Parliament does not need to be consulted before Australian troops are sent to war. What do the politicians who have donned the uniform have to say? Tasha May asks Rex Patrick, Andrew Wilkie, Jim Molan and Bob Katter.

They call this the world’s best Intel. First, it was the Russians cyber attacking the West with Putin’s blessing. Now it’s the Chinese. It’s never the Americans alone throwing out these accusations but also a ‘coalition of allies’ a lap dog chorus doing what they are told with Putin now less important. No wonder Dutton is saber-rattling like the organ grinder’s monkey. Australia has never gone to war it's been ordered to by others.

The United States and a coalition of allies have accused China of a global cyber hacking campaign that employed contract hackers, specifically attributing a large Microsoft attack disclosed earlier this year to actors working on the country’s behalf. Opening a new area of tensions with China, the United States is joined by NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Canada to level the allegations.


 China didn't create this global stoppage

On June 8, an internet blackout was precipitated by one customer updating their settings through a “valid configuration change”. With speed, 85% of the network of the tech infrastructure company Fastly began returning errors. A global outage ensued. “The downed sites,” according to Brian Barrett of Wired, “shared no obvious theme or geography; the outages were global, and they hit everything from Reddit to Spotify to The New York Times.”

Source: How CDN Providers Break the Internet – » The Australian Independent Media Network