Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Fighting Fake News with REAL 21/7/ 21; The strings that bind; Frydenberg in Kooyong; Billionaires shouldn't EXIST;


 May be an image of text that says 'I was reading earlier about the fall of Rome. Sounds pretty screwed up! A plague resulting in labor shortages, bad leadership, multiple wars, infighting, decisions made to benefit the rich rather than the poor.... Hey, wait a damn minute!'

fox vax 2

Big Brother

What Fox News does Sky News's Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt follow. They are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, the Dumb and Dumber of Murdoch's Australian stable. Even 2GBs Ray Hadley has shown that, along with Media Watch's Paul Barry, Jones can't read or understand  statistics while Andrew Bolt is little more than his blind Neanderthal follower drooling yes yes from both sides of his mouth.

Even the CEO of Sky News recently pulled Jones's ridiculously false commentary on set of stats encouraging Australians that there is greater danger from Covid if vaccinated. Bolt cheering Jones all the way. The self claimed most read Political Blogger and podcaster hasn't posted more than 2 posts in two weeks and is 107th on Chartable's podcast ratings. More often than not he seems to have  others do the talking for him. Others like Katy Hopkins who he stands shoulder to shoulder with.

These two anti-lockdowners and anti- vaxxers by the way work for Murdoch who demands his staff be jabbed.   

Fox News’ anti-vaccine campaign isn’t over

 Josh Frydenberg destroys his 'nice guy' image

Bye Bye Mr Nice Guy say his blue ribbon seat Kooyong Constituents 

 It’s also clear that Frydenberg has always had a ruthless streak, so perhaps he could indeed become prime minister one day. The Coalition has successfully changed leaders before the past two elections and Frydenberg is Liberal Party heir apparent. However, it will take more than faux opinion pieces in the Herald Sun to repair the damage done in Victoria and Kooyong, so if Frydenberg does want to become prime minister, he would be wise to force a Libspill before the next election.

The Tokyo “2020” Olympic games are just like every other Olympics: a bonanza for corporate profits, and miserable for everyone else. The Olympics can’t be reformed — it’s time to abolish them.

The US Tax Code Should Not Allow Billionaires to Exist

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