IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich has defended the agency’s handling of witnesses.

Poor Matthew Guy he can’t control his members so he needs to force them to jump overboard. He can’t even get his facts right IBAC. Suggesting private conversations in-camera with Dan Andrews is proof of his corruption. IBAC’s head Robert Redlich has had to embarrass and correct Guy on his total lack of knowledge of what IBAC actually is.

But wait isn’t Matthew Guy the LNP Minister for Planning who was actually caught in the act of corruption? Didn’t he illegally help a mate in Ventor with a $2M property problem and got busted? Wasn’t he the GUY caught wining and dining on a freebie lobster lunch with a renowned Mafia boss? Matthew Guy more than anyone should know what real corruption is and talking to IBAC isn’t

IBAC tends to hold public hearings only if it has strong evidence of alleged wrongdoing.  When questioning witnesses in public, the commission must be satisfied there are reasonable grounds to conclude the witness has acted corruptly, or that it is in the public interest to examine the witness publicly and that no unreasonable damage will be done to their reputation.

Source: IBAC hits back at criticism of decision to grill premier in secret