Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Fighting Fake News with REAL 7/4/2021; Stop the Bullshit Scooter; The death rate among those that contracted Covid in Aus




 The Endless Cycle




Morrison has increasingly been doing the TRUMP. The EU,Doctors,CSL, have all been calling him out and he continues to follow the Trump road of bullshit and gaslighting. Promising tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow you'll see. The truth it took his issues with women off the front page  but now what further incompetence will take the rollout away from our attention. We are 94th on the list of nations when it comes to vaccinations and Morrison and Hunt are telling us we are the best and safest.

 Morrison deflects EU criticism as vaccine supply questions swirl


Australia successfully managed the spread of the virus, but the rollout of vaccines has been a disaster.



The media keeps telling us just how well we have done with Covid-19 compared wit the US. How is that when the rate of death among those that contracted Covid in America is 1.8% but here it's nearly twice that at 3.5%? Even the UK is below us.

The UK and US botched the COVID fight but got it right on vaccines. Australia has done the opposite

Shaun Carney

PAUL BUDDE: Broadband users will pay for failed NBN policies


Poor management of Australia's broadband network has resulted in a problem that the Government won't fix and has left consumers paying for it.

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