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Fighting Fake News with REAL,6/11/19; A real Hard Day at the Office for Trump; There's nothing Free in Free Trade Ageements; Killing the news; America is a mercenary state for hire robbing it's citizens and other countries for private interest; Banana Republics are now Oil Republicss

They'd rather not discuss the stunning reversal by a top Trump diplomat confirming a quid pro quo involving aid to Ukraine.


Summer Zervos, a former "Apprentice" contestant, is suing Trump for defamation. She's accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her in 2007.
While he didn't mention countries by name, it was clear which countries his comments were aimed at.

Xi Jinping's unmistakable message for Australia, the US on Chinese technology

China's President has taken an unmistakable swipe at nations like Australia and the US, who have resisted cooperation with Chinese technology companies.
 Chinese President Xi Jinping has used a keynote address at the Chinese International Import Expo in Shanghai to warn countries that they risk stifling innovation if they fail to remove barriers and "knowledge blockades" preventing cooperation on technology.

A illustration of US and Chinese flags covering currency

 The Chinese unlike the USA and the United Fruit Company in Guatemala when the US government via CIA ensured the private interests of an American corporation were secured. With the use of public money the overthrow of Guatemala's duly elected Socialist Government was organized. We saw the same occur in Chile Panama and the failed attempt in Nicaragua. This century we witnessed the invasion of Iraq which guaranteed Exxon's control of the Iraqi Oil Fields. China has not done any of that. Currently, the USA is shipping 30 mill barrels of oil a month out of Syria and who has that contract? The betrayal and displacement of the Kurds was to ensure America controlled the oil. The US army hasn't left Syria as Trump has said it did. All this fake pull out was simply a smokescreen so that neither the Kurds nor Syrians could control that resource. However, Trump has shot himself in the proverbial foot because without the Kurds the Americans are left blind on the ground in terms of any intelligence.
 Thanks to China it seems the Blue Dot Network is little more than the Americans being forced to curtail their usual practice of destroying governments in order to assist private multinationals into places like Venezuela Iran, Yemen Libya Cuba not simply for their political ideologies but their resources. Corporations via Citizens United have been doing deals with US governments for their shareholders alone for decades using citizens money. Lobbying, bribing , promising politicians jobs on retirement and buying them at will. Genie Oil is in Israeli occupied territory of Syria's Golan Heights Rupert Murdoch is a director. These are the real voices who are complaining about China's Soft Diplomacy.  Today the public voice of Trump can be saying. "We should simply take their oil" when in fact the American government isn't taking over anything. They are mercenaries working for multinational companies like Exxon. Today the term "Banana Republics" has changed to the " Oil Republics" that's all.  (ODT)

via China's 'Belt and Road' strategy has a new competitor — enter America's 'Blue Dot Network' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Fake and Twisted News

  The Fraud calls the 2 ABCs frauds by disguising them as 1 ABC in his blog. The intent is clear as  Fox/Trump distortion statement.


First Ronan Farrow claimed- with reason - that NBC suppressed his reporting on sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and covered up assault accusations against NBC’s former star, Matt Lauer. Now ABC anchor Amy Robach on a hot mic says ABC quashed her reporting on serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his mate, Prince Andrew. Watch.  

Has anyone wondered why Andrew Bolt is the Dorothy Dixer of Australian Media. America has an ABC and what an opportunity there is here to confuse ours with theirs put up 2 banners and create confusion. 

Andrew Bolt is given full-page bylines twice a week in our least trusted Murdoch Press along with an hour on Sky News after Dark. Trivia, distraction deflection can be found in the media's least trusted and greatest waste of space that's simply withstood the pace of time. What the Truth once did for Melbourne once a week was taken over by Murdoch dailies. There is no news today has been a song sang to drag our attention away from the most trusted media source in the country OUR ABC.

 Bolt tells us in his corner newsboy style street calling headline blog what we can find in his corner of the companies news. Fashion to distract, a daily reminder that the evil ABC are not like him whic,h is just flag waving for Murdoch. His mate Tony has been slurred so shit someone ought to be sacked. Andrew even lets us know that unlike him, other media withhold the news.  Yet, Bolt rarely mentions Trump only the current President of the USA and the current shitstorm that surrounds him, why? Because Murdoch media is paid to kill the TRUMP STORY.

Fox News reportedly killed Stormy Daniels story to help Trump ...

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