Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 14/9/21; Livable Income, Frydenberg and Gucci,Tony Abbott's Back;


 Australia welfare

 Look what we can do for Gucci, Prada and Harvey Norman

The shift of wealth to the wealthier is driving interest in Universal Basic Income and Job Guarantee proposals as millions...

Liveable Income Guarantee: a rich country can do better


Gucci, JobKeeper

Gucci and Prada owe Josh Frydenberg a debt of gratitude. Louis Vuitton is not alone. The Italian high fashion houses got JobKeeper too. Michael West and Callum Foote report as evidence emerges the Treasurer opted to ignore advice regarding a claw-back mechanism to get the money back from profitable companies. 

 Gucci Handbag: Josh Frydenberg’s JobKeeper gifts to Gucci and Prada – Michael West Media'Dobber King' Tony Abbott doesn't care for being dobbed upon

 Former PM Tony Abbott has criticised people for dobbing him in for not wearing a mask in public, which is hypocritical considering his past.

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