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Fighting Fake News with REAL 10/5/22; Standing outside looking in; Polls, Facts gone MIA in the 2nd Debate; Newscorp; Sexual assault points to Frydenberg; Journalism needs restoring;





The election is two weeks away. Unlike in America, there are no fancy FiveThirtyEight-style modelers tinkering with projections and fueling Election Day nightmares. The most prominent weekly poll has remained pretty consistent, showing Albo’s Labor poised to win. (Other polls show the same.) Of course, the last election also predicted a Labor win, and ScoMo, the conservative, eked out a victory. But his lackluster response to Australia’s drumbeat of apocalypse appears to have had a lasting impact, and, like Ted “Cancun” Cruz, he’ll be remembered for skipping town for Hawaii during the country’s worst bushfire crisis. He was lucky that the state governments controlled the basic mechanics of the coronavirus pandemic, sparing Australians the worst outcomes—but voters remember ScoMo’s bumbling excuses for what he could control, the country’s painfully slow vaccine rollout. His reaction to the pandemic can be seen as a scaled study of his government’s response to the bigger and more relentless assault of climate change across the continent.

Source: There’s Something Very Disturbing About Australia’s Very Normal 2022 Elections – Mother Jones


Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese faced off in the second leaders’ debate.

5:1 to Albanese in a Biden/Trump stoush  the 1 was a draw. Basically Morrison knocked himself out again

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have faced off in a fierce leaders’ debate. Now, our experts deliver their verdicts on the performances of Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese.

Source: Election 2022: Leaders’ debate verdicts from SMH and The Age journalists


The exterior wall of Darwin Port with signage in red and white and a truck in the background.

The second leaders’ debate on the Nine Network last night was full of accusations and acrimony. Amidst the shouting and over-talking coming from both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, it was easy for the facts to get lost. You’re probably wondering how close some of the things that were said came to being correct. RMIT ABC Fact Check has you covered.

Source: Cutting through the accusations and acrimony to get to the facts of the second leaders’ debate – ABC News

Newscorp wants Australian Media Americanised. It’s how it made it’s profit. It wants the UK media well done and burnt too.

What does a democracy do when a dominant news media organisation goes rogue during an election campaign?

In 2022, News Corporation is confronting Australia with this question once again, as it did in 2019, 2016 and 2013, and as it did in the United States in 2016 and 2020.

“Going rogue” here means abandoning any attempt at fulfilling one of the media’s primary obligations to a democratic society — the provision of truthful news coverage — and instead becoming a truth-distorting propagandist for one side.

The evidence that News Corp has gone rogue during the current federal election is plentiful. It can be seen every morning in its newspapers across the country, and every evening on Sky News after dark.

A sample of its election coverage over the period April 27 to May 2 makes the case.

Source: As News Corp goes ‘rogue’ on election coverage, what price will Australian democracy pay?

Scott  Corporal Schultz Morrison also said ” I don’t know anything about that”

Scott Morrison and Senator Anne Ruston, who is the Coalition campaign spokesperson, have both stated the $500,000 that will be paid to Rachelle Miller is a for a separate matter other than the ones that were the subject of the Thom Inquiry which means it has to be for the alleged sexual harassment / sexual assault by federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

Source: Scott Morrison confirms $500,000 payment was not for Alan Tudge’s abuse which means it had to be for the sexual assault complaint against Josh Frydenberg – Kangaroo Court of Australia

 May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'More than TWO MONTHS after the 2022 floods, 93% of the promised $1.6B promised, hasn't been paid to victims. How many fuck ups can this idiot do before the media expose his incompetence? LIBERAL PROPAGANDA FOR THE STUPID' 

Meanwhile in the outside of La La Land Life goes on without a helping hand

Scott Morrison is seen through a TV camera viewfinder (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)


A royal commission can’t fix journalism as it might fix aged care or veterans’ services. Journalists are going to have to save themselves. Here’s how they could start. First, understand that the Australian government has gone a long way down the road of destroying pillars of democracy. The rate of destruction of accountability and judicial bodies and the government’s hostility to transparency and truth are actually undermining Australian democracy. That this destruction is being led by the prime minister should weigh heavily on what journalists do.

Source: Journalism must save itself

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