Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Fighting Fake News with REAL 23/11/21 LNP Can-Do State of South Australia Makes Morrison look a Liar; Truth in Humour


Climate Crisis


 Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Giles Parkinson at Renew Economy reports that for several hours on Sunday, November 21, the huge state of South Australia […]

 “South Australia on Sunday became the first gigawatt scale grid in the world to reach zero operational demand when the combined output of rooftop solar and other small non-scheduled generators exceeded all the local customer load requirements.

”Over all, wind and solar accounted for 62% of South Australia’s electricity production this past year, and the state has set a goal of making it 100% by 2030, a goal it is likely to meet early. By 2050 the state intends to get 500% of its electricity from wind and solar and to export everything above 100% to the rest of Australia or abroad via green hydrogen.

In First for major Industrial State, South Australia generates more Electricity from Solar on Sunday than it Can Use





 “Next you’re going to tell me this building isn’t the White House,” he said pointing to Federation Square.

Man waving ‘Trump 2020’ flag shocked to realise he is in Australia. In 2021. 


ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose has accused Senator Andrew Bragg of political interference of the broadcaster after he sought a Senate inquiry into the ABC’s complaints processes.

The very notion of ridding us of the ABC was once a “dead cat ” on the table just as changing Voter ID laws are suggested to be a mere distraction. That “dead cat” has been alive for more than 8 years and in fact, has grown into tiger that has reduced the most trusted newscaster in the country’s budget by a billion dollars leaving it with the equivalent of 1984. Bragg’s inquiry is dominated by the LNP and has only one intent “cripple our the ABC”, Morrison is on a raze and burn campaign before the election as his pollsters are telling him he's going to lose.

The fate of Senator Andrew Bragg’s inquiry into the way the ABC and SBS handle complaints will be decided in a matter of days, with two independent senators and the Labor Party signalling they would support a motion by the Greens to terminate it. But Dhanya Mani, a campaigner against misconduct towards women, backed the inquiry, saying it would be a better alternative to the ABC’s independent review.

Source: ABC Senate inquiry on knife edge as advocate backs review



Oh damn, I just remembered that he suggested that those women who marched were too far away to meet with and that they were lucky that this was Australia because they’d be met with bullets if they tried it in some other country.

No, he beats me every time.

I think I’ll go to Hawaii…

Scott Morrison Meets And Beats Me Every Time!

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