Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 6/2/20; Romney Stands up against Trump; DuttonDemeans Australia; We are so American;

Senator Mitt Romney reveals he will vote to convict US President Donald Trump to remove him from office. .

Trump impeachment

Republican Mitt Romney breaks ranks, will vote to remove Trump from office

Mitt Romney will vote to remove Donald Trump from office for abusing his power, making him the only Republican in Congress to break with the President.

The only Republican to be a Proud American before a bought Republican(ODT)

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Australia considers sending coronavirus evacuees to a mining camp

Australia's mad mad maddest politician who simply shames the Nation. When Asylum Seekers were on Christmas Island Dutton said the Detention Center had a capacity to hold 800 people today it's only 300 for two weeks the man is a constant liar. It is neither a purpose-built Detention Centre nor a purpose-built Medical Centre. What else will come out of the man's purpose-built political mouth? (ODT) 

 Leadership spills and coal-smudged deals

 It seems to me we have become American and it is amplified by our politics not just that of the LNP.  While the US enables the day to day existence of DJ Trump we enable the minority of climate denialists to and coal merchants to run this country. (ODT)

What we have, in essence, is a Government littered with climate denialists and two major progressive parties effectively acting as their enablers. Because as long as the Greens just lay out their wish list and Labor take refuge in their hidey-hole of inaction, the coal-smudged dinosaurs continue Australia's fossil fuel rule.
Instead of political posturing, what is needed is the collaboration of all progressive parties. In the first instance, between Labor and the Greens, and then between this partnership and the crossbench.
Those of us on the progressive side of politics need to wake up and smell the acrid smoke of the alternative.


 Andrew Bolt


COLUMN Adam Bandt is the Greens’ most radical leader yet. After only two days in the job, it’s clear he’s also the angriest, nastiest and maybe most stupid. Why? Read my column. 

Andrew Bolt prides himself on being well mannered and better than the rest. He claims he presents lucid arguments. Like Dorian Gray, he reveals he's the opposite of everything he pretends to be. Ugly is the most apt word to describe the man. He's an abuser, attacks the man as opposed to the arguments of those he opposes and has generally the smallest circle of people he references to support what he's saying. 
Like e bent cop he uses Murdoch's resources to comb the planet for selective evidence generally unusual and singular events which he packs in his bag to make broad generalisations about people issues and Australia.
Adam Bant will replace his frequent bogan attacks on Dr Di Natale now, who like Adam Goodes Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel Magied all, far more educated and intelligent than Bolt, have felt and been the victims of his vulgarity.
It goes to show how a suit, tie, and a desk don't elevate one's lack of IQ or education, and in Bolt's case it shows because when anything personal is said about Bolt he, his wife, and the world are let know what a victim he is with their shout of "foul".


How pathetic was Nancy Pelosi at Trump's State of the Union address? Tearing up his speech after he'd given it was the most juvenile tantrum, unbecoming of her role as Speaker. This is showing children that the way to discuss our differences is to throw a hissy fit. I discussed this with Rowan Dean on The Bolt Report.
40m ago 

 How fake is it when you hear Andrew Bolt declare "I discussed this with" Rowan Dean or Rita Panahi all marionettes on the same Murdochian platform. Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney will go down in history, their legacy, defying America's most disgraceful man elected to be their most disgraceful President. Trump turned what historically was a uniting day for all Americans into just another divisive campaign speech with stunts included. The awarding a medal of honour to the worst example of American media standards Rush Limbaugh was like knighting Andrew Bolt for his service to the media. The only amusing thing was Limbaugh the promoter of smoking and the Tobacco lobby was finally ready to QUIT and quit like the Marlborough Man, he will soon. But like the Climate Change denialist, he is smoking didn't cause his lung cancer either. Bolt declared what a loss he'd be to America the other day. (ODT)


The Senate has voted NOT to sack Donald Trump. Of the Republicans, only the bitter Mitt Romney voted with the Democrats. So what on earth can the Democrats do to kill off Trump before the election? The "Russian collusion" hoax failed. The Deep State operation failed. The impeachment failed. Must they really now try to defeat him in an election? 
3m ago 
Not a word about a rigged Senate that's been declared the worst do-nothing Senate in American History with 400 Bills sitting idle on McConnell's desk. Not a mention of some 200 Republican judges appointed to the American courts that ensured the slowness of the judicial process in Trump's favour. How Deep State is that?  How Deep State was Trump's efforts to shore up his 2020 election by blackmailing Ukraine and ensuring no witnesses to be called to the trial? Not a word from Bolt or his fellow Murdochians on any of that let alone the rape charges Trump is still facing. 


Donald Trump's State of the Union speech was so good that it left Democrats deranged with rage - shouting, heckling and refusing to applaud even record low unemployment for blacks. Speaker Nancy Pelosi even literally tore up a copy of Trump's speech in her fury. That's how good it was. Power Line's John Hinderaker told me why on The Bolt Report.
37m ago 
Bolt has turned to one of his usual suspects who run Powerline a right-wing blog Bolt used to quote regularly as a source of misinformation and opinion a while back. He hasn't quoted Hinderaker for a while why one wonders? I suspect it's to make out he's fresh and not just a pro-Trumpster.  (ODT)

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