Saturday, 1 August 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 2/8/20; ABC Fighting for survival; Preparing for War; COVID-19; Energy in Transition;

The war on the ABC and its options for survival

Dr Lee Duffield continues his examination of the current state of the ABC and its future under a Liberal government.

Preparing for WAR

A syringe in front of a box of a trial coronavirus vaccine.

Australian COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows positive results in phase one human trials 

Victorian aged care residents could be included in the next stage of testing for a potential COVID-19 vaccine that has shown positive results during phase one human trials in Adelaide.


The question on my mind is has Trump's $8 billion spend around the world bought it? In order to say "America, I have the cure" before the next election? He will but there won't be enough to go around or on the PBS (ODT) 


A screenshot of Madonna's Instagram, which shows people in white coats.

The story of hydroxychloroquine tells us everything that's wrong with 2020 

Thanks to social media, the anti-malarial drug is no longer a potential COVID-19 treatment but an ideological position.

Oil tankers are seen anchored in the Pacific Ocean carrying crude oil no one will buy.

 However, gas's future as a "transition fuel" is no longer the sure thing it once was, owing to increasing scientific concerns around emissions in drilling and shipping, and ever-growing advances in renewable technology.

Crude reality: Oil giants split on fossil fuels' future

  • by Nick Toscano

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