He even raises, the retired, from the dead to make them larger than life more important than they are. It's Bolt whose been taken off the News Corp team and been given time out to go play in the sandpit with his old ghosts and enemies. What we are witnessing is relevance lost. The result he's giving importance to others in the shunting yard he's in. The forgotten Malcolm Turnbull is made the Liberal's most significant danger and enemy Julie Bishop his Lady Macbeth raised to the height of most powerful manipulators of all time again.
 It's almost as if Andrew Bolt has stolen his scripts from America and News Corp's never-ending Trump fantasy that Obama's team are out for revenge and Hilary's personal hatred is the engine still pulling strings and for Fox and Trump's benefit China the enemy. All really to make Bolt look as if he's still a player for Rupert when he really isn't and hasn't been since he lost his gig with Steve Price tried to start his own weekly podcast and failed and reduced his Sky appearance by one night a week because he wasn't really rating. Suddenly Bolt feels his irrelevance, no longer in the loop, a sideline inventor of fantasy paranoias that only an ex- obit writer could dream up, not what a journalist of mettle would put together.
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 ”I was part of the ABC for 30 years as a journalist, broadcaster and director. I can say categorically that the ABC has never been under greater threat.
The Institute of Public Affairs, backed by Rupert Murdoch and bankrolled by mining magnate Gina Rinehart, wants the ABC destroyed through privatisation.1,2 The Federal Council of the Liberal Party voted overwhelmingly for a resolution to do so.3
Successive budget cuts by the Coalition Government decimated ABC programming, including Lateline and state-based current affairs.4,5 ABC's Australia Network, our voice to our Asia Pacific neighbours, was dismantled at the insistence of Murdoch's News Corp.6,7
I don't lend my name to things lightly, but GetUp members have long been great defenders of our ABC. So I'm joining with you to put an ad, featuring my voice, in electorates where attacks against our ABC can be a decisive issue this election.
The ABC is unique in its treatment of its audience as citizens in a democracy. This election is the opportunity for us, as citizens, to demand more for our ABC.”
Thank you for standing by our ABC,
Quentin Dempster, AM 

Quentin Dempster is what I've now been saying for over three years. Australia be unique don't adopt the American model of media the ABC accompanied by compulsory voting makes our Democracy not only unique but a true individual experience. The growth of News Corp to become America's State media service shouldn't be allowed to happen here
 or in any part of the global Anglosphere.

An inquiry into prison and reoffending in Queensland has uncovered disturbing allegations about police treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth

Coalition's anti-corruption body 'a sham', retired judge says

LEGAL OPINION They are doing the TRUMP
Nick O'Malley: ' "The Coalition's proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission is fraudulent nonsense, designed to protect ministers, parliamentarians and their aides from investigation and exposure" ' ...

This post deserves to go last as it's a repetition in true Bolt form of one he alraedy did. Maybe it's to advertise his shrinking show that seems to try to entertain his audience with sideline events in this election rather than anything central to it.

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