The media we consume influences our compliance with Covid-19 recommendations. The unbalanced media coverage in Victoria is impeding the state’s recovery, writes Michael Tanner.

 A Joe Biden victory is important for progressive politics

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Progressives have no choice but to elect Joe Biden in the U.S. Presidential Election, despite some on the Left saying that they won’t support him.


‘Biden beat Trump’ in TV ratings, MSM rush to declare after dueling town halls

‘Biden beat Trump’ in TV ratings, MSM rush to declare after dueling town halls

Russian media seem somewhat deflated but they did nevertheless print the facts

Jumping on early TV numbers, Democrats and the media declared a ratings victory for Joe Biden over President Donald Trump. Streaming numbers for their respective town halls paint a somewhat different picture.

'Culture of fear': why Kevin Rudd is determined to see an end to Murdoch's media dominance


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You have your own laws inside the EU and in a world of large trading blocks, leaving one and going it alone makes as much sense as the scenario you will see in the UK by June of next year. Prices will shoot up, there will be MILLIONS of people unemployed, businesses will disappear, the SMEs will be incinerated, you will pay more for imports, you will export less. And talking about fisheries, aren't you the ones always fishing in other people's waters? What about the Icelandic Cod Wars? The Brexit kitty has been spent on Covid now and Covid will not go away, it will be with us forever and the pharma industry will take at least another year to find a magic medicine. If you do not get a deal with the EU, supplies will be disrupted, including of vital medicines. I have said this time and time again, Brexit cannot work, in any way, shape or form. OK the super rich will make millions shorting the Pound, we know that, but most people will face a calamity. Most British people do NOT want Brexit today, those that did have either passed away or come to their senses, young people don't want it. The rest of Europe is looking at the UK as if it were some kind of freak show.FA



Emails show Joe Biden's son Hunter made big money selling access to his father as Vice President. That seems corrupt to me, but more frightening is that Twitter and Facebook have tried to stop voters from reading about this. That's corruption of the democratic process. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

27m ago 

This whole story has been blown out of the water as as FAKE NEWS and Bolt has fallen for it hook line and sinker or he just loves pushing shit up hills with a pointed stick. Even his supreme leader Rupert Murdoch is predicting  a massive Biden landslide. Bolt just never gets it right does he?  Locked in a locked barn with a shot gun he can't hit walls.

Rudy Giuliani excuse for his yet again belly flop is that the FBI and Intelligence services of America are trying to bring Trump down and not that Giuliani was a stooge sucker and dupe for Russian disinformation. Trump's problem he can't sack Rudy. Even though he's a loose cannon Mr Magoo has too much on him and he's said so. Talk about dumb and dumber even Giuliani's daughter has had enough and has come out for Biden.

Stick with it Bolt and prove your intelligence is that of a carrot. Trump on a slippery slope he lost the ratings battle he anticipated winning. He should never have done his town hall show with Guthrie. Along side Biden's a million viewers less tuned into him. The reviews  stank like raw sewerage and there wasn't a tweet from him. Now he's in Florida the most aged State in America spruiking his Covid credentials. Masks  and social distancing don't work herd immunity does as America strikes 8 mill cases and 217,000 deaths almost 25% of the global total

 Bolt's so behind what's actually happening it shows he's been extreme social distancing living in a world of his own. Will Rupert Murdoch realise what a klutz he has down under? 


The Vatican has renewed a secret deal that gives China control over Catholic bishops in China, and seems to stop the Pope from criticising the dictatorship. This disgusting sell-out has incensed the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, who has launched a savage attack. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

32m ago 

Bolt hates Democracies as they run on the principle that two parties in opposition can only progress in certain circumstances by "compromise". That act of "compromise" now has the Catholic Church's foot in the door. Render to Caesar....

The Catholic Church's whole history was one of compromise and and rarely a full on frontal attack or retreat. It had an unflattering history in Poland and Latin America where priests weren't in agreement with the Vatican. But then Bolt couldn't give a fuck about history it's only about winning. 

Prior to this "secret deal" as Bolt calls it priests existed in China  and they were "married" family men who operated in secret. The Catholic Church had all kinds of arrangements and shaped itself accordingly in different countries where they weren't officially welcomed. The only reason the Bishop in Hong Kong is pissed he may have simply lost some status his "savage attack" as Bolt  calls it has seen Bishops standing yelling without clothes on before left to compromise. There wont be a schism or storm of any size that Bolt makes out, Pope Francis is too well respected for that. 


Two weeks ago Muslim apologists - including journalists - attacked French president Macron for saying Islam was "in crisis". Now in Paris: "A history teacher, who is said to have discussed images of the Prophet Muhammad with his pupils, was beheaded."

6m ago 

No the whole of Australian media are looking to France. Due to the fact a murder took place. Bolt's banner is confusing conflating what Macron said 2 weeks ago with an event that took place yesterday and the not mentioned anniversary of Charlie Hebdo. What stands out is Bolts amateurish effort to draw our attention to this murder for subscriptions.

Selective is Andrew Bolt is. But then bigot's and racists are trying to convince us that their wider generalizations are justified because that they have from a single case witnessed a trend from which to draw on. They overlook remain silent or apologize when a white christian supremacist shoot Muslims, Jews, or black man in greater numbers simply for their religion or color. If that does occur it might go unmentioned but there is attention then the apologists like Bolt stand up shouting that the victim brought it on themselves but not in this case

When it's a mass killing like what occurred in NZ and eyes turn to Andrew Bolt for his blatant history of Isamophobia what hppened he went into hiding for 3-4 days coming out a very meek version of himself pretending Muslim Lives Matter to him by saying All Lives Matter. When in reality he's helped raise hate of Muslims in Australia form 9% to 33% in a some six years. He's currently doing it to the Chinese.  In his eyes the opposite  is the case he doesn't believe they belong.. 

The question one might ask is why something that occurred on Friday is associated with what Macron said weeks ago and why Bolt is using it to sell subscriptions today and in France be brought up by Bolt today? Why is he deflecting attention away from current events more important to us? Dan Andrews seems to be winning his battle and has gained attention globally. Trump is a disaster and the world and we are watching. Bolt it seems just can't like Trump ever say he was wrong or admit he's simply a klutz